In honor of David Letterman: Top 10 Most Important UMass Rising Sophomores

Last modified: Monday, September 28, 2015
In honor of David Letterman’s last show tonight, I decided to do a top 10 list. This is the top UMass rising sophomores, whom the most will be expected.

This is not a fair list. I’m more heavily weighting sports with more fan/reader interest. Field hockey’s Melanie Kreusch might be better at field hockey than anyone else is at their respective sport, but

Without further ado:

10. C.J. Anderson – This is a wild card choice. He barely scored as a freshman, but the coaching staff likes him, as a point guard, a defender and a leader. I wouldn’t be surprised if his role evolves.

9. Sha-Ki Holines – If the UMass defensive line can make a jump, the already optimistic Minutemen will be that much better. Holines has room to take a big jump after racking up 34 tackles and two sacks in nine starts.

8. Holly Turner – If the women’s lacrosse team had graduated more players, Turner would have been higher, but she won’t likely move into a full-fledged feature role until her junior year.

7. Trent Kindvall – How do you slot a diver among everybody else? I have no idea. So he’s at No. 7 for making the NCAA Zone Meet in two events.

6. Peter Lindley – The men’s lacrosse team struggled to find consistent scoring all year, Lindley looks like a guy that could deliver after scoring 17 times as a rookie.

5. Meg Colleran – Colleran looked like a potential ace at times, but she was inconsistent. If she can harness her ability, UMass’ resurgence could be built on her shoulder.

4. Cierra Dillard – The women’s basketball team showed signs of shaking off the doldrums that have encompassed it for over a decade. Dillard looks like a future star.

3. Melanie Kreusch – Not only did she lead UMass field hockey in scoring (10 goals, four assists), but the dual American/Belgian citizen is playing for the U.S. Under 19 national team.

2. Dennis Kravchenko – It wasn’t Frank Vatrano or Brandon Montour that led the UMass hockey team in scoring. Unlike those guys, Kravchenko is coming back and will be counted on heavily if the Minutemen are going to make a jump.

1. Donte Clark – The men’s basketball player showed enormous potential last year and looks like a future star. If he can build off last year, he has all-conference potential.