Area property deed transfers, Dec. 24

Published: 12/23/2020 3:26:56 PM


Thomas Aquinas College to Julia M. Miller, 8 Autumn Lane, Unit 8, $179,900

Alfred A. Alschuler and Ericka L. Alschuler to Iota Beta Chapter Of Ch, 315 Lincoln Ave., $659,900

Iota Beta Chapter Of Ch to 47 Olympia Drive LLC, 47 Olympia Dr., $1,500,000

Azar Farjamnia and Javad Moshfegh to Hummad Ijaz, 65 West St., $415,000


Norman D. Gousy and Michele D. Gousy to Raffi Miller, 233 Bay Road, $325,000

Melanie S. Lewis to Nichole L. Ohearn and Perrell A. Ohearn, 148 Metacomet St., $210,000

G&H Development LLC to A&N RT, Sabin Street, $235,000

John E. Bressette and Marline A. Bressette to Cornerstone Hmbuying LL, 103 Turkey Hill Road, $153,500


Stephen F. Buckley and Annette Rubino-Buckley to Richard C. Gooding, 7 Potash Hill Ext., $275,000


Wang FT and Su-Yen Kuhn Tr to John P. Regish, 5 Beyer Dr., $100,000

Biano D. Thiombiano and Daniel Thiombiano to Jason L. Newman and Allyson C. Manuel, 23 Dragon Circle, $345,000

Ernest A. Roy and Janice M. Roy to Frank V. Padellaro Jr. and Brandi Ediss, 44 Hendrick St., $320,000

Laura A. Lamothe and John A. Guzik Jr. to Timothy M. StJohn and Angela M. StJohn, 178 Hendrick St., $257,500

Mukunda Feldman and Kylie Feldman to Eliza R. Pesuit, 260 Loudville Road, $390,000

D&H Prop Management Inc. to EES LLC, 31 Lovefield St., $370,000

Sylvia J. Lucas to Christopher J. Dondoros and Jennifer L. Nadeau, 3 Picard Circle, $295,000

D&H Prop Management Inc. to EES LLC, 28 Pleasant St., $370,000

Dean R. Riel to David Erba, 41 South St., Unit 63, $179,900


Sherman Mark L Est and Jeffrey S. Hicks to Sherman Oil Co Inc., 518 E. State St., $15,000

Pedro Rodrigues and Danielle Rodrigues to Alfred A. Alschuler and Ericka L. Alschuler, 14 Granby Heights, Unit 14, $168,000

Pushee Patricia A Est and Susan L. Brouillard to Binh Q. Nguyen, 13 Leo Dr., $233,000

Ran-Lin NT and Linda M. Randall Tr to Conor S. Morrissey, 69 Taylor St., $200,000

Ran-Lin NT and Linda M. Randall Tr to Erik Johnson, 71 Taylor St., $211,500


Ranjanaa Devi to 104 Middle Street LLC, 104 Middle St., $522,500


Christopher R. Szawlows to Amie M. Jones, 70 Dwight St., $249,000

HB 2 Alternative Hldg L to Edward Smith, 11 Gore Ave., $205,000

David W. Hewlings and Linda T. Hewlings to Marlene L. Sanderson, 3 Maple St., $570,000


Javier Flores and Marisol Flores to James L. Zieminski and Cher L. Strong-Zieminski, 96 Beacon Ave., $200,000

Ramona T. Pond-Blais to Gennaro Moccia, 200-202 Beech St., $285,000

Quinetucket LLC to Michael Cauley, 101 Cabot St., Unit 204, $175,000

Lydia I. Bussiere and Sherri L. Schon to Michael S. Funk and Rani Varghese, 101 Cabot St., Unit 604, $199,900

Judy Murray and Kaylee Murray to Latoya Mccarthy-Thomas and Garvil Thomas, 20 James St., $281,000

Evan P. Warner to Nicole Boulais, 6 Maple Crest Circle, Unit E, $96,500

USA VA to Peter J. Sullivan and Jamie M. Cardoza, 215 Mountain View Dr., $300,000

Judith C. Holman to Robert L. Hill and George J. Symonds, 924 Northampton St., $215,000

Jennifer Fischer and Dennis Schermerhorn to Susan L. Cooper and Scott R. Cooper, 264 Southampton Road, Unit 10, $615,000


Michael R. Cortis and Becky J. Cortis to Amber Small, 6 Maple St., $180,000

Carolyn A Booth T and Carolyn A. Booth Tr to Jayson R. Charland, 106 Norwich Lake, $280,000

Michael L Barr RET and Alan E. Barr Tr to Mark A. Rehbien & Deborah J. Rehbein, 228 Norwich Lake, $399,000


Jaasco LLC to Keiter Builders Inc. Chesterfield Road, $100,000

Jaasco LLC to Russell Fuller and Julia Fuller, 136 Chesterfield Road, $355,000

James Quinn and Rosaleen Quinn to Kelley Connors, 80 Damon Road, Unit 2112, $170,000

Pamela Zagorski to David W. Hewlings and Linda Thiel-Hewlings, 151 Emerson Way, $599,000

David J. Warren and Susan T. Warren to Joseph A. Rousseau & Amanda L. Pachomski, 2 Isabella St., $595,000

Edward J. Stamas to Katharine D. Langdon, 42 Laurel Park, Unit 42, $170,000

Curran Patrick J Est and Robert Dixon to John C. Anderson and Laura Chasman, 154 Nonotuck St., $240,000

Elizabeth Hynes to Northampton City Of, 69 Old South St., $5,000

Burr D. Vail and Linda Vail to Paige M. Kimball, 167 South St., Unit 8f, $154,000

Burr D. Vail and Linda Vail to Reema Hatoum, 167 South St., $154,000

Stephen Ferrarone to Danielle Amodeo, 50 Union St., Unit 13, $237,000


Travis G. Weeks to Youjie Chen and Li Ye, 344 Granby Road, $264,000

Brian M. Grochowalski and Wendy L. Grochowalski to Beth A. Gage and Michael R. Eaton, 36 Highland Ave., $390,000

Charlene R. Voyer to Peter C. Jasinski and Carol F. Jasinski, 41 W. Summit St., Unit 46, $148,000

Sheila M. Davies to Emily D. Boudreau, 4 Woodlawn St., $310,000


Michael C. McCabe and Dena A. McCabe to David J. Warren & Susan T. Warren, 126 Brickyard Road, $330,000

Andrea B. Johansen and Michael D. Johansen to Oleg Yermakov and Sergey Yermakov, 28 Crooked Ledge Road, $95,000

Thomas J. Novotny to Rachel D. Delano and Clay D. Delano, 82 Strong Road, $140,000


Emily N. Peddle and Jacob J. Perron to Jane Geary, 347 Palmer Road, $236,150

Kenneth Mckeon to Gary Buelow, 52 Pulaski St., $15,000


Matthew T. Marian and Rowan E. Foster-Marian to George Hucul and Ann R. Biddle, 19 Hemenway Road, $417,500


Donald F. Ives and Sara C. Ives to Melissa A. Celli and Jonathan P. Celli, 91 Radiker Road, $250,000

Franklin County


Journeys End Nominee Trust, Emily W. Leue, Mark S. Leue and Thomas S. Leue, Trustees to Nancy W. Leue and Thomas S. Leue, 1664 Cape St, $1

Kimberly Brozo and Robert A. Petrizzi to Lucas Lafleur and Stephen P. Stewart, 646 Plainfield Road, $215,000


Treffle A. Mercure Estate “aka” Treffle A. Mercure Jr., Estate, Doris A. Mercure-Gagnon, Personal Representative to Scott L. Gagnon, 45 Bent Nail Drive/Bent Nail Drive, $180,000

Russell A. French to Aimee L. Anderson, Laurie A. Heilman, Robert A. Langevin Jr., and Katrina L. Ruby-Chirco, Ashfield Road, $400.00


Carol Ann Griffiths Olanyk “aka” Carol Ann G. Olanyk “aka” Carol Olanyk to Olanyk Family Trust, Carol Ann Griffiths Olanyk, Trustee, 33B Snowberry Circle, Unit 12B, Sugarloaf Condominium, No Consideration

John A. Warchol and Mary Ellen Warchol “aka” Mary Ellen P. Warchol to John A. Warchol Investment Trust, John A. Warchol, Trustee and Mary Ellen P. Warchol Investment Trust, Mary Ellen P. Warchol, Trustee, 18 Stockbridge Road and Mill River Road, $1


Linda Caron to Ellen E. Drews, 46 Camp Road, $360,000


Steven Robert Keyes Estate “aka” Steven R. Keyes Estate, Katherine Adams, Personal Representative, to Thirteen State Road LLC, 13 State Road, $220,000

Edwin J. Urkiel Estate, Sandra Urkiel-Jobst, Personal Representative to Alexander Urkiel, Austin Urkiel, Richard Urkiel and Samuel Urkiel, Long Plain Road, $65,000

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