Lee Armstrong: A Republican conundrum 


Published: 10/16/2020 2:05:31 PM

I support the Republican goals such as protecting freedom, fiscal responsibility, minimal government, etc. so why am I a Democrat? There are two parts to this, one dealing with hypocrisy and the other with leadership abilities.

I will limit this discussion to one example of hypocrisy. One of the defining goals of the Republican platform is to minimize, if not prevent, government encroachment on our personal freedoms/liberties. I totally agree with this statement and goal. I want both the smaller government and one that stays out of my life as much as possible. However, their actions are contrary to that. One example that has gathered recent attention is abortion rights, with the courts addressing Roe v. Wade, many leading Republicans stating that they want to ban abortions and the Supreme Court nominee having voiced opposition to abortion in the past.

The Republicans are trying to defund Planned Parenthood even though government money isn’t used to fund abortions. It must not be forgotten that those favoring freedom of choice are not encouraging abortion, they are simply saying, “If you don’t believe in abortion, then don’t have one.”

Everyone agrees that a healthy full-term fetus can be considered equal to that crying baby you can hold in your arms and thus should not be aborted. The problem comes from taking this same equality to a just-fertilized egg. In other words, there is a huge gray area between a just-fertilized egg and a full-term fetus. Too many people cannot think in terms of shades of gray and thus revert to simple black and white (it is a baby, or it is not, there is no in-between).

The decision to have an abortion is rarely easy. The answer should come from discussions between the woman, her partner, her doctor and her spiritual advisor (clergy). The government does not belong in this picture. The Republican statements and actions are counter to their position of minimizing the role of government and its intrusion in our personal lives/freedoms. Their position is, “I want the freedom to take away your freedom.” It is hypocritical.

Lee Armstrong


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