Stephen Hartwell: Do UMass students even listen to WMUA these days?

Last modified: Monday, December 28, 2015
To the editor:

Ah, the insular world of academe (“Rethinking Campus Radio,” Gazette, Dec. 16). Only here could such a contretemps be made over who will be and will not be heard on the radio waves of a college radio station in the hills of western Massachusetts.

I never listened to WMUA religiously, but I did actually enjoy Max Shea’s “Martian Gardens” show and did enjoy hearing the odd show tune on Sunday afternoons if I happened to be driving.

I hope students Andrew DesRochers, Haley Chauvin, et al, enjoy the power they have come to wield quite successfully at WMUA. But I cannot think of anything of less significance to the actual age group of UMass students, they of the 24/7 phone addiction. Do they even know what the FM frequency band is? In the age of an overabundance of digital entertainment it was (relative) old fogeys like me that actually listened to WMUA. Those days are over.

Stephen Hartwell