ID: Musician Philip B. Price

Last modified: Thursday, October 08, 2015
Philip Price is a musician with the band Winterpills, and was also in the bands The Maggies, Memorial Garage and the Gay Potatoes. He has been a Valley resident since 1996, is married to Winterpills bandmate Flora Reed, and is dad to Ana and Thea. Upcoming projects include publishing a book of poetry sometime this winter and putting out another album (No. 7) with Winterpills.

Full name: Philip B. Price

Nickname: Anything but Phil.

Date and place of birth: Aug. 10 in Austin, Texas.

Town of residence: Hadley

Job: Musician, writer

Who lives under the same roof as you? Wife. Cats. Chickens. Dust mites.

Children: They were small once, I have proof.

Education: Expensive, pretentious, supposedly fun, kind of heartbreaking — (Bennington College, degree in painting and printmaking).

Hobbies: My hobby is my jobbie.

Book you’d recommend to a friend: Currently: “My Struggle,” Volumes 1—6, by Karl Ove Knausgård. Not at all a struggle to read. But I might also recommend this to an enemy, due to its absurd length and depressing subject matter.

Favorite movie/TV show/singer or group: Movie — “Wild Strawberries” (1957, Ingmar Bergman). TV — I love TV too much to choose. It’s nice out today. I think I’ll watch TV outside today. Singer or group — really? You’re asking a musician that? The short answer is Leonard Cohen. The long answer is The Minutemen. The medium-sized answer is Low. The annexed answer is the Beatles. The New Deal answer is Joni Mitchell. The Axis of Evil answer is Elliott Smith. I could go on, and I do.

Five things you can’t live without: I prefer to call them fingers, but yeah. My fingers.

Last thing you purchased just for fun: A leg of mutton

What’s at the top of your bucket list? Well, a new bucket for one, this old one is rusted out. 1. Buy a new bucket; 2. Climb Mount Washington carrying a bucket; 3. Stop trying to be funny; 4. Sell this VHS of “The Bucket List” my aunt gave me for Christmas — it was terrible.

Life-changing experience: Childhood changed me forever. Before that I was extremely naive.

Strangest job you ever held: Seriously — working for a psychic. My job was to make up things that he predicted and write articles about them for a pseudo-scientific newsletter. I was fired after he figured out I didn’t really think he was very psychic.

A little-known fact about you: I’ve been a sous-chef, a journalist and a dairyman. I sold fava beans to John Cage and butter to Bianca Jagger.

Dumbest thing you ever did: Drop my Super-8 movie camera into a pond while trying to film a cowboy epic at age 12. It died completely and I never recovered my filmmaking confidence.

One fashion you’d like to see return: Well, I’m pretty confident these puffy shoulder pads I’m wearing will eventually look good again.

If you could spend the day with a celebrity from any time in history, who would it be? Winston Churchill, for no other reason than we would probably be extremely uncomfortable around each other and the conversation would be so weird and full of awkward silences.

Best (or worst) advice you ever got? The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made. (Groucho Marx) Worst or best?

Favorite place to get a bite: Home, because I know where everything is and we seem to have four different kinds of salt.

What does your ideal weekend look like? Just like the week only shorter, more opinionated and with better hair.

One thing you would change about yourself: My body dysmorphia because this corset is really tight.

What gives you the creeps? Mirrors. Come on, everyone knows why.

People who knew you in high school thought you were: My brother’s weird little brother with the buckskin jacket and Farrah Fawcett hair.

Whom do you most admire? My dad, because he wasn’t scared of dying.

— Compiled by Brenda Nelson

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