Casey Quinn: Says Republican tax bill hurts many people

  • mactrunk

Wednesday, December 06, 2017
Says Republican tax bill hurts many people

You are not getting a tax cut. Northampton’s median household income is $56,999, Amherst’s is $48,059, Holyoke’s is $36,608, Belchertown’s is $52,467.

You get the idea. None of us make out on this deal. The middle class in America runs from about $40,000 to $125,000 in income. We are barely in it.

We face sequester cuts to Medicare, and the GOP already has declared additional cuts to Medicare and Medicaid to plug this hole. There is not a single reader of this letter who won’t see harm come to someone they know, through cancer care, drugs, childbirth, nursing homes, dialysis.

You name it. There are around 100,000 Massachusetts residents in rural areas — mostly out here to the west. They will see services cut dramatically.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says one in four Americans has multiple chronic conditions, and they need the rest of us for insurance to be affordable. Your pre-ACA experience is about to return.

Students can no longer deduct interest payments on loans. Your children will be saddled with more debt than you ever were, because they went to school. Students receiving fee waivers will have to pay taxes on those as if they were income. This isn’t even about the money — the bottom will fall out of grad schools in America, which is about to come dead last in knowledge.

Your itemized deductions are gone. Everything down to the cost of preparing your next tax return will no longer be an allowable deduction.

We lost our liberty and the ability to pursue happiness, so that the Republican party can give billions of dollars to their billionaire donors. These are our inalienable rights, sold for a tax cut on private jets.

Thanks to the Republican Party, the children of billionaires will never have to work, your children will never do better in life than you, and you will never be able to retire.

Casey Quinn