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Susan Monahan has lived her entire life in Franklin County; she grew up in South Deerfield back in the day when, she says, “you could run through your neighbors’ yards without being arrested for trespassing.”

In addition to being a certified public accountant, she works in the fitness field. She says she loves to challenge herself with goals that other people think are crazy, and prove to herself that she can reach them. Since turning 40, she has competed in two half-Ironman triathlons, several sprint triathlons and road races. In 2013 she decided to complete 13 half-marathons — the number seemed appropriate. She actually completed 17 half-marathons and one full marathon, and says she had an absolute blast doing it. She says she is amazed at the capabilities of the human body — plus, she has a thing for medals.

Full name: Susan (Magelinski) Monahan

People know you as: Sue, Susie, Mags

Date and place of birth: Feb. 11, 1967, Greenfield

Address: Whately

Jobs: Certified public accountant, working as controller at M.J. Moran Inc. in Haydenville; certified fitness instructor at Northampton Athletic Club; certified Pilates instructor/certified P90X instructor; independent Team Beachbody coach; USA Triathlon certified race director; director/founder of Whately Police Triathlon; race director/founder of The Western Mass Mother’s Day Half Marathon; owner of Monahan Trucking LLC in Whately

Who lives under the same roof as you? My husband of 25 years, Brenden, and my two sons. Kyle, 18, and Joel, 16

Education: Bachelor’s degree in business administration, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 1989

Pets: Two cats, Tigger and Bear

Hobbies: Anything fitness. Running, biking, swimming, P90X3, Pilates — it goes on and on

Favorite movie/TV show/singer: Movie — “Beaches”; TV show — I like “NCIS” but TV really doesn’t excite me; singer — I love Bruce Springsteen (These answers are showing my age, I think)

Something you can’t live without: I have a 32-ounce plastic water bottle that goes with me everywhere, I wish I could find another one like it. Peanut butter — I think I’m addicted to the stuff

Last thing you purchased just for fun: My Hippity Hop Ball. My kids are usually mortified when I bounce by, which makes it even more fun

What’s at the top of your bucket list? Going to Turks and Caicos. I just need to go there

Life-changing experience: Having my sons. I could never imagine loving someone so very much. I still look at them as miracles

Strangest job you ever held: I was a telemarketer, selling those coupon books one summer. It was actually fun

Your current Facebook status: Health is the most underrated state of being

A little-known fact about you: I am a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed three weeks before the first WMA Mother’s Day Half Marathon. How ironic that I picked Cancer Connection to be the cause of that race prior to that diagnosis. I have joked with the CC folks and said — I should’ve picked a bank or a lottery store. I might be rich. Kidding, totally kidding

Dumbest thing you ever did: I did a sprint triathlon during a thunderstorm. I kept thinking, this is something I tell my kids to never do — as I pushed my bike into the middle of this big field, by a giant lake, to hang it on a metal rack with bolts of lightning coming down. So stupid

One trend you’d like to see return: I wish people would unplug or set limits on their use of technology. People are so engulfed in texting and teching they are missing life right in front of them

What really sets you off? Drivers who do not slow down or move over for runners or bikers. Where do they need to be that they are willing to kill one of us on their way? Also, negative people — the ones who say they can’t do something without even trying — stop it. Try. Most people can do anything, they just have the wrong attitude

If you could spend the day with a celebrity from any time in history, who would it be? My dad was my hero and that tops any celebrity status. To have one more day with him would be awesome. He was such a kind and honest guy, who would drop anything for his family, especially his grandsons

Best advice you ever got? From my dad: He always told me I would be the first woman president and I could change the world. I dislike the workings of politics and would never want to be president, but I believe I can change the world; I can make a difference

Favorite place to get a bite: For dinner: The Whately Inn. It’s consistently good. For munchies: Rafters in Amherst or The Toasted Owl in Northampton. Love the atmosphere of both

Favorite athlete: Dale Earnhardt Sr. He was a hardworking, dedicated-to-his-sport kind of guy. Without him, NASCAR is just not the same

What does your ideal weekend look like? Friday night at a truck pull watching Kyle. An early morning Saturday half-marathon with a cool medal. Saturday afternoon at Monadnock watching Joel race and Sunday at home with family and friends cooking out by the pool

One thing you would change about yourself: I need to say no more. Just because I believe I can do almost everything, doesn’t mean I really need to

People who knew you in high school thought you were: Outgoing and a little hyper

Whom do you most admire? My husband. He is my ultimate superhero. The hardest-working guy I’ve ever met as well as the most talented. You know the saying “jack of all trades, master of none?” He is absolutely the master of all trades. Yet he puts me and our boys first

Parting shot: Attitude is 99 percent of the ballgame. Be positive and be happy. Take care of your health

— Compiled by Brenda Nelson

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