Tattoo Tuesday: Jovan Santos-Knox

Last modified: Monday, February 16, 2015
Despite not having one myself, I'm kind of fascinated with tattoos. I've often referenced a player's ink in my stories and have writted full-length tattoo features on Lari Ketner and Rashaun Freeman. I think they offer an interesting window into what's important to someone.

So every Tuesday on this blog this season, I plan on showing a tattoo from one UMass athlete and asking them to tell the story behind it. History will show that junior linebacker Jovan Santos-Knox was the first player ever featured:

It's a tribute to his mother Julia Knox. It's worth noting that she's still alive because sometimes a cross represents, a tribute to someone who has passed. Not true in this case:

"It’s for my mom. It’s a tribute to her. I’m a mama’s boy at heart. i wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She did everything for me. When we had nothing she was there to provide everything. I love my mom.I look down at her name Julie on it and I know what I’m working for." - Jovan Santos -Knox