Annie Fortnow: Criticizes ‘reckless’ Republican tax plan

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Published: 11/27/2017 9:52:05 PM
Criticizes ‘reckless’ Republican tax plan

There is little to like in the GOP’s tax plan. While the plan cuts taxes for the very wealthy, it increases them for middle- and low-income Americans, contributing to even greater income polarization in our country.

This in and of itself is unacceptable, yet there are some aspects of the tax plan that are particularly concerning. As a recent college graduate with student debt, I look forward to the opportunity to go to graduate school, and, if I’m lucky enough, I can obtain an assistantship that includes a tuition waiver and a small stipend.

If this tax bill is passed, I would have to pay taxes on my tuition benefit, putting me further into debt. This takes away the incentive for people to want to go into doctoral programs and perform research that could ultimately benefit our country.

In addition, the plan would repeal the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate on health insurance, leaving 13 million people without insurance while increasing premiums for those struggling to pay for their coverage.

All this, while cutting taxes for large corporations and the richest 1 percent of earners. This plan is reckless because it gives large tax breaks to those who need it least at the expense of everyday Americans​​.

We need a plan that allows low- and middle-income working people to be afforded the same benefits from our economy and tax system.

Annie Fortnow


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