Betty Schaffer: Must be aware of tricks that manipulate

Monday, November 13, 2017
Must be aware of tricks that manipulate

A magician can raise his right hand in the air and look at it and talk about what he is doing and no one sees what his left hand is doing because he has everyone looking at his right hand.

The “hate and distrust Hillary” campaign is still going on and is useful as a distraction. There is information out now “exposing” what was done by the Democratic Party to promote Hillary Clinton.

I feel someone is trying to draw my attention to this issue and away from the current investigation of the Republican Party. Does anyone else see this as a trick that works? Even if it only distracts a little bit, it has an effect.

When we watch a magician we enjoy being fooled. We know it is meant to be entertainment. When it comes to government and world issues we deserve better. We need to be aware of the tricks that manipulate us.

Betty Schaffer