Area property deed transfers, Dec. 2

Published: 12/1/2021 1:07:28 PM
Modified: 12/1/2021 1:06:56 PM


Alexandra J. Rizzo to Wallace W. White III, 32 Autumn Lane, Unit 32, $225,000

Michael E. Williamson to Taqi Ijaz and Hummad Ijaz, 623 E. Pleasant St., $340,000

Hesu Realty LLC to Yi Brothers LLC, 8 Eaton Court, Unit 8, $263,500

Harry J. Flood and Madeline Flood to Yoon J. Kang and Ho-Sung Kim, 35 Kestrel Lane, $805,035

Miao M. Lin to Federico Mendiola, 209 Old Farm Road, $425,000

Anson B. Scott Jr. and Carole B. Scott to Nader Haghighat, 474 Old Montague Road, $297,000


Thomas A. Boudreau and Laureen M. Boudreau to Steven J. Boudreau, 21 River St., $300,000

Robert B. Hutchinson to Laliberte Home Bldrs In, 49 Sabin St., $65,000


Philip L. Knight and Katlyn E. Knight to James K. Sheppard, 12 Ballard St., $350,000


Joshua Silver and Nunia Mafi-Silver to Lizzy T. Majka and Ken Majka, 39 Lake Dr., $400,000

Kurt M. Brazeau to Johannah J. Hetheringto, 63 Main St., $340,000

John J. Mogilka and Denise J. Mogilka to Todd Haskell and Tami Haskell, 42 Pond Hill Road, $125,000

Eugene A. Toczydlowski and Shirley A. Tidlund to Keijo Antero-Savolainen, 20 S. Main St., $122,123


Peter G. Crouse and Maria V. Crouse to Farrah Matta and Raul E. Matta, Barton St., Unit 11a, $97,000

Daniel R. Massey and Kathleen A. Massey to Cornerstone Hmbuying LL, 96 East St., $155,000

Valorie J. Macy to Jose A. Cabrera, 77 South St., $405,000


Robert P. Piotrowski and Lillianna E. Pereira to Kristin Smith & Calvin J. Smith, 2 Laurana Lane, $260,000


William J. Gilman to Ani Tuzman, 37 Straits Road, $399,250


Plata O Plomo Inc. to Jeremy Knowles, 198 Allyn St., $315,000

WBC RT and Mark Cutting Tr to 28 Appleton MA LLC, 28 Appleton St., $4,000,000

Michael Tourville to Michelle Stuart and Paul Gallagher, 342 Apremont Highway, $100,000

Holyoke Lodge Of No 902 to James M. Sheehan and Deborah M. Sheehan, Lower Westfield Road, Unit 3, $65,000

Alfaville LLC to Jolene M. Blackburn, 32 Maple Crest Circle, Unit E, $159,900

Thomas M. Burgess and Ann Schoff-Burgess to Gabriel E. Andino, 3 Owens Place, $160,000


Ann M. Podlozny to Brianna Barbosa-Angles and Lisa Barbosa-Angles, 577 Burts Pit Road, $445,000

Sunnyside Early Edu&Car and Smith Child Care Ctr In to 3 Adams Street LLC, 557 Easthampton Road, $805,000

Kim G. Bierwert and Lou A. Bierwert to Nelly E. Carmona, 291 Haydenville Road, $350,000

Yvonne R Boucher T and Wayne A. Boucher Tr to Eliza C. Wiener and Brendan T. Mcmullan, 159 Jackson St., $633,015

Yvonne R Boucher T and Wayne A. Boucher Tr to Eliza C. Wiener and Brendan T. Mcmullan, 167 Jackson St., $633,015

Brien Tal-Baker and Maya Tal-Baker to Melody I. Teng, 2 Juniper St., $445,000

Nancy A. Taubert and Robert K. Taubert to Holly Ackerman, 25 Lyman Road, Unit A, $222,000

Edmund Kendall to Mark A. Mazzola, 679 Westhampton Road, $321,000


Janet Cabrera and Alissa Soto to Robert R. Peterson, 564 Granby Road, $312,000

Elizabeth Trybus and Thaddeus M. Trybus to Honora X. Sullivan-Chin, 26 Hollywood St., $295,000

Robie Hubley T and Anne S. Awad Tr to Lauria Chin and Alecia M. Dentremont, 4 Jewett Lane, $425,000

Paul E. Mihalak to Arash Hashemi, 331 Newton St., $365,000

Tammy J. Oneill and Mary E. Oneill to Jennifer Citarelli and Kristina Plate, 611 Newton St, $245,000


Rudolph A Bigda RT and Robert A. Bigda Tr to Gerard Macfadzen and Deana Macfadzen, Bluemer Road, Unit 14, $2,900

Raymond Harwood and Teresa Harwood to Robert C. Gagnon II and Lisa M. Woodiwiss, 25 Noreen Dr., $285,000

Thomas Quinlan Jr. to Andrii Iesiev and Katharine Glossner-Iesi, 18 White Loaf Road, $585,000

RGB Industries Inc. to Thomas Quinlan Jr., 18 White Loaf Road, Unit 2, $250,000

RGB Industries Inc. to Thomas Quinlan Jr., 20 White Loaf Road, $250,000


Interbartolo&Ricupero L to Karen Redmond, 171 Church St., $175,000

USA VA to Mary Pollier and Robert Pollier, 36 Gould Road, $80,000

Robert D. Sutton and Amy Sutton to Ware 48 West Street RT and Rakeshkumar Patel Tr, 47-49 West St., $165,000

Francis P. Bertrand and Catherine R. Bertrand to Nu Way Mobile Hm Suppli, 13 Willow St., $20,000


William F. Lippman to Lisa Mize and David Owens, 321 Northwest Road, $108,000


Gardner Anne L Est and William Gardner to Scott R. Hodges and Rachel A. Hodges, 26 Ashfield Road, $300,000


Jefferey C. Manley and Melanie S. Harper to Paul B. Davis and Jennifer I. Davis, 449 Old North Road, $413,500

Franklin County


Robert J. Dash and Rosemary A. Dash to Michael A. Lacroix and Bette A. Lacroix, 5 Adams Court, Unit C, $270,000

Barbara L. Williams and Larry J. Williams to Shawna L. Williams and Matthew E. Hresko, 271 Lower Road. $355,000

Anne L. Falk to Anthony M. Laurenitis and Kylie N. Martin, 20 Sugarloaf St. $425,000

US Bank National Trust to First York 2 LLC, 7 Thayer St., $51,500

Carlos E. Allen Estate and Jacobus G. Molenaar to James C. Rae Jr. and Ashli V. Stempel-Rae, 10 Wells Cross Road, $275,000


Nikki R. Stoia to Gay E. Baker and Michael J. Holloway, 240 Amherst Road, $352,259


Christopher P. Arel and Elise A. Rice to Christopher P. Arel and Kimberly A. Arel, 18 Chestnut Plain Road, $150,000

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