Dorothy K. Beebe: Cahillane has shown she deserves job directing senior center

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Monday, April 16, 2018
Cahillane has shown she deserves senior center job

I have been a volunteer at the Northampton Senior Center since 2010. I currently volunteer by teaching a quilting class at the center.

I and many others are whom are disappointed with the mayor’s choice of the new director. This has nothing to do with being against this person. It is, however, about Heather Cahillane, the assistant director, who was overlooked for the second time for this position (“Senior services pick gets pushback,” April 6).

Heather has stepped in twice and done a fabulous job as director. She certainly has all the qualifications and experience for this position. Heather has instituted a lot of programs at the center and works very well with the staff and all of the many volunteers who she works with on a regular basis. She definitely deserves the position.

What does a person have to do to be recognized by the mayor of Northampton? You have someone in the position already who knows the center backwards and forwards, yet you bring in someone from the outside. That doesn’t say much for the government in Northampton.

Dorothy K. Beebe


The writer is a volunteer at the Northampton Senior Center.