Area property deed transfers, Sept. 22

Published: 09-21-2022 2:06 PM


John P. Burand and Karen K. Burand to Humayun Sherwani and Arina Beg, 53 Stanley St., $430,000

Kendall D. Doble IV and Margaret C. Doble to John F. Wehmiller and Paula L. Wehmiller, 6 Teaberry Lane, $785,000

Samuel K. Tulimat and Sarah V. Mcknight to Richard White and Deborah White, 27 Webster Court, Lot 27, $265,000

Linda Calmes Jones LT and Linda Calmes-Jones to Grace D. Nejman and Francisco Quiros, 18 Wildflower Dr., $719,900


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Expedio Group LLC to Jeffrey L. Martins and Melissa R. Martins, 154 Aldrich St., $518,000

165 Bardwell St, $42,000, B: Andrey Korchevskiy, S: Bell Property Corp

Bell Property Corp to Andrey Korchevskiy, 171 Bardwell St., $42,000

Camella World-Peace to 161 Federal Street T and Kathleen Mccullum, 161 Federal St., Lot 21, $264,500

Derek S. Hoy and Megan A. Hoy to Miguel Ramirez and Judith Ramirez, 648 Federal St., $362,000

Kyle Savage and Kristina Savage to Christopher Seymour and Shelby Seymour, 62 Mountain View Dr., $325,000

Kathleen E. Mccollum to Susan Statham and Meyer Statham, 160 Shea Ave, $390,000

Jintao Ma and Gang Jia to Joseph Worthley, 42 Sheffield Dr., $485,000

Nick Mariettos and John Mariettos to 62 Turkey Hill Road LLC, 62 Turkey Hill Road, $675,000

Bell Property Corp to Andrey Korchevskiy, 5 Woodland Lane W, $42,000


Ronald Forgea to Bernard L. Forgea, French Road, $80,000

Ronald Forgea to Bernard L. Forgea, Mountain Road, $80,000

Eugene M. Granger to Jason Tomaskowicz, 25 W. Main St., $70,000


Derek W. Hogan and Tammy M. Hogan to Beata T. Kubacka, 29 E. Green St., $366,000

Richard T. Lebeau to Codey Kolasinski and Erin N. Kolasinski, 252 Main St., $375,600

Lorraine I. Carson to Saskia Gibbs-Cooper, 7 Plain St., $315,000

Fiverobin LLC to Amy L. Saletnik, 9 Summer St., $350,000

Fiverobin LLC to Amy L. Saletnik, 11 Summer St., $350,000

Erin E. Neil-Kolasinski and Codey Y. Kolasinski to Megan Shaugnessy-Mogill, 9 W. Green St., $358,000


Serenity Farm NT and William E. Fountain to Mel Cheal, 121 Amherst St., $340,000

Anna M. Jonsson to Monica Percival, 190 Amherst St., $100,000

Jaroslaw Laskarzewski and Jenny Laskarzewski to Christina W. Bowers, 258 Amherst St., $455,000

Kelly A. Broderick to Mary L. Cichon, 55 Pleasant St., Lot 9, $224,000


Feng Qiu and Guanjun Xie to Bercume Construction LLC, 4 Colony Road, $183,000


Wozniak Bernard Est and Mary Zeronas to Suske LLC, 164 N. Hatfield Road, $225,000

Wozniak Bernard Est and Mary Zeronas to Suske LLC, 166 N. Hatfield Road, $212,500


Gallagher Cap Group LLC to Mayerlyn M. Hidalgo, 25-27 Brown Ave., $340,000

A To Z Property Mgmt LLC to Ildo C. Goncalves, 133-135 Brown Ave., $415,000

Ryan M. Hellyar to 21C Fairfield LLC, 21 Fairfield Ave., Lot C, $177,200

Mary L. Martin and Michael S. Martin to Joseph J. Polcetti, 20 Hicks Ave., $358,000

Kamikaze Inc. to 60 Jackson St Warehouse, 60-66 Jackson St., $232,500

60 Jackson St Warehouse to Jackson St Productions, 60-66 Jackson St., $1,500,000

Extremely Clean 2 LLC to Nicole M. Maisonet-Lopez, 75 Linden St., $365,000

Carissa M. Dagenais and Robert R. Chatt to Ysaaca Axelrod and Peter Colon, 201 Madison Ave., $530,000

Michael J. Morelli to Gabriel C. Rodriguez, 8 Maple Crest Circle, Lot B, $111,000

Jose A. Rodriguez to Maria E. Feliciano, 332-1/2 Maple St., Lot 332H, $47,000

Timblin Judy to Erika R. Rubner and Russell B. Hatch, 37 Mountain Road, $290,000

Karol Makusiewicz to Blue Arch Inc., 49-51 N. Bridge St., $210,000

Gordon P. Alexander and Timothy D. Grader to Heidi Terault and Christopher K. Snow, 1450 Northampton St., $500,000

Gramntad LLC to Ellen Boynton LLC, 89 South St., $400,000

French Steven W Est and Ken French to Sean Breen, 19 Steven Dr., $350,000

Katherine A. Hill to Brandon E. Lopez, 130-132 Waldo St., $253,000

Charles T. Sullivan and Maureen A. Delaney to Bones K. Leopard, 30 Woods Ave., $249,900


James J. Young to Katie B. Oleksak, 575 Bridge Road, Lot 1-2, $307,000

David F. Lively to Maximillian J. Hunter and Robinson Hunter, 497 Burts Pit Road, $455,000

Susan F. Rice to Martha S. Echols, 19 Clark Ave., Lot 2, $424,000

Crescent St Creamery LLC to Denise G. Orenstein, 135 Crescent St., $867,500

Denise Orwat to Ilene M. Berezin, 80 Damon Road, Lot 7206, $120,000

Abel Erik C Est and Douglas S. Abel to Kent A. Dunn and Ji W. Kong, 80 Damon Road, Lot 8108, $133,700

E E&Mary Ankeefe T and Mary A. Keefe to Eric C. Liebl and Birgit H. Liebl, 404 Fairway Village, Lot 404, $340,000

Karen Mansfield-Joseph to Lillie Zuck and Madeleine G. Zuck, 50 N. Main St., $307,500

Susan F. Rice to Rebecca A Greenberg RET and Rebecca A. Greenberg, 61 South St., Lot 3, $30,000

Germaine E. Dastous to Suzanne D. Vargas and Elbin Vargas, 242 W. Farms Road, $147,253


Lawrence B. Friedman and Judith C. Giordan to Deborah N. Mauger and Stewart G. Kennedy, 49 Arnold Road, $800,000


Andreas Zinner and Maria F. Plazas to Jennifer L. Hodges and Valerie A. Foster, 246 Brainerd St., $515,000

Patricia A. Bourassa to Maritza Briones, 76 Charon Terrace, $240,000

Scott Family Prop LLC to KMAK LLC and Gallagher Cap Group LLC, 9 Lexington Ave., $200,000

Laporte IRT and P Daniel. Laporte to Kenneth Watts and Kelly Phillips, 5 Oak Ave., $460,000

David Mernoff and Karen Mernoff to Christine H. Berry, 2 Rivercrest Way, Lot 2, $479,900


Jennifer Day to Pamela S. Mushinski and David L. Mushinski, 108 Gilbert Road, $410,000

S P&Amy Jo Leblanc RET and Stephen P. Leblanc to Brandon T. Leblanc, 34 Gunn Road, $250,000

E A Robbins RET and Elizabeth A. Robbins to Katherine E. Maginnis and Brian F. Begley, 1 Kevin Dr., $665,000

Samantha E. Hathaway and Austin C. Hathaway to Aaron O. Patrick Jr., 12 Kingsberry Lane, $250,000

Kevin C Netto Const Inc. to Jennifer M. Day, 117 Strong Road, $499,000

Zachary T. Laporte and Victoria A. Laporte to Jamin C. Weeks and Laura E. Bauer, 118 Strong Road, $330,000


Joan M. Dorman to John Hyland and Taylor Hyland, 28 Dunham Ave., $270,000

Joseph Croteau Jr and Catherine Croteau to Reinaldo Rosado and Laura M. Rosado, 27 Horseshoe Circle, $410,000

William T. Bonnayer and Sandra L. Bonnayer to Marley Clark and Tina M. Costa, 392 Monson Turnpike Road, $225,000

Anderson Bldrs&Son LLC to Jinsheng Xian and Quanjin Huang, 135 Walker Road, $410,000


Marguerite A. Robbins and Gretchen M. Dock to Christopher E. Overtree and Heidi Z. Haghighi, 185 Main Road, $810,000

Alvah V. Hinckley and Cynthia J. Hinckley to Joanne M. Meyer and Madeleine A. Cahill, 282 North Road, $851,000

Robin Lariviere to Robert L. Fuller and Deborah L. Fuller, Northwest Road, $370,000


John P. Welch and Marian Welch to Crystal Wilkinson, West Street, Lot 13, $52,000

Franklin County


Jennifer J. Marrapese and William R. Marrapese to Joseph Weymouth and Adrienne Weymouth, 16 Captain Lathrop Drive, $365,000

Kurt Richardson to Blue Ocean Holdings LLC, 477 Greenfield Road, $325,000


Yecheng Yang to 273 to Tyler N. Richards, 275 Wendell Road, $370,000


Debra J. Sullivan to Delta Sand & Gravel Inc., 34 Amherst Road, $310,000

Marion E. Black to Todd M. Currier and Sara Perez-Battles, 184 North Silver Lane, $360,000

Carol Z. Griss Estate and Pamela Z. Krause to Katharine Jones, 208 North Silver Lane, $270,000

Donna L. Rowe to Elliot M. Krasnopoler and Nina C. Pelaez, 97 Old Amherst Road, $497,000