Mike Wegzyn considering a return to UMass

Last modified: Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Former UMass quarterback Mike Wegzyn said Charley Molnar's dismissal opened the door for him returning to the Minutemen next year.

Wegzyn, who announced his intention to transfer shortly after the season, said Thursday that 'd like to see who the new coach was before making a final decision.

"I heard about that. That's definitely going to be another option now. I'll take that into consideration," Wegzyn said. "That hardest thing for me was walking way from the guys on the team. I had such a good relationship with them, everyone at the school, all the administration and the fans. I love the school. I'm proud to be a Minuteman. It made it really had to make the decision to move on.

It's an avenue I'm going to keep open and look into," Wegzyn continued.

Wegzyn was glad to hear the news.

"I was glad to see it. i think it's going to be good moving forward for the program. I'm excited for the whole school that they're taking things seriously and moving forward with the next best step."