A. Bruce Whittier: Wants viewpoints offered less caustically

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Published: 2/18/2018 10:48:27 PM
Wants columnists to offerviews less caustically

Over the last several months, I’ve developed the somewhat unusual hobby of counting just how many paragraphs it takes the featured guest columnist of the day to begin their assault on President Donald Trump.

A few of these featured daily writers waste no time in making it very clear what their target of hostility might be by immediately starting their entire column with the words “Donald Trump.” That’s rare, but it has happened. If this were a contest it would appear that those using this approach would score high because of their straightforward veracity.

However, I’ve grown to feel that this overt attack on their target of aggression lets the cat out of the bag too soon. I much more enjoy those utilizing a somewhat more cunning and subtle approach in luring readers toward their common goal of berating our president. At least that goal appears to be the consistent theme offered by a high percentage of these guest columnists.

However, I found a recent column, “Declaring war on democracy itself” (Feb. 10), just a bit over the top. The author seems to lump all those without a “D” after their name, or those that have at least proclaimed themselves a liberal zealot, as warmongers.

I find that extremely offensive. I can understand his desire to offer as vitriolic message against Trump as possible. Obviously, that’s what a large percentage of readers to this newspaper expect and demand. And Trump himself, almost on a daily basis, makes the task of castigating him so much easier because of all his senseless and irrelevant tweets.

However, this recent column only serves as a perfect illustration of the continuing great divide occurring in this country. Any “war on democracy,” or anything else for that matter, might be better averted by less caustic attacks on those with differing viewpoints.

Wouldn’t it be a refreshing experience to see those offering their viewpoints to do so in a less contentious manner? Isn’t our democracy worth the effort?

A. Bruce Whittier


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