Columnist Bob Couch: Columnists should offer a voice, not an echo

  • In this May 30 photo, President Donald Trump arrives for a bill-signing ceremony in the South Court Auditorium at the White House in Washington.  AP FILE PHOTO

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Back in 1944, Johnny Mercer wrote the lyrics for a popular song called “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive.”

Following that phrase in the song was “eliminate the negative.” It seems like the Democrats and their supportive media have wasted an awful lot of energy as they reversed the emphasis by accentuating the negative by persisting to carry on with one of the longest sore-losing pouts on record.

Meanwhile, a tremendous number of positive events have occurred with thousands of stifling regulations done away with, producing a robust economy, standing up to North Korea and Vladimir Putin, and a sense of optimism throughout the country and the world. The only way such positive events would produce effusive praise from the Democrats and the media would be if Hillary Clinton had won and had done all that President Donald Trump has accomplished.

It’s indeed unfortunate that the only Democrats stepping up to microphones are the ones hurting their cause. Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and, of course, Hillary Clinton, have produced no positive ideas or solutions on how they can win over the electorate.

I’m sure there are some very competent Democrats who have the ability to do a lot better for their party to get it moving in the right direction but they can’t buck the powerful old-timers who really should be out to pasture somewhere, no longer doing damage.

With the mid-term elections coming up fast, some questions that must be asked are: What positive issues are the Democrats running on or even discussing? Just what do they stand for? Who is their leader?

People side with a winner, not a whiner. If anybody could get the Democrats off their losing streak, it would be somebody like Bill Belichick. He doesn’t throw a tantrum when his team loses. He doesn’t play the race card or the blame game. There’s no childish name-calling. He doesn’t make up false charges about his opponents.

He just prepares for the next game by analyzing his New England Patriots’ mistakes and correcting them with hard work before taking on their next opponent. The Democrats could learn a lot from him.

It’s become painfully evident that some of the column writers for the Daily Hampshire Gazette are hopelessly trapped in an echo chamber. They’ve clearly demonstrated an inability to think outside the Valley. Perhaps Albert Einstein put it best when he said, “Be a voice, not an echo.”

What is quite bothersome is the fact that some of the writers are people who could use their power over a captive audience. The teachers and clergy should not be imposing their political propaganda on their students or parishioners. Teachers especially should follow Mike Rowe’s admonition, “Don’t teach what to think but teach how to think.”

Looking to the near future, I’m sure a person like Mel Brooks will come up with a spoof of the outrageous behavior of some of today’s self-righteous liberals and Hollywood hypocrites.

A 21st-century “Blazing Saddles” has a lot to choose from while considering the Russian collusion fiasco, the feckless attempt at impeachment, corruption at the top of the FBI, a red line in the sand, leaking classified information, fake news, lost and found emails, climate change alarmists and the like.

Bob Couch, of Easthampton, is a retired math and photography teacher at the Williston Northampton School.