Area property deed transfers, Aug. 5

Published: 8/4/2021 3:00:05 PM


Mary E. Shaughan to Wei Zhang, 52 Blackberry Lane, $429,900

Debra J. Lamonica and James E. Lamonica to Tammy L. Wilson and Alan J. Leffler, 88 High Point Dr., $450,000

Nicholas J. Dufresne and Maya J. Marx to Nicole M. Hendrix and Christian S. Olmsted, 30 Hillcrest Place, $240,000

Phil Potts Roaring Bluf to Susan L. Cohen and Matthew Ferrell, Kingman Road, Unit 21, $135,000

Eric C. Desbien and Bethany H. Desbien to Kelly Buttrick and Robert Buttrick, 86 Leverett Road, $285,000

Jennifer E. Siddall to Alivia-Anne Novak-Zappa and William B. Rosenbaum, 65 Mount Pleasant, $577,000

Abida Adnan to Juan A Pizzorno 2019 RE and Juan A. Pizzorno Tr, 910 S. East St., $1,085,000

Peter Smerdon and Katherine M. Arms to Denis Mcdonald and Brian McDonald, 26 Webster Court, Unit 26, $240,000

Chung-Huei Hsu and Min-Mi Hsu to Chung J. Hsu and Chih-Lun Shu, 7 Willow Lane, $280,000

Carol Bloom to V M Scaramella T and Vincent M. Scaramella T, 33 Woodlot Road, $598,000


Michael J. Obrien and Vicki L. Obrien to Expedio Group LLC, Aldrich Street, Unit C, $60,000

Michael J. Obrien and Vicki L. Obrien to Michael Dalkas and Michelle Dalkas, Aldrich Street, Unit D, $60,000

Stefanyszyn Helen Est and James N. Adamopoulos to Peter Stefanyszyn, Green Avenue, $90,000

Devon L. Kelting-Dias and Jacqueline C. Kelting-D to Justin Clarke and Stephanie Clarke, 79 Orchard St., $470,000

Robert J. Vanzandt and Elizabeth A. Vanzandt to Todd A. Sussman and Zohar Gal, 148 S. Washington St., $435,000

Kimberly B. Longridge and Bill Longridge to Theodore Groves and Jane Cuthbertson, 390 Springfield Road, $486,000

Girard Homes Inc. to Kristy Stallman-Reese and Owen D. Reese, 381 State St., $429,900


William H. Guterl to Megan E. Turchetti and Scott J. Turchetti, Mount Road Lot, $64,000


Kathryn R. Eiseman to Corydon S. Woodard, 17 Packard Road, $95,000


John F. Edwards to Debra A. Dombrowski, 2 Mechanic St., Unit G, $180,000

Andrew Gaylord and Emily Gaylord to Hill-Ture T and James W. Hill Tr, 233 Park St., $360,000

M E Ticknor T and Mary E. Ticknor Tr to Janivette Alsina, 26 Spring St., $566,500


Daniel J. Desnoyers to Jonathan R. Sass and Christine S. Sass, Beaver Lane, $4,500

Daniel J. Desnoyers to Jonathan R. Sass and Christine S. Sass, Beaver Lane, Unit 721, $4,500


Stephen W. Slapski and Julie A. Slapski to Ridvan Turan, 58 Amherst St., $495,000

Robert S. Killin and Larry Vila to Owen B. Murray and Annapurna A. Ghosh, 87 Ferry Hill Road, $556,000

Keller Ruby L Est and Douglas M. Keller to Robert C. Lafreniere, 23 High St., $285,000

Michael N. Gagnon and Joanne C. Gagnon to Michelle Snow, 79 South St., $530,000


Marianne A. Filkoski to Daniel Navarro and Kimberly Navarro, 18 Maple Ave., $499,500

Jeremy D. Ober to Exotic Auto Svc&Sales L, 12 Russell St., $500,000


Gerome A. Miklau and Johanna C. Callard to Matthew S. Hunt and Shannon Mcfarland, 6 Bridge St., $475,000

Ellen Miller to Kyra Sanborn and Joshua R. Abrams, 1 Prospect Court, $350,000


133-135 Beech St Assoc to Haseena Sibdhanny and Hibbatun N. Singh, 133-135 Beech St., $292,000

Caitlin E. Ohare to Ferreira Hldg LLC, 60 Chapin St., Unit I, $100,105

Holyoke Machine Co Inc. to Antonio Albericci, Clemente Street, $1,000,000

Holyoke Machine Co Inc. to Antonio Albericci, 237-239 Clemente St., $1,000,000

Holyoke Machine Co Inc. to Antonio Albericci, 249 Clemente St., $1,000,000

Holyoke Machine Co Inc. to Antonio Albericci, 275-277 Clemente St., $1,000,000

Anthony L. Tallman to Jillian M. Tallman, 26 Clinton Ave., $102,500

Idali Rodriguez to Kendall Dunn-Lasane and Devin A. Lasane, 63 Franklin St., $238,000

William C. Koczocik to David Moonan, 29-31 Gilman St., $284,000

Barbara M. Brooksbank to Maureen P. Dooley-Lawre, 50 Lindbergh Ave., $289,900

Holyoke Machine Co Inc. to Antonio Albericci, 466-480 Main St., $1,000,000

Holyoke Machine Co Inc. to Antonio Albericci, 514 Main St., $1,000,000

Alfaville LLC to Yovannie Felix-Cordero, 2 Maple Crest Circle, Unit C, $135,000

Riverview Dev Assoc LLC to Gary O FT and Gary S. Olszewski Tr, 717 Northampton St., Unit 65, $403,200

Saundra B. Reilly to Waah Realty LLC, 1785 Northampton St., $485,000

Katherine R. Washburn to Alisha R. Seney, 2097 Northampton St., Unit 2097, $310,600

Katherine R. Washburn to Alisha R. Seney, 2099 Northampton St., Unit 2099, $310,600

Ale Ventures LLC to Haddad Capital LLC, 568 S. East St., $485,000

Holyoke Machine Co Inc. to Antonio Albericci, 56-58 Sargeant St., $1,000,000


Rosalind J. Fouli and James R. Lepage to Steven T. Slowey and Melinda A. Slowey, 18 Basket St., $125,000

Julie A. Cowles to Roger D. Booth Jr. and Michelle Fieldstad-Boot, Lowell Lane, $26,000


An J. Hoeyberghs to Chloe Weaver-Vilain, 98 Brierwood Dr., $363,000

Shannon M. Finnessey to Adam L. Larson, 26 Carolyn St., $492,000

Shawn Willey and Sandra Willey to Edward D. Melillo, 48 Chestnut Ave. Unit 48, $499,000

Sarah Barnett and Elizabeth Y. Barnett to Barbara Raeder-Tracy, 26 Crescent St., Unit 203, $319,000

Philip K. Peake to Lila Mereschuk, 48 Evergreen Road, Unit 315, $179,000

Maureen Sturman to Devon L. Kelting-Dias and Jacqueline C. Kelting-D, 11 Greenleaf Dr., $625,000

Wilson FT and Robert H. Wilson Tr to Jeffrey M. Mast and Bonnie E. Mast, 42 Harrison Ave., $875,000

Debra A. Dombrowski to Julie P. Meyer and Adam J. Marks, 35 Hinckley St., $390,000

Birch Hill LLC to Eliezer Hutton, 4 Lawn Ave., $662,500

Sharon C. Switzer and Angeline C. Hynes to Jeremy D. Ober, 38 Orchard St., $575,000

Llama Maynard and Adin Maynard to Jaime Levy and Simone Masson, 12 Perkins Ave., $496,000

Paul H. Kolbjornsen and Kimberly C. Kolbjornsen to C Washington-Ottombre and Garrett Washington, 42 Rustlewood Ridge, $322,500

Thomas Barnes to Wendy Forbush, 956 Ryan Road, $240,000

Nu-Way Homes Inc. to Martha F. Hoopes, 12 Warner St., $609,000


Scott Family Prop LLC to Jennifer Consedine, 6 Bardwell St., $140,000

Jason Hollway to Melissa T. Dresler, 4 Grant St., $95,000

Dustin Blair and Chantal Blair to James R. Barron and Meghan D. Aucoin, 41 Judd Ave., $325,000

Nefertiti A. Walker and Kellie N. Olson-Walker to David Mernoff and Karen Mernoff, 2 Rivercrest Way, Unit 2, $412,500

James A. Buckley and Nancy Buckley to Cassidy F. Kosior, 41 W. Summit St., Unit 38, $155,000

Elizabeth E. Berard to Joshua Mckinley and Amy Mckinley, 31 Woodbridge St., $576,000


Gregory L. Bennett and Rosemary K. Bennett to Ryan H. Hodder, 307 College Highway, $350,000

Paul E. Truehart and Richard L. Truehart Jr. to John E. Tobiason and Leslie E. Johnson, 6 Parc Place, Unit 4, $210,000


Scudder Bay Capital LLC to Eurides Batista, 19-21 Aspen St., $240,000

Luis A. Mejias to Peter A. Millet Jr. and Samantha R. Millet, 121 Bacon Road, $259,000

Western Mass Realty LLC to Eurides Batista and Damaris M. Frias, 8 Cherry St., $165,000

Ware Hsng Cooperative I to Thomas Abel, 13 Cherry St., $150,000

Aaron J. Desantis to Deno Harold, 21 Lovewell St., $155,000

Daniel W. Long to Jordin L. Corriveau and Brandon A. Ouimette, 40 Moriarty Road, $375,000

Mark A. Andrews and Joyce A. Andrews to Eurides Batista and Damaris M. Frias, 48 Pleasant St., $242,000

Breton Realty LLC to Nallett FT and James Nallett Tr, 65-69 Pleasant St., $150,000

Michael J. Boisvert to Veloz&Associates LLC, 89 W. Main St., $53,000

Moryl FT and Paul A. Moryl Tr to Ali Bulut, 17 Westbrook Ave., $395,000


Stacy L. Morgan to Patricia Hand and Victor Hand, Laurel Hill Road, $52,500


Michael D. Gudejko and Heather R. Love to Adin S. Maynard and Llama Maynard, 57-r Adams Road, $565,000

Franklin County


Stanley Romanowski to Hai V. Nguyen, Stillwater Road (off). $13,000

Merlyn Property LLC to J2K Realty LLC, 4 Sugarloaf St., $875,000


Paul M. Danielovich and Denise Boyd to John E. Coffin, 27 Ames Haven Road, $518,000


Benjamin M. Barr and Tara L. Barr to Steven Bobbitt and Deena Bobbitt, 35 North Plain Road, $527,000

Klemyk Family Trust, Elaine Goodhind, trustee, to Eli Z. Berk and Lauren E. Potter, South Plain Road, Unit 6, $279,000

Klemyk Family Trust, Elaine Goodhind, trustee, to Eli Z. Berk and Lauren E. Potter, South Plain Road, Unit 7. $279,000


J2K Realty LLC to Stephen P. Ezequelle and Anastasia L. Ezequelle, 336 Haydenville Road, $399,000

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