Area property deed transfers

Published: 10/13/2020 5:19:46 PM


Zichao Zhu to Haoze He and Zhou Lin, 117 Cherry Lane, $516,500

Vincent Rotello and Caren M. Rotello to Benjamin P. Cherniawski and Kelly N. Haas, 39 Kendrick Pl, $490,000

Jones Properties LP to Randolph Calvo and Sharon Calvo, 255 Montague Road, $380,000

Alan B. Maclaren and Edward J. Schreiber to Bonnie L. Tomlinson, 33 Pine Grove, Unit 33, $242,000


Heritage Ventures LLC to Todd Maziarz, 216 Bay Road, $186,000

David E. Utley and F Knowlton Utley to Heather M. Moore and Brian Rogers, 11 Canal Dr., $390,000

Gabriel Markham and Megan Pascale to Rakauskas FT and Maryanne C. Rakauskas T, 31 Depot St., $165,000

Edward Comeau and Debora Comeau to Jeffrey D. Lussier and Gretchen H. Lussier, 25 Everett Ave., $330,000

JN Duquette&Son Const I to Gail A. Oberg, 53 Magnolia Lane, Unit Cc, $439,900

Brad Richardson and Sara Richardson to Susan E. Hunt, 243 Michael Sears Road, $339,900

Gary D. Smith and Laurel Smith to Allegra E. Giovine and Christopher D. Boone, 62 Pine St., $434,900


Cynthia J. Davis and Jean G. Boal to Ethan Fenn, 72 Bray Road, $315,000

Clayton N Fuller RET and Debra R. Gardner Tr to Allyson Brown and Paul Laflam II, 28 Farmhouse Road, $249,000


US Bank NA Tr to Thomas Bacis, 217 Hendrick St., $159,000

Kathleen L. Monahan to Michael R. Lavalle, 3 Lovefield Way, $350,000

Smith Kathryn J Est and Douglas R. Dagarin to Diana Mendez-Zimmermann, 14 Melinda Lane, $230,100

Sarah Cleveland and Ryan Cleveland to Jeffrey R. Kocan and Elizabeth A. Kocan, 30 Morin Dr., $286,100

Michael S. Thompson and Rebecca J. Lederman to Alice J. Sessions, 9 Nashawannuck St., $326,000

Orlowski Barbara J Est and Jeffrey J. Orlowski to Nicholas D. Yvon and Ashley E. Stone, 38 Phelps St., $221,000

Gregory C. Clausen and Karla H. Clausen to Joseph S. Zimmerman and Maria C. Twarog, 12 Robin Road, $350,000

Darshankumar Patel and Sonal G. Patel to Jillian E. Damtoft, 41 South St., Unit 30, $189,900


Brian S. King and Jennifer Gunter-King to Timothy Healey and Dlynn A. Healey, Amherst Street, Lot 1, $103,000

Brian S. King and Jennifer Gunter-King to Timothy Healey and Dlynn A. Healey, Amherst Street, Lot 2, $103,000

Nancy A. Paquette to Meghan M. O’Connor, 24 Cedar Dr., $315,000

Julia Goncalves and Cecilia A. Goncalves to Erica Josephson, 10 Crescent Valley, Unit 10, $187,000

Patricia J. Fitzgerald to Single Source Svcs LLC, 16 East St., $600,000

Russell A. Nugent to Robin S. St. George, 61 Taylor St., $225,000


Valley Building Co Inc. to Gage C. Lyons, 5 French St., $51,750


Maureen A. Rohan to Charles M. Della-Penna, 63 Ashley Road, $150,000

Denise M. Asselin and Douglas R. Asselin to Brittany A. Rice, 16 Dale St., $277,000

Holyoke City Of to Tiago A. Boacas-Martins and Joaquim Martins, 712-716 Dwight St, $25,000

Holyoke City Of to Tiago A. Boacas-Martins and Joaquim Martins, 718-722 Dwight St., $25,000

Thomas G. Paquin and Terry A. Paquin to Nadine K. Rivera, 37 Edward Dr., $214,500

Hans G. Despain and Elyana Bassell to Mark J. Shar, 45-47 Elmwood Ave., $265,000

Viability Inc. to Catalpa Inc., 285 High St., $148,000

Viability Inc. to Catalpa Inc., 287-289 High St., $112,000

Blodgett Richard A Est and Gerard E. Enright to Barbara Blodgett, 171 Hillside Ave., $2,000

Rory D. Crath and Mark G. Chilton to Sara Gari-Auster and Alex Falk, 22 Linden St., $187,000

Yaraliz Soto to Johana Cabrera, 1218 Main St., $146,000

Carrie M. Poulin to Robyn N. Fowler, 24 Maple Crest Circle, Unit I, $120,000

US Bank NA Tr to Alycar Investments LLC, 193-195 Oak St., $110,000

Kristen Welch to Matthew O. Baker, 43 Saint Kolbe Dr., Unit C, $115,000

Cameron H. Murrell and Erin Sprong-Murrell to Amelia M. Box, 57 Taylor St., $210,000

Miguel A. Rodriguez and Newrez LLC to FHLM, 21-23 Wolcott St., $67,675

Erin B. Brunelle to Simone S. Ascher and Emalina S. Ascher, 1 Woodland St., $249,000


Paul A. Westerfield and Andrea L. Westerfield to Daniel B. Bergeron and Sharon R. Daldoss-Berge, 6 Johnnycake Hill Road, $300,000


William F. Langlais and Michelle J. Langlais to Linda K. White, 27 Bright St., $586,000

Nu-Way Homes Inc to Jens C. Sorensen and Christina H. Cornell, 45 Carolyn St., $503,000

Ericsson Broadbent and Susan L. Macrae to Neil Alper and Hannah-Lee H. Enright, 51 Hillcrest Dr., $570,000

Sandra N. Helliwell to Rebecca J. Lederman and Michael S. Thompson, 43 Ladyslipper Lane, $440,000

Letitia L. Ferguson to Jeffrey Moyce-Parker & Elizabeth M. Gray, 13 Lexington Ave., $333,700

Valley T and Jagdish Singh Tr to 57 Main Street LLC, 57 Main St., $530,000

Kevin Verni & Nora M. Verni to Steven A. West & Amy Sanders-West, 204 N. Elm St., $377,000

Rifkin Alan Est and Richard M. Evans to Seneca Rasey, 35 New South St., Unit 204, $250,000

Matthew D. Curtis and Shatay Z. Trigere to Brian Michaud and Irene Michaud, 125 Nonotuck St., $431,800

Sustaining Partners LLC to Filipe Anacleto-Sobral and Heidi E. Sobral, 333 Prospect St., $550,000

Carol A. Ryan and Jay R. Ryan to Keegan J. Yentsch and Lisa Modenos, 228 Spring Grove Ave., $280,000

Janice M. Irvine to Robert W. Cameron and Nancy A. Cameron, 80 Williams St., Unit 3a, $363,500


Elizabeth P. Perkins to Stephanie Bennett LLC, 105 N. Valley Road, $415,000


Zina T. Jankauskas to Center For Rehab Wildli, Summit Street, $21,000


Lynne P. Smith to Christmann FT and Claudia B. Christmann T, 22 Jacobs Way, Unit 22, $377,600

Billy J. Massey and Kimberly A. Massey to William R. Adams and Karissa L. Domina, 11 Lawrence Ave., $225,000

Reardon Terrence D Est and Stephen Gazillo to Ildo V. Correia and Kelly Correia, 61 Park Ave, $280,000


Diana L. Gliniecki to Keith T. Elmy and Lynn M. Elmy, 17-19 Castle St., $205,000

Princeton Com A Hldg LL to Ware River Group LLC, 2 E. Main St., $94,750

Princeton Com A Hldg LL to Ware River Group LLC, 16 E. Main St., $94,750

Andrew P. Sweet to Richard W. Puntanen and Candace M. Puntanen, 215 Greenwich Road, $255,000

Aria Ingraham to Nasser Zebian, 19 High St., $100,000


Gregg A. Lorow to Jason P. Graham and Janelle M. Graham, Edwards Road, $80,000

Franklin County


Leonard H. Roberts to Julie Talbot and Matthew Talbot, John Ford Road, $50,000


Andrea G. Rudolph “aka” Andrea Grace Rudolph to Anne Marie Cardin and James R. Devlin, 1D Adams Court, Unit 20, Commons of Deerfield. $230,400

Jennifer C. Green to Martin G. Hutchinson and Rachel A. Skorupka, 216 Conway Road, $279,000

Katherine M. Hunter and Michael M. Hunter to Deborah Grace Rosenstein, 141 Hillside Road, $312,000

Steve and Kathy Melnik Family Trust, Stephen D. Melnik and Kathleen Melnik, Trustees to, Keegan Downie. 143 Mill Village/Mill Village Road, $302,000

Julia Rolin Coffey to MYCO Properties LLC, 75 Stillwater Road, $1


Norman Blain and Therese M. Legere to Isaac S. Wilner, 55 West Pelham Road and 17 West Pelham Road, $270,000

Karen Jones to Claire Martineau and Gary Martineau, 35 Farrar Road, $10,000


Green Tree Family LP, by Partner, Hilda B. GreenBaum, Partner, to Jelb Properties LLC, 3 Plumtree Road, $775,000


Jawk Inc. to Lauren K. Hnath and Noah R. Marchand, 2 Grey Oak Lane, $110,000

Prime Partners LLC to Kenna Nielson and Justin Stansell, 7 State Road, $231,900

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