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We don't want medicare for all. We don't want socialized medicine or a single payer system. Look at the VA - thats what you get with that model of health care delivery. An unresponsive government bureacracy that wastes enormous amounts of taxpayer money, is bloated and inefficient and in the end may kill you from neglect. No thanks! And no thanks to Obamacare. ...(full comment)

Fran Volkmann: Berwick would help state shape ‘Medicare for All’

Maine is likely to keep its GOP governor. Connecticut is painted red by most political websites. Gov. Malloy is going to lose there to a Republican according to most polls (thats why the TV ads by Malloy we see on CT TV stations are getting so nasty - he's going down big time). It would be great if we can make MA a red state too. Baker is only a few points behind Coakley in the recent polls (about 7 points). She is not unbeatable - even though the government labor unions who depend on her for freely spending tax dollars and the radical environmentalists will start spending soon big time to push for her. ...(full comment)

GOP’s Baker stockpiling money in race for governor

Very nice editorial about the new library in South Hadley---but you got the addresses wrong. The old library was on Bardwell Street. The new one is at 2 Canal Street. ...(full comment)

Editorial: South Hadley invests big in knowledge, community

Excuse me, CathyEtheridge, do you know Sara Weinberger? Do you know that she used the services of a travel agent, stayed at a hotel (perhaps had you actually read her article, you would have seen the word "apartment"), bought clothes, has or has not visited Gaza or the West Bank or has provided must needed and appreciated support to many in her chosen profession? Perhaps the person you speak to in your rants is what you wish to believe an American Jew to be. Perhaps you are too angry and frightened to allow yourself to learn otherwise. Perhaps she works for justice while you jump in to assign blame. Before you next open your mouth, please open you eyes and your mind. ...(full comment)

Sara Weinberger: A visit to family home the Holocaust took away

Sort of amazing that they are just now finding more damage to this section of I-91. Deterioration like this suggests that this bridge, and others like it on I-91, need to be inspected on a more frequent basis - so that damaged sections don't require emergency repairs. Maintenance needs to be performed before this bridge deteriorates to a point that requires an "emergency repair." ...(full comment)

I-91 repair needs another two months Additional deterioration found on bridge over Route 5

They couldn't find the damage the first time they looked at the bridge? ...(full comment)

I-91 repair needs another two months Additional deterioration found on bridge over Route 5

Thank you for your kind thoughts. Lesléa ...(full comment)

Leslea Newman: One morning at 7:14 — a mother who knew her time to go

While it may well be true that the cost is high, I suspect that there is a compelling longer term calculation that considers the revenue that this sort of infrastructure may come with. It is worth noting that many locals biking in the area know the route over the tracks but it is not clear or obvious. However the first time I biked the path I tried to follow the signs and got lost on King Street. Making this clearer could quite reasonably lure more affluent cyclists downtown to one of Northampton's quite nice bars and restaurants. More so when Northampton because the nexus for high quality bike paths running to Florence, Easthampton, and Amhearst. Moreover as a matter of larger public safety an easy and clear pass (one that parents might let there children take) will keep bikes off of King street and main street since there will be easier ways to pass the area. Lastly on the level of local commerce, as wmassnation noted there are plenty of business on King street that find them selves inconvenient to the sort of person who simply does not believe it safe to walk across railroad tracks regardless of the proclaimed safety. I am sure there will be some residents who will be happy to walk or bike to locations on King street that now they drive to and in doing so strain the parking and traffic infrastructures that at peak hours are clearly not sufficient. Certainly it is a large cost and perhaps even unreasonably high. However the argument for building the infrastructure improvement in general seems to be a fairly clear and wise choice. ...(full comment)

Marc Warner: Planned $2.25 million rail underpass in Northampton wastes public money

Couldn't Obama show some respect for this American who was brutally murdered by terrorists and just NOT golf for one day on his vacation? Shows you the kind fo person he really is. I know I wouldn't have run off to the golf course. Show some respest Mr. President. "Obama spoke from his vacation on Martha's Vineyard and played golf immediately after delivering his remarks" http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2730122/The-entire-world-appalled-We-relentless-Obama-vows-punish-ISIS-beheading-American-journalist-James-Foley-said-stood-stark-contrast-cowardly-killers.html ...(full comment)

Executed journalist James Foley remembered by former UMass colleagues for warmth. compassion

I doubt that any reasonably intelligent man believes that Israel is judged differently than other nations because Israel is Jewish. Nor will you have much luck in the future convincing others of this, although it has worked well for you for the past 66 years. Israel is judged differently than other nations because Israel has behaved differently and its bad behavior has been sustained for a very long period of time. Israel was created in 1948 by the murder and removal of the Palestinian people who had been there for thousands of years, when Jews simply weren't interested in Palestine. (Although they did quite well in other parts of the Ottoman Empire.) Then in 1967 Israel gained control over the people that it had displaced in 1948. Since 1967 Israel has imposed a brutal occupation on the Palestinian refugees that they themselves created. Israel has pretty much had its way with the occupied people imposing arbitrary detentions, home demolitions and Jewish settlement building on occupied land. The occupied people have no army, no navy and no air force. So, whenever Israel uses force against the Palestinian people, it is using force against defenseless people. Rockets from Gaza are ineffective homemade rockets created by people under siege. They are more a protest than a weapon. So the main facts that make Israeli war crimes different are the fact act that they have been sustained for 66 years and the fact that they are committed against occupied people. ...(full comment)

A Gaza exchange: Gazette guest columnists debate issues of international law

This IS a local business purchased, renovated, owned by someone living locally, and which will employ a number of staff from around the area. Like Matt’s Florence location, it will also pay local taxes and rent to a local landlord. Working nearby I frequent Matt's Subway in Florence; it is always clean, the service is great, and he has had little turnover in staff over the past 3 years...meaning he also treats his employees well. If paying local taxes, running a good business, paying rent to local landlords, and employing local staff that spend their money in the area is not a positive "local" business, then I don't know what is. ...(full comment)

Florence Subway franchise owner Matthew Baca to open new restaurant in downtown Northampton

"who believe too much affordable housing is being built in New City" - it is not that too much affordable housing is being built in the neighborhood, it is that the majority of the affordable housing is already located in Precinct 2 which is THIS neighborhood and there are currently NO SERVICES or BUSINESSES in this neighborhood for the families that are there now. There is already a strain on the community - all of the "vocal" members of the neighborhood who spoke out against the 69 Parsons project were all working-class home-owners, may of whom are already struggling to make ends meet. The DENSITY of the parsons village project was what we were opposed to (and many still are), in addition to building on a wetland, with poor design and attention to detail. Diverting the attention to opposition of affordable housing is a cheap trick - we were very much FOR affordable housing with a HUMANE approach - packing us in like sardines with no services is unacceptable and economic segregation in 2014 should also be unacceptable but someone was paid enough to let this one slide through. shame on you. ...(full comment)

Editorial: A new future for Parsons Street School

From the Statue of Liberty: "Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" This attitude is why people wanted, and still want, to come to the U.S., although it's diminishing here dramatically. We're becoming one of the lands with "storied pomp" ...(full comment)

'It’s appalling people...are being denied attorneys' Bar group sending Northampton lawyer to New Mexico to help immigrant children