Area property deed transfers

Published: 10/19/2020 6:23:26 PM


Wyman David S Est and Teresa C. Wyman to Mary M Mccarthy FT and Mary M. Mccarthy Tr, 61 Columbia Dr., $223,050

Ashley Carlisle and Andrew Trafford to Christopher E. Overtree and Heidi Z. Haghighi, 435 Pine St., $389,500

Henry Whitlock to Marjorie B. Rubright, 54 Pomeroy Lane, $425,000

Renee K. Conte and Thomas C. Conte to Elana S. Lopez and Alexander R. Lopez, 265 Potwine Lane, $750,000

Judith W. Solsken to Yurix D. Peralta, 19 Strong St., $335,000

David W. Dougan to Ian Hale, 10 Sutton Ct., Unit 10, $239,000

Jessica L. Fajardo to Amherst Office Park LLC, 441 West St., Unit 5, $50,000

Steven P. Abdow and Susan H. Abdow to Jacob Smith and Indira Sadhu, 174 Wildflower Dr., $558,000


Theresa M. Bullock to Victor E. Bodon and Jessica J. Bodon, 127 Aldrich St., $412,000

Michael K. Sawicki and Hilary N. Piquette to William J. Matthews III and Genevieve Ramos-Matthew, 86 Amherst Road, $297,500

Melissa A. Desautels and Mathew E. Desautels to Cathy M. Laskowski and Matthew T. Palmer, 37 Hamilton St., $410,000

J N Duquette&Son Const to Xingmei Liu, 56 Magnolia Lane, $449,000

Zachariah J. Johnson and Falon J. Johnson to David W. Dougan, 3 Martin Circle, $325,000

Steven F. Barrett and Brenda L. Barrett to Xin H. Lin, 40 Nathaniel Way, $415,000

Gwendolyn Prop Mgmt LLC to Andrea L. Loalbo and Randy Hoffman, 164 Railroad St., $345,000

Paul O. Brown to Gwendolyn Prop Mgmt LLC, 164 Railroad St., $309,000

Franklin P. Rose and Brooke R. Rose to Melissa A. Desautels and Gilbert J. Dacosta, 210 Sabin St., $385,000

Erin M. Martineau and Anne E. Ditzler to William C. Mohn and Margaret E. Hersey, 340 Warren Wright Road, $346,000


Stephen R. Katigbak and Sallie Welsh-Steele to Donovan Andru-Arthen and Anna Arthen, Trouble Street, $33,333


Andrew G. Tudryn and Kristina L. Tudryn to John N. Mccarthy and Denise M. Mccarthy, 64 Campbell Dr., $420,000

Shelley C. Thibodo to Robert D. Thibodo, 32 E. Maple St., $197,500

Richard Bligh-Oneil II to Todd C. Doebler, 211 East St., Unit 12, $279,900

Tricia L. Carey and Timothy E. Chilson to Adam Jaber, 19 Keddy St., $285,000

Elias R. Navarro and Heather L. Navarro to Kevin Bodley, 7 Lewandowski Ave., $313,500

Althea Zesk to Jennifer H. Platt, 8 Maine Ave., Unit 8, $215,000

Perry Nancy D Est and John C. Day to Robert A. Day and Anne M. Day, 4 Mayher St., $200,000

Kevin C. Netto and Christopher D. Childs to 131 Pleasant LLC, 131-135 Pleasant St., $650,000

David M. Brusco to Nicholas D. Duprey and Betty L. Duprey, 1-3 Terrace View, $245,000

Christopher C. Barcomb and Kaitlin E. Barcomb to Matthew A. Blumenfeld and Claudia Canale-Parola, 15-17 Water St., $325,000

Eue John G Est and Mary A. Bojko to Todd Sinclair and Jennifer Sinclair, 35 Westview Terrace, $315,000


Peter F. Lafogg and Joan C. Lafogg to Stephen P. Whittemore and Diane S. Whittemore, 50 Loomis Road, $462,000

Timothy J. Luce to Daniel E. Monahan and Dawn M. Monahan, 41 Pine Road, $112,500


Douglas A. Stellato and Kelly L. Tetrault-Stell to Great Bally Inc., 64 Aldrich St., $402,000

Edward S. Ogrady and Tara A. Ogrady to JJJ&Jay Inc., 276 Amherst St., $365,000

Robert J. Carr to Robert B. Alexander Jr., 25 Forge Pond Road, $245,000

Jennifer Sinclair and Todd A. Sinclair to Paul M. Carlson, 8 Lyn Drive, $239,000

Richard P. Hooker Jr. and Marie S. Hooker to Doug Parker and Laurel Parker, 122 Maximilian Dr., $500,000

United Methodist Chrch to Zachary W. Beswick, 131 North St., $225,000

Patricia A. Sanford to Jonathan T. Delagado, 37 Pleasant St., $193,000

Alan D. Champagne to Shane E. Fuller and Sharon A. Fuller, 6 Taylor St., $340,000


Donald R. Dion to Colin R. Szawlowski, 30 Middle St., $400,000


Clifford L. Billett Jr. and Deborah Timmons to Lizard 2 LLC, 60 Bridge St., $299,000

Wendy L. Barnes and Erin M. Casioppo to Hannah D. Collins-Wolfe and Kathleen A. Collins-Wol, 62 School St., $305,000


Brenda L. Parent to Carlos Penalbert, 192-194 Beech St, $258,000

John J. Lemoine and Leslie M. Lemoine to Melyssa Matos, 66 Berkshire St., $196,000

Kerry T. Osullivan and Mary E. Osullivan to Caroline I. Cotto, 20-22 Clark St., $315,000

Thomas Spring-Builder L to 4 Chimneys LLC, 300 Hampden St., $320,000

Lenny Sanchez to Michael Chatel, 2089-2091 Northampton St., $275,000

Jamal Alkattan and Olga Alkattan to Zeynep Realty LLC, 2213 Northampton St., $350,000

Rita A. Boucher to Tamara L. Prairie, 28 Richard Eger Dr., $230,000

Patricia Ridley to Brett M. Reardon, 214 Suffolk St., $123,000

Revampit LLC to Amelia Mosley, 324 W. Franklin St., $115,000

Owen J. Mclaughlin and Robert J. Dempsey Jr. to Myka Plunkett and Aaron Knapp, 25 Waldo St., $269,000


Donald E. Popek to Travis L. Hess, 30 Basket St., $150,000

Wiggins Charles S Est and Kimberly J. Griffin to Kenneth Waite and Lucinda Waite, 7 Bromley Road, $110,000

Todd G. Whitaker to Jeffrey A. Fickett and Cherie Fickett, 11 Mountain View, $235,000

David J. Pauze Jr. and Kenneth P. Pauze to Adam Southworth and Jennifer Bontempi, 131 Norwich Lake, $226,000


Marie A. Pease and Timothy B. Pease to Patrick C. Delaney and Sara H. Delaney, 83 Town Hill Road, $184,000

Vivier Edward V Est and Donna Vivier to Anthony J. Zepko and Janice C. Zepko, 20 W. Hill Road, $435,000


Shea Thomas M Est and Daniel P. Shea to Nu-Way Homes Inc., Baker Hill Road, Lot 3, $99,000

Laura Dushame-Dunphy and John B. Dunphy to Takehiko Nakamura and Maiko Nakamura, 310 Bridge Road, $350,000

Keegan J. Yentsch and Lisa Modenos to Laura E. Judd, 575 Bridge Road, Unit 1-5, $232,000

Christine M. Andrulis to Emme T. Hutchins and Kenneth W. Casagrande, 287 Brookside Circle, $232,000

Geraldine Templeton to Russell W. Fuller and Julia S. Fuller, 26 Cahillane Terrace, $215,000

Elliott RET and Daniel K. Franklin Tr to Kathleen C. Larsen, 48 Chapel St., Unit A, $265,000

Roy J. Giangregorio and Patricia C. Giangregori to Rilwan Meeran, 82 Coles Meadow Road, $899,000

Thomas H. Gelb and Kelly A. Maginnis to Karl R. Heston and Sharon K. Heston, 18 Conz St, $387,000

Pau Atela to Tara A. Goodrich, 186 Crescent St., $500,000

Chi C. Huynh to Laura L. Mcgrath, 80 Damon Road, Unit 4306, $108,000

Deborah Mcpartlan to Kristen R. Dangora and Melissa Dangora, 79 Drewsen Dr., $224,900

Ronald L. Lavigne to Deborah Weiss, 1 Florence St., Unit 5, $200,000

Neil A. Alper and Hannah-Lee Enright to David M. Hale and Joanna T. Hale, 27 Grandview St., $377,000

Nicholas M. Wojcik to Amanda Mcenery, 63 Hatfield St., Unit 8, $289,200

Sprecker FT and Shelley Steuer Tr to George D. Bissias and Elena P. Huisman, 19 Mann Terrace, $329,000

Catherine Weiss to Brooke W. Matuszko and Jonathan J. Hawkins, 963 Ryan Road, $251,000

Michael R. Banas and Qiu H. Chen-Banas to Rebecca Allen and Roland Ouellette, 332 Turkey Hill Road, $179,900

Gerald S. Cotter and Diane P. Cotter to Elizabeth I. Mccormick, 1388 Westhampton Road, $324,900


Jon C. Berube to Jerome A. Varriale and Maria Varriale, 13 Bray Court, $320,000


Mark E. Burdzy to Penny Dyer, 53 Alvord Place, Unit 53, $244,500

Jeffrey D. Lussier and Gretchen H. Lussier to Shannon Mitchell, 88 Boynton Ave., $241,000

Paul F. Ruel to Scott Sattler, 27 Dartmouth St., $205,000

Karen Turcotte-Lemay to Barbara Corrigan and Edward Corrigan, Pine Grove Drive, $251,000

Melissa A. Calhoun to Suzanne N. Keller, 20 Pittroff Ave., $350,000

Slobody Development Cor to Nigel Dallaire and Vanessa Rosa, 7 Promenade Way, Unit 7, $420,000

Jessica J. Bodon and Victor E. Bodon to Zachary Wallace and Margaret Wallace, 44 Searle Road, $238,000


New Union T and Michael J. Pancione Tr to Brian Smith and Jennifer Smith, 146 College Hwy, Unit 15, $130,000

Donald J. Mientka to Jonathan Mccarthy and Maureen Mccarthy, 20 Lead Mine Road, $399,000

Chester J. Kellogg and Susan Kellogg to Todd J. Barron and Andrea D. Barron, Pleasant Street, $185,000

R J Jr&M Henry T and Robert J. Henry Jr. Tr to Julie A. Leblanc and Ellen K. Cutler, 56 Russellville Road, $379,000

L M Balicki T and John T. Balicki Tr to Andrew G. Tudryn and Kristina L. Tudryn, 76 Russellville Road, $655,000

Edward H. Gwinner Jr. and Nancy K. Gwinner to Matthew J. Watkins and Catherine C. Watkins, 6 Sara Lane, $150,000

Bryan F. Osetek and Sarah E. Osetek to Chase A. Hoffman and Christine E. Carbary, 12 Strong Road, $257,000


Judith Eaton to Bruce D. Meekin Jr. and Diana I. Meekin, 51 Beaver Road, $394,000

Shelley J. Boudreau to Zachary Luxon and Sarah Luxon, 134 Church St., $250,000

Coffey Hill Prop LLC to Ronald E. Ellithorpe, Coffey Hill Road, Lot 46, $30,000

Securitized Asset Backe to Robert Lorrico, 140 Eagle St., $57,000

Paixao Properties Inc. to Sonya M. Willis, 83 Gilbertville Road, $291,000

Jacob D. Cayea to Paixao Properties Inc., 24-26 Walnut St., $130,000


David P. Zajchowski to Kirk E. Peterson and Christine M. Yario, 71 Edwards Road, $240,000


William R. Lockwood and Danna J. Lockwood to Anthony Parillo and Kelsey Battige, 51 Hyde Hill Road, $78,000

M H&R Hathaway T and Jane Hathaway-Swanda Tr to Robby Osullivan and Korena Schlegel, 14 North St., $440,000

Michael Fournier and Dawn Orluske to Martha J. Jones, 3 Walpole Road, $320,000


James Crane and Jennifer Crane to Lisa A. Garrigan and Peter E. Goonan, 467 Old Post Road, $227,000

Franklin County


Ragus LLC to Eric C. Grant and Suzanne Tromara, 46A Snowberry Circle, Unit 19A, Sugarloaf Condominium, $324,900

Ragus LLC to Marianne Wolslegel and Thomas E. Wolslegel, 46B Snowberry Circle, Unit 19B Sugarloaf Condominium, $324,900


Brenda R. Carey to Jessica C. Dufford, 274 Locks Pond Road, $93,000


Richard W. Strycharz, Jr., to Judith E. Miller Revocable Trust, Judith E. Miller, Trustee and Thomas C. McCurry, Individually, 117 North Plain Road, $365,000

Robert L. Bagdon, Catherine Matuszko and Janet Ogrodnik to Robert L. Bagdon. 106 Silver Lane/106 South Silver Lane/Silver Lane, $1

Thomas O. Leavitt to Robert L. Bagdon, 106 Silver Lane/106 South Silver Lane, $1

Julie Bagdon and Robert L. Bagdon to Julie Bagdon and Robert L. Bagdon, 106 Silver Lane/106 South Silver Lane, $1

Rains Realty Trust, Anita S. Rains and Wilson H. Rains, Trustees to Dorian Emily Block and Adam L. Wald, 432 Hadley Road, $575,000

Julie Bagdon and Robert L. Bagdon to Kitchen Garden LLC, 106 Silver Lane/106 South Silver Lane/South Silver Lane/Silver Lane, $245,000

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