Bill Diamond: Let’s expand solar power that can be sold to grid

Last modified: Tuesday, June 30, 2015

To the editor:

If you have solar cells on your home or business, “net metering” gives you a credit for electricity you don’t use and feed back to the grid. This makes it much more affordable to install solar.

Right now, the existing caps on solar net metering in Massachusetts limit the amount of electricity from solar panels an individual, business, or community can sell back to the electrical grid. These caps decrease the value of putting solar cells on your home or business. They slow down the growth of the solar industry in our state. Unfortunately, communities in Massachusetts are reaching or have reached the caps.

An Act Relative to Net Metering, Community Shared Solar and Energy Storage (S-1770 and H-2852), filed in the state legislatures by Sen. Jamie Eldridge and Reps. Thomas Calter and Paul Mark, raise or eliminate the caps on net metering of solar energy.

These bills also support community solar installations, which aid people who want decreased energy costs from solar cells when it is not feasible for them to install solar panels on a roof. These bills are being considered in the legislatures for the next couple of weeks. Please contact your state representatives to support these bills.

Tell them you favor raising or eliminating caps on net metering from solar and renewable energy sources. For more information, visit

Bill Diamond



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