Matt Levin: Citizens United ruling must be overturned

Last modified: Thursday, September 25, 2014
To the editor:

I have a message for Republican senators and fellow voters:

I understand the difference between democracy and plutocracy, as I suspect you do. And I understand that plutocracy’s good for those — ”the 1 percent” — running it, and, as I’ve witnessed in recent years, not so hot for the rest of us.

Sadly enough, I understand our nation’s not been much of a democracy for a long time. That’s a shame and national disgrace. The Citizens United ruling is the United States government’s way of declaring, as is attributed to Marie Antoinette, “If they haven’t any bread — let them eat cake.” This did not end well for Ms. Antoinette; I’d wish the GOP-led Congress would take heed, as so many of us lack the bread to buy the cake.

Senators: Your body must vote “yes” the joint resolution to overturn Citizens United. And voters: Remember who shut down the government, who threatens this again, and who it was that sold out the nation.

Matt Levin