Area property deed transfers

Published: 11/16/2020 2:52:52 PM


Shafie FT and Reza Shafie-Ardestani T to Skyway Properties LLC, 19 Ball Lane, $351,650

Thomas Schneeweis to Evelyn A. Villa, Cortland Drive, $100,000

Mary A. Bright and John R. Copen to Hoi Tang, 170 East Hadley Road, Unit 75, $171,000

Dickinson Meadow LLC to Leyla Moushabeck and Julian D. Ramirez, 980 E. Pleasant St., $575,000

Finnegan P. Kelly to Talya Vexler-Nesbitt and Keith J. Nesbitt, 490 Middle St., $520,000

Collins Robert Est and James S. Collins to Franklin-Douglas Inc., 1120 S. East St., $475,000

Amy B. Ben-Ezra and Farnsworth E. Lobenstin to Luka C. Milekic and Margaret Mccarthy, 1164 S. East St., $397,000

Antonio D. Vitale to Shafie FT and Reza Shafie-Ardestani T, 47 Valley Lane, $406,000

Daniel W. Nachbar and Jara E. Nachbar to Sandra Orsulic and Kristy J. Daniels, 500 West St., Unit 6, $240,000


John G. Redmond and Carol B. Redmond to Tracy Tudryn, 5 Fox Run Dr., $322,600

Lafleur&Son Inc. to Dean H. Adam and Teresa A. Adam, Franklin Street, Lot 234, $75,000

Brian W. Kruse and Brenda J. Kruse to Brenden N. Normand, Jensen Street, $100,000

Jill V. Rutherford to Christopher Wherry, 3 Old Amherst Road, $865,000

Jill V. Rutherford to Christopher Wherry, 7 Old Amherst Road, $865,000


Maureen L. Borg to Jane Loechler, 71 Sugar Hill Road, $400,000


Irene Cloutier to James F. Loprete Jr., 16 Highland Ave., $321,500

Audrey E. Maney-Hernand to Sara M. Muller-Ravett, 58 Holyoke St., $245,000

David J. Strong Jr. to HRDD 56 LLC, 35 Oneil St., $1,550,000

David J. Strong Jr. to HRDD 56 LLC, 40 Oneil St., $1,550,000

Naresh K. Patel to Darshankumar I. Patel and Sonal G. Patel, 63 Plain St., $351,000

Burek RT and James M. Burek Tr to Penguins Unlimited LLC, 105 Pleasant St., $134,000

Ronmar LLC to 150 Pleasant LLC, 150 Pleasant St., $1,500,000

Maecar Realty Inc. to North Harlow LLC, 2-4 Pomeroy Court, $557,000

Stanley A. Jarocki II to Wish Granted Realty LLC, 8 Princeton Ave., $261,500

Furtek Adela C Est and Gloria Gagnon to Carolyn Gagnon and Paul M. Amos, 19-21 Saint James Ave., $150,000

Anthony Dicarlo and Beth Dicarlo to Matthew R. Connor, 5 Vadnais St., $272,500


Aaron M. Lombardino and Stacy Lombardino to Karoline C. Piedra, 109 Cold Hill Road, $337,000

Xingcheng Hua and Jennifer Shurtleff-Hua to Barry E. Levin and Alison M. Strack, 79 Easton St., $549,900

Bradshaw Charles R Est and Lynne T. Betterton to Austin L. Downey, 4 Lakeview Ave., $192,290

Alexander N. Rojas and Melissa A. Rojas to Kevin E. Haczynski, 109 New Ludlow Road, $275,500


East Street Commons LLC to Ellen S. Gallagher and John J. Gallagher, 23 E. Commons Dr., Unit 23, $459,500

Martha B. Izer and Randall E. Izer to Jenna R. Izer and Aaron R. Goff, 84 Mount Warner Road, $212,000


William A. Dufraine Jr. and Diane M. Lally to Rachael Doty-Volpe, 3 Plantation Road, $282,519


Olizarowicz Victor K Es and Stephen V. Olizarowicz to Viktor A. Seryi, 390 Homestead Ave., $180,000

Tracy A. Tougas and Greg Tougas to Randy J. Barrios and Christopher Oakley, 43 Laurel St., $199,900

Maksim Loboda to David Benedetti and Sandra Benedetti, 29 Lower Westfield Road, $222,500

Dower Paul W Est and Thomas E. Mcmahon to James Murphy and Ellen Dunn, 60 Madison Ave., $319,900

Barbara T. Smith to Bruce P. Ambuter and Betsy J. Ambuter, 225 Mountain View Drive, $405,000

Harborone Mortgage LLC to Vikram Budhraja, 440 Northampton St., $55,000

Eugene Vinyard and Starr Vinyard to Revampit LLC, 2 Orchard St., $157,000

Julia Roca and Gloria M. Acevedo to 3 Harps LLC, 64 West St., Unit 64, $40,000


Dennis W. Underwood to Stephen Nowak and Melissa L. Nowak, 112 Goss Hill Road, $322,000


Toro Barbara A Est and Christina A. Toro to Barry E. Bernard and Meghan J. Main, Chipman Road, $1,000

Christine A. Shields to Barry E. Bernard and Meghan J. Main, Chipman Road, $30,000


Mccutcheon Dev LLC to Nu-Way Homes Inc., Baker Hill Road, Lot 2, $125,000

Elizabeth R. Ever to Samantha R. Houston and Jasmine H. Hardy, 44 Evergreen Road, Unit 305, $161,100

Janet Mix Hemminger T and Helen Hemminger Tr to Casey Quinn and Sonja Drimmer, 20 Harrison Ave., $750,000

Lawrence P. Hunt and Euripedes DeOliveira to Eileen B. Okeefe and Thomas E. Okeefe, 35 New South St., Unit 205, $370,000

Rui P. Fernandes and Dorothy C. Morua-Fernan to Laurel Hootstein and Patrick Arbour, 372 South St., $250,000

Lydia Kann Nettler RET and Lydia K. Nettler Tr to Michael Kelso and Lisa Kelso, 66 Washington Ave., $805,000

Rauch Francis B Est and Susan E. Lavallee to Ed Jazab and Patricia A. Duffy, Westhampton Road, $52,500


Sue B. Warner to Marcelo Suarez-Orozco and Carola E. Suarez-Orozco, 118 South St., $702,500


Sarah E. Scibak to Shana Skubiszewski and Michael Skypeck, 12 Hillside Ave., $236,000

Tracy J. Tudryn to Stephen Linsky, 19 Landers St., $250,075

Donald Whelihan Jr. to Audrey Maney-Hernandez & Riley Maney-Hernandez, 32 Lawn St., $260,000

Diane M. Kuc and Eileen L. Roach to Jeremiah Shrum, 510 Newton St., $305,000

David L. Bergeron Jr. and Deborah L. Bergeron to Robin Sillars and Steven Grabowski, 22 North St., $230,000

Brian T. Dooley and Mirangeles D. Dooley to Jennifer J. Rivet, 10 Oak Ave., $270,000

Dolores T. Villeneuve and Michele Jackson to Stanley R. Jurkowski and Linda L. Jurkowski, 89 Pine Grove Dr., Unit 89, $359,000

Ryan D. Spahl to Nora H. Mariano and Jennifer M. Viets, 18 Sunset Ave., $250,000

Lisa M. Tomaszewski to Adam P. Battista, 15 W. Summit St., $222,500


Philip A. Roy and Gordonna J. Roy to Daniel G. Fanion and Amelia Fanion, 115 Crooked Ledge Road, $115,000

Roland Barbeito to Michelle K. Santangelo, 22 Mountain View Circle, $269,000


Romanie Abraham to Scott Seifel and Mary Seifel, 91 Babcock Tavern Road, $365,000

David S. Bruni and Alice L. Bruni to Theresa M. Bullock, 73 Beaver Lake Road, $290,000

Claire J. Kobis to Peter D. Lund and Leanne Lund, 22 Old Poor Farm Road, $300,000


Colby W. Canon to Jonathan M. Sullivan and Samantha L. Pingitore, 67 Ashfield Road, $260,000

Mary L Gerken-Newcomb R and Mary L. Gerken-Newcomb to Anne K. Wagner and Patricia A. Wagner, 2 Hyde Hill Road, $198,000


Edward Morgano and Amy K. Morgano to Benjamin Green and Russell Green, 6 Higgins Road, $255,000

Franklin County


Ellen M. Deluca and Douglas J. Kling to Andrew W. Misiaszek, 2050 Hawley Road-Ashfield and Hawley Road-Hawley, MA (Multiple towns), $265,000



Christiana Trust by attorney, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Trustee, by Attorney, Fay Servicing LLC, Attorney, to Paul Charles Vidich, 37 Williamsburg Road, $65,055.90

Leigh Trust, Marcia C. Evans, Trustee to Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity Inc., 638 South Deerfield Road, $1



Yan Yan and Qi Xiaoduo to George McCully, 6 North Hillside Road, $335,000

Laurence G. St Cyr “aka” Laurence St Cyr, Karen A. St. Cyr “aka” Karen A. Morey “aka” Karen Morey to Jill D. Medina Elizalde and Martin A. Medina Elizalde, 6 Stage Road, $371,500



Francine C. Kirley to David Hornstein and Joan Schaffner, 177 Cave Hill Road, $351,000


Paul Roud “aka” Paul C. Roud to Jacob Eli Messier and Nicole T. Messier. 250 West Pelham Rd. $440,000



Chanthava Chanthavong to, Robert L. Hesseltine Family Trust, Robert L. Hesseltine, Trustee, 146 Old Amherst Road, $250,000

Donald S. Mathison Trust Agreement, Douglas C. Mathison “aka” Douglas Mathison, Trustee to Nina Paige Dodge and Andrew Robert Garlo, 36 Reservoir Road, $306,500



Steven Robert Keyes Estate “aka” Steven R. Keyes Estate, Katherine Adams, Personal Representative to Nathan G. Bradley, 5 State Road, $247,500

Frances A. Symanski to John J. Symanski and Paul L. Symanski, 202 River Road, $1

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