David S. Ross: Thankful for story about family’s former home

  • jacoblund

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Thankful for story about family’s former home

You cannot imagine my surprise to see the article “Simple but stylish” (May 4) about the home on Crescent Street in Northampton, which my parents, Abel and Helen Ross, built in 1948.

At the time, the neighbors thought it an eyesore, so it’s nice to see how things have changed. The house was designed by Smith College art professor Karl Putnam, with lots of help from my parents.

My father, a dentist who served on the School Committee and on many community and nonprofit boards, acted as the general contractor. He loved to tell how he arrived late at night in Brooklyn (his hometown) to pick up the windows for the house only to discover he had forgotten his wallet. Luckily, they let him take the windows anyway.

Thank you for opening a new window through which we can enjoy this beautiful home.

David S. Ross