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John Stifler: Sky hasn’t quite fallen after UMass football loss

To the editor:

I am a big fan of Matt Vautour’s sports writing. I’ve met UMass football coach Charley Molnar several times and have enjoyed his lively conversations. The two UMass football players I’ve taught recently are among he sweetest, most reliable and conscientious students I’ve had the pleasure to know.

Given Monday morning’s front page headline about UMass’ football loss Saturday, however, I think perhaps a member of the UMass community ought to reassure readers that, although our football team got beat this weekend, the university is not actually on the brink of collapse. No giant hole has opened up on North Pleasant Street in Amherst and swallowed the buildings, the students and the faculty. Classes are continuing. We still offer degrees. We even have a few students in computer science and polymer chemistry who do not even know how many points you get for a field goal. We’ll be OK. Besides, we got beat by the University of Maine, a state with a horribly depressed economy and lots of people who deserve cheering up. On top of that, Maine used to be part of Massachusetts anyway, so we can count it as win if we want to.

John Stifler



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Thank you!!!!!! Good lord, these people need to get some perspective.

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