Stephen Armstrong: When will Gazette call for Trump’s impeachment?

  • President Donald Trump speaks at Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio, Wednesday, March 20. AP photo

Published: 3/23/2019 12:17:58 AM

When will the editors of the Gazette make a public statement about impeachment? What would be necessary for the editors to take a stand?

Readers cannot tell what the editors would recommend, largely because no one can read the Gazette’s editors’ minds. So — how about it? Yea or nay? The editors have tried to be “fair” by allowing lefty and righty columnists to rail at each other on these pages, all the while the president lies and grows more intemperate.

Impeachment is about a president violating his or her constitutional duties. Impeachment is about a president’s acts which undermine the Constitution. Here are 10 areas that the editors should say forthrightly that disqualify Trump from being president:

1. Obstruction of justice. Trump has interfered in an investigation of Russian influence on the 2016 election. He fired a chief investigator, has slandered special counsel Robert Mueller, and has never acknowledged the contacts between his people and the Russian instigators.

2. Emoluments. Trump has not put his assets in a blind trust. He continues to rake in money from his hotels and golf courses, which are favored by foreigners who wish to curry influence.

3. Conspiracy against the United States. See above about Russian interference, which extend into Trump’s family.

4. Unequal protection under the law. This violation stems from his advocacy of violence (Charlottesville and toward people during his campaign), the summary deprivation of rights to potential immigrants, and deprivation of liberty and safety to children.

5. Abuse of pardon powers. Trump pardoned a man who had been convicted of contempt of court; this is a Fifth Amendment violation.

6. Endangering peace and security by threatening nuclear war, and by summarily transferring armed forces without consultation with Congress (Syria and the U.S. southern border with Mexico) or his own cabinet.

7. Threatening political adversaries with improper and unjustified legal investigations and imprisonment. Lock her up, banana republic style.

8. Threats against freedom of the press, and making indefensible public lies to the press, and failure to pursue evidence for the alleged murder of a reporter by the Saudi government.

9. Unconstitutional imprisonment of families and children, and illegally separating children from families with no plans for reunion of the families.

10. Violations of campaign finance laws.

Am I alone in wondering what the editors of the Gazette need in order to state publicly that the president should be impeached? What further evidence are the editors looking for? Why are they waiting?

Stephen Armstrong


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