So I was wrong ... a lot. A look back at my 2015 predictions

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There’s a really good reason I don’t gamble. I’m bad a predicting the future. Never more so than in my Dec. 31 column last year predicting what would happen in 2015.

But at least I’ll own it.

Here’s a look back at my guesses for what this past year was going to look like.

UMass will play Louisiana Tech in the Boca Raton Bowl — This prediction really set the tone for the whole column didn’t it. I was really predicting UMass would be in a bowl and showing off trying to pick which bowl and against who. It looks more than a little stupid now. Middle Tennessee played Western Michigan in Boca Raton. Louisiana Tech played in the New Orleans Bowl and UMass went 3-9.

The Red Sox will make the playoffs — There are people on Twitter who legitimately ask me for gambling information. They must not have read this column. The Red Sox finished six games under .500 and in dead last in the AL East. They were 15 games out of first place and eight out of the Wild Card. I missed by a lot.

Alabama will beat Oregon for the first College Football Playoff championship — Given my showing on the first two I should crow that I correctly predicted that Oregon would lose in the first playoff title game.

Rex Ryan will coach the Chicago Bears — Da Bills.

Jean Sifrin will be picked in the fourth round of the NFL draft — He didn’t get picked. Not in the fourth or any other round. In my defense he turned out to be a little more injured than I realized after the UMass season. I’d still like to see him get a shot somewhere.

The Red Sox will go into the 2015 season without adding another starting pitcher — Got this one right.

We get a little closer to eight teams in the College Football Playoff — This is a matter of opinion, but with no Pac-12 team in, I think we’re getting there.

Victor Cruz will thrive as opponents focus on Odell Beckham Jr. — Or he won’t play a single snap as he never gets healthy.

Kentucky won’t go undefeated — Call this one a win.

Hanley Ramirez will be a polarizing figure in Boston — I was right, but I didn’t exactly go out on a limb.

Rodney Mills will have a huge year for the UMass football team — He had a decent, but unremarkable season.

Tiger Woods will have one brilliant performance in a tournament that causes another run of “Is Tiger back?” speculation — Tiger Woods was as irrelevant as he’s ever been.

Johnny Manziel will continue speeding down the road to one of the biggest busts ever — Well this was spot on.

Tom Brady won’t start all 16 regular-season games — I made this prediction before we’d ever heard a word about “Deflategate.” I was almost right.

On Dec. 31, 2015, Donte Clark will be leading UMass in scoring — Not exactly right, but the spirit was on track. He’s evolved into a top-notch scorer.

The Bruins will find a way to make the playoffs — No. No they won’t at all.

The UMass football and basketball teams will each add an immediately eligible transfer — Hoop grabbed Antwan Space and football picked up Kelton Brackett.

Gonzaga will make the Final Four — Nope.

UMass hockey will show signs of promise in the second half of the season — Not enough to call me correct.

I’ll look back at this column on Dec. 31 and laugh. — Exactly correct. The most genius thing on this list.

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