Camp Superlatives II - Best basketball player and what sport would you play if you couldn't play football

Last modified: Thursday, February 12, 2015
Last week at media day I asked 16 Minutemen the same 11 mostly fun questions, about their teammates and football in general:

Best Athlete on the Minutemen?Funniest Guy on the team?Best looking guy on the team?Best Singer on the team? Best basketball player on the team?Smartest player on the team?Favorite UMass Sport to Watch? If they couldn’t play football what sport would they play?Who has the best car on the team?If they could play a game in any stadium, which would they chose?Who is going to win Super Bowl?

Some questions had runaway winners. Others were hotly contested. Voter intimidation was rampant as many players openly campaigned to be chosen.

You can find the players' answers to all these pressing questions here over the next several days.

Best Basketball Player: Tajae Sharpe

Sharpe playing in high school in a picture from NJ.com

Sharpe got seven votes to pull away from the field. Elgin Long had four and Randall Jette and Jovan Santos-Knox had two each. Vondell Langston couldn't decide and split his vote:

"It’s a tie between me and me," said Langston, who voted for himself in almost every category.

Senior Dan Maynes was just glad the team was playing football not basketball and abstained from choosing.

"Nobody - We’re all awful."

If you couldn't play football, what sport would you play: Basketball

UMass OL Tyrell Smith (50) playing basketball in high school in a PressofAtlanticCity.com pic

This was a close race. Basketball got seven votes to narrowly adge baseball's six. Soccer got two votes and wrestling, track and golf got one vote each.

"If I was good at baseball, I would say baseball. That looks like a relaxing sport.There’s millions in that if you’re good at it." - Junior cornerback Randall Jette