David Kaufman: Criticizes Rep. McGovern for leaving meeting

  • seb_ra

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Criticizes Rep. McGovern for leaving roundtable

Kudos to Richie Davis and the Gazette for reporting on U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern’s skipping out of his time to speak as a special guest at the Rural Small Business Lending Roundtable (“McGovern miffed limits set on remarks,” June 4.)

McGovern was miffed at the idea that a U.S. Small Business Administration lawyer presented him with a directive to try and censor politically motivated remarks while speaking at this important local event.

From what I can gather, our elected representative chose to cave into that insane directive, which as a result led him to not speak at this important conference and tell his constituents how he was working on their behalf to better the opportunities for small and rural businesses in our district.

By his actions that day, McGovern let politics affect his performance. On that day, instead of walking out, McGovern could have stood up and represented his constituents and told them how he was trying to help them and how they could help themselves.

Instead he bit the bait and let his constituents down. Time to help your district, Rep. McGovern and not worry about politics.

David Kaufman