BLOG: D'Metrius Williams 2.0 - Still fun, more focused

Last modified: Friday, February 07, 2014
A year ago, UMass cornerback D'Metrius Williams showed some moments of really promising cornerback play, but his claim to fame was tweeting during halftime of the Minutemen's loss to Bowling Green.

Williams owned up to the mistake at the time and was a good sport about the wisecracks at his expense about it.

Now a sophomore, Williams expects to be a better player, but hasn't entirely squelched the energy and love of Twitter.

"I’ve kind of toned it down a little bit. More play less talk. I’ve still got it in me. I’m more focused on the task at hand. You have to work when you can work and play when you can play," he said Tuesday. "A good season will definitely bring out a more energetic me. But I’m just focused on the task at hand which is beating Wisconsin on Aug. 31."

He thinks he'll be a key part of a good Minuteman defensive backfield.

"I feel like I’m a lot further ahead than I was in year one. Coach (Greg) Burns has done a good job picking us up from where Coach Burris left off. We always have to be technique sound with our eyes hands and feet. My eyes, hands and feet are so much better than there were as a freshmen," he said. "There’s a lot of great receivers in the nation, but we feel like we can go up against any receiver on any team if we use good technique and do what Coach Burns teaches us every day."