Area property deed transfers, Dec. 31

Published: 12/30/2020 4:00:28 PM


Lindsay Smith and Renata Smith to John Corrigan and Karen Corrigan, 1260 Bay Road, $347,000

Jamieson S. Grillo and Lydia Chin to Stonyhillcrib028 LLC, 4 Moss Lane, $270,000

YeshiGyaltsen and Dolkar Gyaltsen to Stonyhillcrib028 LLC, 30 Sunrise Ave., $315,000

James L Wallace RET and James L. Wallace Tr to Molly Gallagher, 211 Wildflower Dr., $569,000


Jeremy D. Cushing to Sarah C. Cartel, 426 Allen Road, $243,500

Amy Rappaport to Robert A. Amlaw and Michelle L. Amlaw, 156 Barton Ave., $300,000

Richard Warrington and Sunye Warrington to Cameron Currie and Martyna Currie, 35 Eugene Dr., $410,000

Scott A. Seifel and Mary R. Seifel to Brianna M. Lacki and Sean Lacki, 120 Kennedy Road, $305,000

Robert J. Medeiros and Dawn Medeiros to Charles A. Pappis III and Karri Pappis, 173 Railroad St., $375,000

Michael A. Chotkowski and Heather Bourbeau to Dawn B. Medeiros and Robert J. Medeiros, 55 S. Main St., $330,000

Girard Homes Inc. to Heidi L. Bonafini and Brian Woodward, State Street, Lot 7, $80,000


Joshua M. Becker and Paul Teeling to Christopher E. Landry, 664 Main Road, $305,500


Michael J. Whiteman II and Daniel Whiteman to Owen L. Ouimet, 236 W. Cummington Road, $211,500


Edward D. Laprade and Christine M. Bowen to Elise S. Jablow and Myles A. Bittner, 210 East St., $315,000

William J. Campedelli to Darius Zelkha, 9-11 Terrace View, $343,000


Adam Goode and Susan Goode to Michael G. George, Cape Street, $149,900

Woodchuck NT and Alfred J. Ciaglo Jr Tr to Alexandra Snook and Edward Way, 68 Hammond Circle, $308,000


Gerke John H Jr. Est and Judith L. Socha to Joni E. Fleming, 662 Amherst Road, Unit 5, $100,000

Michelle L. Amlaw to Daniel R. Adams and Amy M. Adams, 166 Kendall St., $340,000

Micheline D. Turgeon to Todd Wagers and Lorrie Chmura, 144 New Ludlow Road, $215,000

James S. Worthworth to Cynthia Smith and C Brian Graves-Harrison, 73 South St., $350,000


Valley Const Co Inc. to Nicole M. Morrison and Sharyn L. Morrison, 6 Colony Drive, $173,500


Thomas B. Rosati to Susan Donnelly, 44 Linseed Road, $298,000

Maxgate Properties LLC to West Street Partners LL, 187 West St., $835,000


Joshua R. Wherry and Candice Wherry to Patrick G. Love, 21 Brookline Ave., $233,000

Shane D. Harrington and Katherine M. Harrington to Mackenzie M. Gray, 16 Cherry Hill, $215,000

Martha B. Healey and David G. Healey to Maura G. Campbell and Gregory J. Gauthier, 2 Harvard St., $385,000

Saw Construction LLC to Lock&Key LLC, 67-69 Longwood Ave., $229,000

David Laventure to Szymon Wolanczyk, 349 Southampton Road, $580,000

CB Portfolio Owner LLC to Oak St Inv Grade Net 20, 227 Whiting Farms Road, $1,516,273


James K. Patenaude to Chad Lafrance, 9 Birchwood Dr., $850,000

Donna M. Burgoyne to David C. Wieland, 5 Cook Hill Road, $150,000


Hale Michael P Est and Michael P. Hale Jr. to Marcia L. Kebbon and Robert Turner, 128 Chipman Road, $535,000


David W. Reinhart and Kristine Ross to James Dixon Jr. and Terri Dixon, 209 Cardinal Way, $650,000

Watcharaporn Hardy and Thomas F. Quinn to Jeffrey B. Vaughan, 46 Gilrain Terrace, $280,000

Jacob E. Lopez to Alexa Mignanom, 12 Laurel Park, Unit 12, $253,880

Brendan L. Smith and Melissa B. Smith to Kathleen Radzikowski, 38 Leeno Terrace, $280,000

Stanley L. Symanski to Michael G. George, 187 Locust St., $295,000

David H Bragdon INT and David H. Bragdon Tr to Terence M. Coe and Jayalaxmi Kannan, 104 Moser St., $500,000

Sanjiv Gupta to Jamie N. Thaman, 351 Pleasant St., Unit 5, $212,500

Keefe&Sons NT and Gary W. Keefe Tr to Joshua R. Wherry and Candace K. Wherry, 185 Prospect St., $599,900


Albert A. Cizek and Richard A. Cizek to James Page and Tonia Lowe, 260 S. Central St., $255,000


Lisa Brassard-Nicotera and Peter Brassard to Stanley J. Czerwiec, 302 Alvord Place, Unit 302, $260,000

Simpson Allan L Est and Wendy E. Simpson to Alexandra C. Schonbek, 39 Chapel Hill Dr., $354,000

Han Zhao & Nan Zhang to Carol Sullivan and William J. Sullivan, 124 College St., Unit 3, $300,000

Mir Azam to Shaun Calhoun, 540 Granby Road, Unit 8, $155,000

Rebecca L. Houle to Gregory Obrien, 540 Granby Road, Unit 43b, $89,900

Mary M. Lamontagne to Lisa M. Morrin, 48 Hillside Ave., $317,500

Mount Holyoke College to Ryan N. Moore and Heather E. Moore, Morgan Street, $5,000

Shah MA Realty LLC to RB Homes LLC, 7 Pleasant St., $543,900

Cummings Barbara L Est and Gail L. Connelly to Laura Brezinsky, 44 Silver St., $301,110


John D. Kent and Sandra J. Kent to Daniel Mcnichol and Elizabeth Mcnichol, 39 High St., $750,000

Daniel R. Adams and Amy Adams to Mary A. Fitzpatrick and Melissa F. Burt, 58 Line St., $323,000


Jane C. Agnew to Raymond A. Donnelly, 73 Cummings Road, $257,000

Cameron Grimard-Currie and Martyna Currie to James K. Bor-Woo, 59 Old Belchertown Road, $290,000


Positive Spin RE Invs I to Jordan Bushey and Emma Bushey, 41 Loudville Road, $74,000


Brian Emerson to Dannie Torrey, 87 Main St., $175,000


Shelley A. Rice to Chandresh S. Patel and Moxika C. Patel, 11 Old Post Road, $345,000

Franklin County


Gregory J. Shea to RBF 1 LLC, 593 Pfersick Road, $1


Lester Reed, Alan Reed and Nancy Reed Bovio to Lester Reed, 36 Main St., $1


John Oates and Jaclyn Oates to Nicholas Clover-Brown and Noelle Serafino, 30 Stillwater Road, $370,000

Joseph Berman to Cynthia Von Flatern, 26 Whitmore Ferry Road, No Consideration

Jane L. Plumley and Willard E. Plumley to Vicki L. Martin, 11A Duncan Dr., unit 17, Meadows of Deerfield, $297,000

Richard R. Lepage and Richard L. Royal to Amy B. ROYAL, 300 CONWAY Road, $1

Ann-Mary Cloutier and David Potter to Anne S. Glass and William F. Glass Jr., 17 Sugarloaf St., $454,000

Jeremy Ober to David Potter and Ann-Mary Cloutier, 51A Eastern Ave, $449,900


Isaiah Robison Revocable Donor Trust, Isaiah Robison, Trustee and individually to Elsbeth L. Walker, 258 North Leverett Road, $95,000


David B. Kittredge Revocable Trust, Anne Marie Kittredge and Gilbert E. Loud III, Trustees to Anne Marie Kittredge, 196 Montague Road, $1


Robert B. Bartos Estate “aka” Robert B. Bartos Sr. Estate, Kevin LaMagdelaine, Personal Representative, and Debra C. Delisle, Individually to Jelb Properties LLC, 33 Garage Road, $190,000


Eaton Family Trust, John A. Eaton and Jill A. Eaton, Trustees to Todd F. Green and Nicholas Sturdivant, 48 Claverack Road, $286,000

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