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Amherst Select Board candidates debate The Retreat student housing project

While I'm happy to see that local growers can once again count on the Market Basket business, am I the only one who finds it disturbing that they would rather let the produce rot in the field than "waste" money harvesting it? Would it have been a waste to harvest it and donate it to those in need? ...(full comment)

After six weeks without orders, area farms thrilled to be shipping produce again to Market Basket

It's too bad that the owner of the dog never stepped forward so that the girls did not have to have rabies shots. They are really painful - my daughter had to have them twice when she was young. I hope they recover, both physically and emotionally. ...(full comment)

Amherst seeks help finding pit bull terrier which bit two girls on Crocker Farm School playground

This is spiraling out of control. Thank god we have secure borders in case we need to close them. Thank god we have a possible treatment due to a for profit genetic engineering (GMO) drug company based in the US. CDC Director: Ebola Outbreak ‘Is Spiraling Out Of Control’. http://atlanta.cbslocal.com/2014/09/02/cdc-director-ebola-outbreak-is-spiraling-out-of-control/ ...(full comment)

Experimental Ebola drug heals monkeys in study

good question. ...(full comment)

Couple causes disturbance at Herrell’s in Northampton, throws ice cream in direction of staff

"I scream, you scream..." ...(full comment)

Couple causes disturbance at Herrell’s in Northampton, throws ice cream in direction of staff

Were they yelling about "teebooo" and "cawwwk"? If so, I know who it is! ...(full comment)

Couple causes disturbance at Herrell’s in Northampton, throws ice cream in direction of staff

if it only 600,000. to keep children safter for 20plus years, keep the sidewalk on one side all the way, or maybe speed bumps at the two crossing points to slow speeding cars useing pine st. for a short cut,plus walk on the side walk at state st. to no. amherst, can not walk it for over grow weeds and cars parking on side walk.[rental-houses]! ...(full comment)

Pine Street in Amherst will have sidewalk on both sides to avoid expense of moving utility poles

"The rear end of the car was crumpled into the backseat." Sounds like they got hit hard from behind, which would suggest the involvement of a second vehicle. ...(full comment)

Backstory: Charges likely in Amherst accident that injures two as car nearly strikes house

I would be too! Surplus is OK,for Highway &Agriculture.& Hilltown . Fire & Police need State of the art,w/training of that Equipment,by the manufactuerer.Surplus is what it is ,Unkown to the user,unless formerly millitarly familiar. I do Agree w/Chief Bruce&Russ about there doubts. I have in the past supported both depts, and ther programs , ...(full comment)

Area police officials lukewarm about surplus military gear programs flagged for review by president