Area property deed transfers, July 15

Published: 7/14/2021 4:57:48 PM


Keith W. Langsdale and Nina Wishengrad to Britt Rusert, 43 Baker St., $471,800

Alpha Tau Gamma Inc. to MA Bldg Authority, 25 Butterfield Terrace, $340,000

Bercume Construction LL to Yu K. Shinn and Chung H. Park-Shinn, 115 Concord Way, $747,000

Isaac Chow to John Stasio, 263 Grantwood Dr., $390,000

Alpha Tau Gamma Inc. to MA Bldg Authority, 407 N. Pleasant St., $510,00

John P. Jackson and Margaret C. Piwonka to Achsah D. Thomas and Eric H. Thomas, 1063 N. Pleasant St., $399,000

S Jamshidi Moshiri T and Shahrzad J. Moshiri Tr to Weizhao Huang, 500 West St., Unit 4, $275,000


Michael J. Walsh to Jungfil Seo and Yunjung Seo, 29 Brenda Lane, $420,000

Summer Hl Ests Dev LLC to Edwin Walker and Lynn Walker, 111 Daniel Shays Highway, Unit 79, $350,000

Ronald N. Loftus and Anne L. Loftus to W D Cowls Inc., Gulf Road, $43,160

Ted A. Davis and A Heidi Davis to Timothy Ryan and Renee Fletcher, 17 N. Liberty St., $540,000


Kathryn Chandler and Gregory Chandler to Joseph Entin and Sophie Bell, 26 Farmhouse Road, $367,000

Thea Hardigg to Massachusetts Comm Of, River Road, $75,000


Paul W. Carman to Christian Wills, 113 Nash Road, $575,000

Stephen M. Simonson and Linda N. Rumanoff to Community LD LLC, Powell Road, $20,250


Stephen Smulligan and Linda F. Smulligan to Ellen M. Sorenson, 1 Clark Lane, $335,000

Irene R. Martin to Lisa Jaffe and Rebekah Jaffe, 11 Emily Lane, $443,700

Marra Donald M Est and Kathleen M. Slepchuk to Alexander Kushkuley and Larissa Kushkuley, 21 Sterling Dr,, $405,000


James E. Brosseau to George R. Collison and Judith Collison, Aberdeen Road, $10,000

John E. Wright and Susan E. Garrett to Christiana Ulrich and Christina Sekaer, 28 Birch Road, $140,000


Gregg F. Orlen and Judith K. Orlen to Kotowicz Custom Homes L, 1-c Batchelor St., $75,000

Brian Sheehan and Michele Sheehan to Shawn P. Monte and Lauri Monte, 7 Karen Dr., $305,000

Arthur H. Krulewitz and Challis B. Krulewitz to Nathan J. Reed and Bandhana Sinha, 141 Taylor St., $475,000


Elizabeth Perkins to Brad Timm, 14 Breckenridge Road, $295,000

Malcolm W Rowell Jr RET and Malcolm W. Rowell Jr Tr to Molly L. Mcloughlin, 17 Meadowbrook Dr., $420,700


Sheena H. Watkins to Victoria E. Rivera, 9 Beacon Ave., $240,000

Barbieri Realty LLC to N Country Production LL, 12 Crescent St., $895,000

Barbieri Realty LLC to N Country Production LL, 30 Crescent St., $895,000

Joseph C. Bednar and Susan A. Bednar to Victor Mancini and Trina M. Mancini, 100 Cross Road, $459,000

Noel Diaz & Julie A. Diaz to Vallerie Serrano, 4 Elmwood Ave., $200,000

Pamela M. Kelly to Christian Burke, 35 Fenton St., $299,500

Alycar Investments LLC to Tenesha E. Robinson, 60-62 Gates St., $350,000

Cen-Turn Associates LP to Holyoke Health Center I, 255 High St., $300,000

Cen-Turn Associates LP to Holyoke Health Center I, 261-267 High St., $300,000

Thomas M. Rule III to Noel Diaz and Julie A. Diaz, 37 Knollwood Circle, $219,900

Alycar Investments LLC to Jeffrey A. Crooke, 31-33 Lincoln St., $288,500

Michael E. Murphy to Laura A. Delmolino, 176 Lincoln St., $329,000

Patel Vinubhai V Est and Sushila Patel to Parth M. Patel, 370-396 Main St., $60,000

Cen-Turn Associates LP to Holyoke Health Center I, 261-267 Maple St., $300,000

Alexandra Nyary to Timothy J. Odonoghue, 25 Morgan St., $333,000

Audrey Schubach to Jeffrey Gillis and Ana Gillis, 717 Northampton St., Unit 51, $350,000

USA HUD to Michael T. Ryan, 224 Pine St., $165,000

Therese Wheatley to Kyle Sicard and Megan Sicard, Rock Valley Road, $125,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr to Maple Leaf Cap Reserve, 416 Southampton Road, $174,720


Louis C. Purinton to Casey J. Grant and Murray E. Grant II, 50 Basket St., $137,500


John Waterman-Graef and Gretchen Bauer-Graef to Kristopher Lewandowski and Kelly Lewandowski, Skyline Trl, $100,000


Lindsay Bromage to Matthew S. Leblanc & Rosalyn D. Devincentis, 160 Acrebrook Dr., $309,900

Susan Kohler-Gray to Andrew Brown and Helena Porter-Brown, 98 Baker Hill Road, $812,500

David P. Berson and Anna S. Brunelle to Elizabeth C. Kamerer and Guadalupe D. Mendez, 11 Bernache St., $340,000

Keiter Corp Inc. to Sandel Harmon RT and Carolyn D. Sandel Tr, 132 Chesterfield Road, $737,476

Katie A. Krone to Anna Jarnryd, 142 Grove St., $344,000

Syed Iqbal to Humhum LLC, 15 Locust St., $600,000

Main St LLP to 175 Main Street LLC, 175 Main St., $2,995,000

Deanna B. Scarfe to Pauline J. Ovens, 64 Nonotuck St., $75,443

Elizabeth A. Bolton to Lynn L. Wagman, 9 Park St., $635,000

Mark W. Waslick and Jan M. Wilcox to Mariah R. Swanson and Ardeshir Pezeshk, 47 Stilson Ave., $436,000


Bureau Judith Est and Daniel Tourtellotte to Jared M. Laroche, North Street, $17,750

Ronald P. Major to Kenna J. Major and Kyla J. Major, 770 W. Main St., $1


Barbara J. Smith and Mary E. Omeara to South Hadley Town Of, 315 Amherst Road, $190,000

Anthony G. Schiappa to Tanya A. Mailhott, 24 Bolton St., $205,000

Douglas C. Simpson and Linda A. Simpson to Michael N. Gagnon and Joanne C. Gagnon, 25 Chileab Road, $385,000

Michael B. Burnham and Allison R. Burnham to Kevin P. Whalen and Lisa A. Whalen, 2 Crystal Lane, $480,000

Kueck Gordon L Est and Diane E. Young to NRB Property LLC, 6 Greenacre Road, $245,000

Zofia Lysik to William V. Heyn, 195 Lathrop St., $30,000

Thomas A. Lazio and Nicole Lazio to Andrea G. Cummings, 78 Lyman St., $260,000

Eagle Home Buyers LLC to Benjamin G. Glickenhaus, 161 Newton St., $354,900

Michelle M. Florence to Kirsten D. Britton and Kelly Britton, 8 Normandy Road, $405,000

Alberto F. Burgos and Angela M. Burgos to Matthew Jeznach and Alice Stalker, 47 Pynchon Road, $371,047

Home Improvement Assoc to Peter Nelson and Pamela Nelson, 12 Skyline Dr., $382,000


David A Hardy Cont LLC to Timothy S. Rogers and Jillian A. Rogers, 3 Fitch Farm Way, $585,000


Norman A. Sweet and Margaret Sweet to Michael Horrigan, 113 Bondsville Road, $80,000

John E. Carroll and Cheryl L. Carroll to Brian Curboy, 22 High St., $80,000

Wayne A. Singer and Barbara A. Singer to Mary Vovolakis and Henry Dembowski, 8 Lovewell St., $252,000

Michelle L Tyler LLC to Emanuel Lugo, 9 Maple Ave., $200,000

Paul W. Genereux and Kimberly A. Genereux to James Oneill and Marcy L. Oneill, 76 River Road, $335,000

Elizabeth A. Imbier to Keith R. Before, 8 Warebrook Village, $160,000

Franklin County


Ragus LLC to Denise H. Hobbie, 48B Snowberry Circle, Unit 18B. $389,900


Elizabeth W. Scheffey and Heston C. Scheffey to Andrew K. McCallum and Donna K. McCallum, Pratt Corner Road, $108,000.


Timothy J. Hunting to WD Cowls Inc., Leverett Road. $7,215

Barbara J. Tomlinson to Stuart K. Watson and Alissa C. Rothchild, 38 Schoolhouse Road, $580,716

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