Area property deed transfers, July 8

Published: 7/7/2021 4:32:15 PM


Michael A. Zazanis to Evelyn C. Marguire and Sara E. Maguire, 87 Crossbrook Ave., Unit 87, $222,000

Donald J. Larocca and Patricia E. Mcpeak-Laro to John E. Roblee Jr. and Mary L. Roblee, 33 Fisher St., $425,000

Anne R. Homme to Melanie Rose, 24 Green Leaves Dr., Unit 440, $199,000

William E. Dowd to Jean M. Stone, 26 Green Leaves Dr., Unit 641, $222,000

Mary M. Kitagawa and Chisato Kitagawa to Jason M. Dorney and Thupten Dorney, 5 Hickory Lane, $371,500

Green Tree Family LP to Maple&Clover Prop LLC, 797 Main St., $900,000

Eugene M. Battistoni Jr. and Diana J. Wheelock to Debra L. Westmoreland, 79 Market Hill Road, $279,000

Anna Martini to Richard Waldman, 17 Mcintosh Dr., Unit 17, $281,500

Paul Rochford and Jodi Rochford to Henry E. Whitlock, 32 Moorland St., $535,000

Allen Hsiao and Gayle W. Hsiao to Michael R. Greenwald, 23 Morgan Circle, $465,500

Nancy H. Weld to Robert Smith and Barbara Smith, 40 Pomeroy Court, $450,000

South Middle Street Inc. to Kathrine Dixon-Gordon and Joseph Vreedenburgh, 26 S. Middle St., $265,000

Peter R. Heronemus to Dakota Freeman and Caitlin Freeman, 750 West St., $200,000

J P Tassoni Jr. 2020 T and Joseph P. Tassoni Jr. Tr to Stefan Bradley and Traice Webb-Bradley, 78 Wildflower Dr., $632,500


Gerald M. Zalucki and Suzanne L. Zalucki to Nicole S. Balboni, 2 Canal Dr., $290,000

William J. Decker and Abigail D. Kline to Marilyn J. Decker and John D. Decker, Greenby Road, Lot 1, $10,000

Joseph W. Oliverius and Emily A. Oliverious to Brian A. Durpey, 30 Jasons Way, $575,000

Moreau Richard A Est and Rosalind A. Moreau to Jonathan Giedrowicz and Kieu Giedrowicz, 178 Stebbins St., $140,000

Wyngowski Joseph P Jr. E and Deana M. Wyngowski to Keira A. Duffy, 370 Stebbins St., $365,000


Jonathan C. Spencer to Guy L. Spencer and Deirdre Spencer, 49 Porter Hill Road, $165,000


Konstantinos Sierros to Christos Sierros and Georgia Sierros, 7 Crown Dr., $270,000

Matthew C. Carr and Cynthia A. Carr to John A. Morin and Martha A. Morin, 125 Oliver St., $4,350

Christos Sierros and Georgia Sierros to Michael A. Cavenas and Jill G. Fieischner, 41 South St., Unit 23, $195,000


Bedrock Financial LLC to Samantha Herbert and Thomas Herbert, Batchelor Street, $70,000

Anthony D. Lauzen and Robbin J. Lauzen to Nicolas Malloy and Peilan Tang, 19 Deerbrook Drive, $570,000

Mark V. Paul and Mael Walkowiak to Michelle Lafond-Walkowi, 109 Pleasant St., $360,000

Ayan Realty LLC to KPP RT and Viralkumar S. Patel Tr, 60 W. State St., $450,000


Joyce C. Mazeski and Robert M. Weskiewiez to Robert S. Weskiewiez, 95 Chmura Road, $137,500

Kimberley M. Russo and James C. Russo to Xian Dole, 41 Huntington Road, $466,000

William C. Podolak and Robbin A. Podolak to Brandon J. Kelly and Diana J. Kelly, 46 Rocky Hill Road, $520,000

Krotkoy Bonita J Est and Renee N. Janes to Michael Knapp and Lynette Knapp, 17 Woodlawn Road, $325,000


Jose Pereira to Kate S. Cohen and David L. Cohen, 157 Linseed Road, $443,536


Patrick J. O’Connor to James Elkins and Lynda Elkins, 47-49 Belvidere Ave., $305,000

Kevin J. Lucey to Giovanna R. Tolda, 41 Davis St., $170,000

Daniel Bouquillon to Makensy Nicolas Sr., 1137 Dwight St., Unit C, $111,000

Colon Maria F Est and Hilda M. Schwartwald to Revampit LLC, 888 Main St., $102,000

Alfaville LLC to Meredith Coleman-Tobias, 34 Maple Crest Circle, Unit I, $159,700

Modern Mail Intl Inc. and Laura Ferro to Alvin Thang, 34 Martin St., $209,000

Daniel W. Sullivan to Justin D. Beneitone, 22 Orchard St., $220,500

Iris Ortiz to Victor Dejesus-Cruz, 98 Pine St., $196,000

Louise Christ and Richard T. Beaulieu Jr. to John J. Ferriter, 223 Sargeant St., $139,500

Susan L. Cooper and Scott R. Cooper to David Miner and Sharon R. Miner, 264 Southampton Road, $675,000

Stephen R. Tremblay to Nicole Soto, 20 Springdale Ave., $200,000

Luis M. Rodriguez and Angel L. Rodriguez to Aimet Rodriguez and Raul Rodriguez, 285 Walnut St., $35,000

Matthew S. Ernst and Allison M. Ernst to Erudite RT and Dominic Kirchner II Tr, 83 Westfield Road, $118,755


Mark D. Ratcliffe and Jeannine A. Ratcliffe to Edward J. Gildea, 15 Mountain View, $295,000


RC Builders LLC to Paul G. Soloman, 243 Bridge Road, $395,000

Wright Builders Inc. to Jeffery M. Alexander and Ellen E. Alexander, 65 Emerson Way, $148,000

Pauline G. Fogel to Jeremy Borer and Emily Gilbert, 16 Forbes Ave., $885,000

Mineral Hills Realty LL to Hamid I. Abdella and Fatima Ifqirne, 115 Glendale Road, $149,900

John J. Steckert and Karen C. Foster to Judith A. Lewis, 50 Hawley St., Unit 4, $345,000

Mark A. Moggio and Ann-Marie Moggio to Karen S. Dunn, 12 Lincoln Ave., $249,000

Frank Marotta and Carolyn F. Hicks to Addleson Property LLC, 159 Main St., Unit 4, $375,000

Frank Marotta and Carolyn F. Hicks to Addleson Property LLC, 159 Main St., Unit 5, $375,000

Frank Marotta and Carolyn F. Hicks to Addleson Property LLC, 159 Main St., Unit 6, $375,000

William G. Summers Jr. to James M. Burke, 70 Meadow St., $247,500

Mary J. Counter to Adriana C. Morehouse and Andrew E. Morehouse, 23 Nonotuck St., $230,000

Irene Bercume to MA Audubon Society Inc., Old Springfield Road, $22,000

Susan F. Rice to Deirdie A. Williamson and George A. Snook Jr., 134 South St., Unit 134, $181,667


Christopher H. Rice and Lynette Rice to Joseph C. Nusbaum and Paul Janosik, 64 Butterhill Road, $727,500

Ruth V. Elcan and Jill N. Toler to Rebecca E. Hewitt and Corwin K. Nielson, 92 Harkness Road, $452,000


Jenna L. Tymkowiche to Marjorie C. Marcotte, 17 Brigham Road, $312,600

Lauren D. Winters to Kenneth Tan, 540 Granby Road, Unit 112, $145,000

Michael Novak and Ann M. Novak to Robin Glossner, 19 Hadley St., Unit C11, $260,000

Jonathan D. Black to Theodora S. Choros and John Choros, 10-12 North St., $465,000

Eric S. Jarry to Dianne T. Pellerin and Paul D. Pellerin, 189 Pine Grove Dr., Unit 189, $245,000


Coffey Hill Road LLC to TCC RT and Charles R. Ferrero Tr, 39 Coffey Hill Road, $8,000

Ronald E. Peleski to Allan Coolong, 28 Crescent St., $225,000

Ilse W. Gratton and Debrarose L. Gratton to ames L. Watts and Joan P. Watts, 11 Laurel Dr., $262,400

Olivia Vozzella to Carl Voisine, 54 Pleasant St., Unit 3, $50,000

Ferreira Miguel Est and Bolivar Espinal to Jahjan LLC, 14-16 Vigeant St., $210,000

Franklin County


Megg Churchill and Kirk Lawrence to Thomas Gorman and Susan Scheufele, 139 Mill Village Road, $447,500

Julia Y. Chen and Raymond Chen to Ric Weinman, 2 Pocumtuck Drive, $565,000


Katelyn K. Sweetser-Owe and Levi Owens to Thomas Burke and Sherry Weitzen, 80 Long Plain Road, $377,000

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