Area property deed transfers, June 17

Published: 6/16/2021 1:18:37 PM


Monica W. Gichuhi to Matthew Given, 198 Alpine Dr., $399,900

Ratti Hugo J Jr. Est and Richard L. Tedeschi to Donghyun Kim and Euddeum Choi, 11 Chadwick Court, Unit 11, $240,000

Joseph Aimua to Dugubrown Const LLC, E. Leverett Road, $38,000

Zachary M. Kaufman to Daniel Cook, 167 Glendale Road, $275,000

Rahul Chokhawala and Florence Chokhawala to John R. Beatty and Rosanne F. Beatty, 27 Green Leaves Dr., Unit 728, $250,000

Mary A. Antonellis and Christopher J. Bonak to Erin T. Poulin, 100 Leverett Road, $333,600

Eleanor M Fraser RET and Eleanor M. Fraser Tr to Kevin W. O’Connor and Judith A. O’Connor, 9 Mcintosh Dr., Unit 9, $430,000

Alice M. Macdonald and Barbara Stewart to 7740 Northeastcollege L, 142 N. East St., $300,000

P&J A Thatcher Asset T and Peter Blumberg Tr to Viet T. Le, 139 Sunset Ave., $490,000

Joyce Merriam and Laurie Lloyd to Ann P. Hudson, 42 Webster Court, Unit 42, $240,000


Lafleur&Son Inc. to Jeremy Burns, 170 Aldrich St., Unit B, $399,900

Jeffrey A. Bessette to Kerri L. Bolow, Allen Road, $60,000

James Longobardo and Ewa Longobardo to Steven Baer, 272 Franklin St., $430,000

Mary G. Barnum to Theresa J. Gallagher, 33 Maple St., $320,000


Catherine F. Simard and Janet M. Trehey to Gary L. Culver and Michelle M. Culver, Fuller Road, $38,000


Ronald J. Stolarik and Anne Stolarik to Katelyn Hurley and William Hurley, 37 Campbell Dr., $264,000

Kevin C Netto Const Inc. to Matthew Winnick, 11 Davis St., $390,000

John F. Edwards to Judith M. Derouin, 2 Mechanic St., Unit T, $176,000

Richard J. King and Jessica L. King to Nicholas D. Duprey and Betty L. Duprey, 62 Northampton St., $275,000

Daniel A. Poulin and Deborah A. Richerson to Benjamin J. Leedy and Hillary Leedy, 7 Pomeroy Court, $262,000

William Damato and Theresa Damato to Christopher B. Norton and Kathleen M. Neville, 35 Strong St., $452,000

Jessica L. Keefe and Michael R. Keefe to Richard King and Jessica King, 20 Torrey St., $325,000

Oliver D. Beltran to Jessica L. Keefe and Michael R. Keefe, 18 Willow Circle, $400,000


Rudzik NT and Thomas R. Rudzik Tr to Ann Lord-Schmitt and Stephen Roxby-Morley, 21 Fuller Road, $460,000

Janette E. Culver and Douglas E. Culver to Julian Hartmann-Russell and Mary Mekarnom, Hyde Hill Road, $19,500


Timothy Healey and Dlynn A. Healey to Jonathan Szymonik, Amherst Street, $79,500

Kotowicz Custom Homes L to Jason R. Lariviere and Cynthia L. Lariviere, 335 Chicopee St., $458,500

Lobsang Dolma to Brigitte Ruhe, 59 Granby Heights, Unit 59, $186,000

Robert T. Mann to Hollie Lehouillier, 29 Kellogg St., $250,000

Edward C Shyloski&Sons to Kevin Miller and Shannon Miller, School Street, Lot 7, $150,000


Stanley G. Kostek to Jason A. Galvin, 89 Rocky Hill Road, $75,000


Katherine V. Harris to Lisa M. Ibrahim, 230 Straits Road, $340,000


Louis R. Soria Jr. to Jennifer Dohrmann, 33 Dartmouth St., $435,000

Massachusetts Hsng Fin to Jordan Doucette, 18-20 Greenwood Ave., $229,900

Jared J. Mendoza and Katherine A. Mendoza to Joel Nisly and Sarah Nisly, 1175 Hampden St., $205,000

Kimberly Q. Parlengas and Karen M. Flaro to Conor Bevan and Katherine Bevan, 55 Harvard St., $329,000

Margaret A. Yarmesky to Elizabeth Perez, 933 Homestead Ave., $285,000

Brian G. Stebbins and Linda Portno-Stebbins to James M. Meara, 10 Labrie Lane, $620,000

Jose A. Cartagena-Colon and Yaritza Baez-Torres to Francisco M. Ramos, 317-319 Linden St., $300,000

Timothy Noonan and Kelly A. Noonan to Kelly Buettner and Lizeth Martinez, 7 Longfellow Road, $500,000

Coakley Corp. to Daryn M. Sampson, 60 Lower Westfield Road, $245,000

Frank Salas to Estrella M. Jusino, 248 Lyman St., $300,000

Blue Summit Realty LLC to ServiceNet Inc., 1232 Main St., $1,500,000

Blue Summit Realty LLC to ServiceNet Inc., 1236 Main St., $1,500,000

Alfaville LLC to Kenneth J. Brown, 8 Maple Crest Circle, Unit D, $130,000

Dicky Matos to Arlene I. Oquendo, 123 Oak St., $300,000

Irene M. Doyle to Aaron J. Palmer, 166 Ontario Ave., $213,000

Craig E. Obrien and Mandi L. Obrien to Alexandra L. Puffer and Andrew M. Rees, 80 Pleasant St., $400,000


Robert Holmes to Justin Holmes, 16 Crescent St., $160,000

Douglas Twarosch and Dalene Twarosch to Casey A. Mckittrick and Brett R. Erelli, 22 Nagler Cross Road, $294,000

Matthew A. Still and Meghan R. Still to Benjamin Yarra and Taylor Fenyves, 79 Searle Road, $260,000


Bernice A Jockimo IRT and Vincent Jockimo Tr to Kelsy Oberkoetter, 45 Chipman Road, $33,000

Charles H. Winn to Denise Michaud-Lucas, 153 Skyline Trl, $218,000


Bermor LP to Ralph R Realty LLC, 19 Armory St., $3,900,000

Devon L. Greyson and Beth A. Clark to Jodi M. Miller, 167 Chestnut St., $493,000

Emerson Way LLC to Miranda S. Lutyens, 131 Emerson Way, $250,000

Barbara Slemmer to Judith Hyde, 600 Florence Road, Unit 16, $290,000

Bruce M. Kriviskey and Alison F. Kriviskey to Kimberly A. Mahoney, 23 Ice Pond Dr., $627,000

Bermor LP to Ralph R Realty LLC, 25 Kirkland Ave., $3,900,000

Bermor LP to Ralph R Realty LLC, 84 Main St., $3,900,000

Bermor LP to Ralph R Realty LLC, 90 Main St, $3,900,000

Stephen G. Sireci and Chloe Torres to David Kates and Katie Temes, 125 North St., $439,000

Sunwood Development Cor to Amanda L. Nash, 117 Olander Dr., Unit 4b, $366,300

Sunwood Development Cor to Joseph M. Holmes and Elizabeth G. Dyer, 117 Olander Dr., Unit 12, $585,900

Joanne Marqusee to Isabel L. Wells and David K. Meininger, 226 Prospect St., $1,000,000

Ingrid Hohmann to Laura Quigg and Bjorn Flesaker, 17 Trumbull Road, Unit 1f, $310,000

Declan Oconnor-StPierre and Colleen M. Oconnor to Ingrid M. Hohmann, 17 Trumbull Road, Unit 2f, $407,399

William J. Corwin and Jennifer A. Rosner to Benjamin Church and Deepali Maheshwari, 93 Washington Ave., $770,000


Almond Prop Mgmt LLC to Farmhouse Properties LL, 27 Broom St., $700,000


Veronica Gajownik and Andrea R. Jones to Steven J. Cohen, 124 College St., Unit 2, $183,750

Joseph L. Couture to Jared J. Mendoza and Katherine A. Mendoza, 99 Granby Road, $307,500

Maria Walden to Sarah M. Mattey, 540 Granby Road, Unit 125, $149,000

Bruce E. Lukasik and Ann M. Lukasik to Randy Manseau and Patricia B. Hay, 30 Highland Ave., $388,500

Hilton David Est and Michael D. Hilton to April Doroski, 27 Judd Ave., $205,000

S Page Children T and Robert J. Suprenant Tr to Thai C. Kim, 133 Lathrop St., $260,000

JN Duquette&Son Const I to Loree A. Carver, 32 Lyon Grn, $492,000

Raymond Manniello to Francis RE Holdings LLC, 488 Newton St., Unit 13, $160,000

James Rippa and Karen B. Rippa to Daniel R. Sharp, 41 Red Bridge Lane, $630,000

Barry M. Sponder and Angmaya Sponder to Shanti D. Sponder, 23 Waite Ave., $160,000

Amy C. Irwin and David B. Sudyka to Thomas F. Bernard, 29 Westbrook Road, $235,000


John Gwosch and Donna Gwosch to William P. Koetsch and Frederyque L. Koetsch, 59 Pomeroy Meadow Road, $349,900


John E. Ryan Jr. and Mary D. Ryan to Kevin B. Gendreau and Susanna H. Gendreau, 480 Belchertown Road, $380,000

Gilbert Kimberly L Est and Jennifer L. Gilbert to Richard J. Boles and Cheryl A. Connolly-Bole, 7 Berkshire Circle, $300,000

Coffey Hill Road LLC to TCC RT & Charles R. Ferrero Tr, 40 Coffey Hill Road, $8,000

Gusto Enterprises LLC to TCC RT & Charles R. Ferrero Tr, 48 Coffey Hill Road, $15,000

Jay H. Hurlbrink and Kimberly Hurlbrink to Heather Mancuso and Christopher J. Mancuso, 143 Eagle St., $316,000

Damian S. Cieszkowski and Michal S. Czerwinski to Cedrik E. Wright, 41 Pine St., $358,000

Jennifer R. Pitts to Gordon Duke, 5 Towne St., $183,500


Adrienne M. Hornby to Chenoa Charpentier and Michael G. Charpentier, 50 Burt Road, $435,000


Michael A. Henson and Jennifer M. Dohrmann to Michael A. Stamm and Patricia A. Stamm, 25-1/2 Hyde Hill Road, $718,620

Paba Associates LLC to William H. Hooper and Eugena K. Hooper, 121 Petticoat Hill Road, $425,000


Rita S. Koenigs to Amber Mcfee and Wendy Brandhorst, 266 Old North Road, $415,000

Franklin County


7 Gray Lock Lane, Unit B. $324,900. B: William B. Collins and Karen Fitzpatrick. S: Ragus LLC.

70 North Main St. $112,500. B: David J. Nunez and Kristina L. Woods. S: Judith K. Tingley.


29 Old Long Plain Road. $710,000. B: Seth C. Heminway and Julie F. Heminway. S: Susan C. Powers.


153 Hadley Road. $484,900. B: Allison E. Dean and David P. Dean. S: Curtice R. Griffin.

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