Area property deed transfers, June 8

Published: 06-07-2023 9:25 AM


Justin S. Payan and John M. Payan to Michael P. Phillips and Megan M. Mcara,16 Aubinwood Road, $515,000

Graham E. Caldwell and Mary W. Kersell to Suzanne Nagy, 55 Aubinwood Road, $640,000

Larissa R. Chernock and Matthew S. Goldberg to Janet S. Strauss, 52 Blue Hills Road, $420,000

Krishna C. Poudel and Kalpana Poudel-Tandukar to Perry Yee and Connor E. Yee, 170 E. Hadley Road, Lot 38, $225,000

Cashdan Funding T and Eva Cashdan to Charles G. Hruska, 4 Evergreen Lane, $500,000

Carla Carpenter and Christopher Prather to Tamara Agarwal and Gaurav Agarwal, 58 Sunset Ave., $1,448,000


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Fundakowski Stephen L Est and Mark A. Fundakowski to Jinguo Lian and Aimin Sun, 15 Chartier Dr., $340,000

Jeffrey A. Moore and Brittany M. Moore to Kathryn S. Maroney and Kenneth G. Maroney, 21 Dogwood Dr., $590,000


Franklin Street Inv LLC to R M. Mckittrick, 47-49 Franklin St., $475,000

Perrier Ellen Sandra Est and Salina M. Burgess to Alex Bales and Rose B. Schwartz, 43 Knipfer Ave., $380,000

John A. Knybel and Melissa M. Knybel to 6-12 Lovell LLC, 6-12 Lovell St., $762,500

Christopher F. Sterpka and Ashley D. Sterpka to Geoffrey E. Green and Amanda S. Green, 113 Strong St., $360,000

Andrea A. Przybyla and Brian Pranka to Michael Dudek and Skylar Nunn, 3 Zabek Dr., $351,000


Better Together Dog Rescu to Peter R. Heronemus, Batchelor Street, $145,000


RET Of Karen M Depace and Karen M. Depace to Hp Realty LLC, 132 Russell St., $450,000


Charles A. Wiemeyer to Ingellis Properties LLC, 23 West St., $1,350,000


Benjamin P. Haynes to Dagney Villar, 4 Arbor Way, Lot B, $150,000

Obas Realty LLC to Green Path Consulting Group, 52 Main St., $150,000

Fleckner Findlay T and Eileen Fleckner to Frank W. Brownlow and Elizabeth Brownlow, Northampton Street (rear), $10,000

Plata O Plomo Inc. to Ann Adams, 136 Pearl St., $125,000

Maria Munet to Jeremy R. Gonzalez, 244-246 South St., $337,000

Constance M. Laroche to Constance M. Laroche, 32 Woodbine Lane, $437,000


Louise D Mahoney RET and Louise D. Mahoney to Anne E. Mcdonald, 575 Bridge Road, Lot 8-1, $350,000

Hayes House LLC to Laura Wright, 1051 Chesterfield Road, $680,000

Lise M Lemeland RET and Lise M. Lemeland to Flowmeter Services LLC, Cross Path Road, $91,000

Lise M Lemeland RET and Lise M. Lemeland to Flowmeter Services LLC, Executive Hangar Condo, Lot 1, $91,000

Lise M Lemeland RET and Lise M. Lemeland to Flowmeter Services LLC, Old Ferry Road, $91,000


Chilenski Gregory M Est and Adam Chilenski to Logan R. Fritz, 44 Amherst Road, $489,000


Horton Dawn M Est and Karen Palermo to Parisa Taheri and Ronald P. Craven, 540 Granby Road, Lot 107, $195,000

John E. Daigle and Maria J. Daigle to Ronald P. Craven and Parisa Taheri, 540 Granby Road, Lot 6, $160,000

David G. Fesko and Mary A. Fesko to Anthony G. Staszko and Miranda L. Staszko, 74 High St., $273,500

Xander Properties LLC to Matthew J. Doyen and Lisa J. Doyen, 14 Lloyd St., $325,000

Jeffrey P. Labonte to Bruce L. Rivest, 38 N. Main St., $80,000


James R. Belisle and Diane F. Belisle to Lisa Belisle and Christopher P. Garon, 58 Strong Road, $465,000


Raymond Lemon and Elizabeth Lemon to Jeremy T. Moody, 8 Wildflower Dr., $400,000

Franklin County


Rogers Farm Management LLC to Allen-Chase Foundation, 97 Pine Nook Road, $428,500

Rogers Farm Management LLC to David A. Sibley and Joan M. Walsh, 105 Pine Nook Road, $651,500

John MacKinnon and Alison B. MacKinnon to Oscar J. Almeida, 81 Stillwater Road, $210,000


MF Properties LLC to John R. Barlow and Betsy J. Barlow, 129 Plumtree Road, $503,000