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I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet pup. Our small dog was grabbed by a coyote a few years back, but we were lucky enough to stop the attack and she only had puncture wounds on both hips. We then lost both of our 11 year old cats within months of each other. Hubby put up a hunters camera and indeed proved we have coyotes! I too have been trying to spread the word of the dangers of the coyote population getting out of control!! ...(full comment)

After loss of dog to coyote, Hadley couple spreads word on dangers

but you keep coming back..... ;-) ...(full comment)

Cambodian lawmaker released following arrest, protests

Snicker snicker indeed. I didn't even have to open the link, genius. The URL ends with Who_cares.jpg. Hard to be witty when you don't have a pair of brain cells to rub together, isn't it. ...(full comment)

Cambodian lawmaker released following arrest, protests

The United States does not control Israel. We can pressure them, but Israel is an independent, financially and militarily strong country that makes its own decisions. It will take significant concessions from the military wing of Hamas (disarmament, recognition of the right of Israel to exist) before there can be any kind of peace. The Palestinians are unfortunately caught between a rock and a hard place. ...(full comment)

Israel invades Gaza

It is up to the American people to end this conflict. It won't end until the U.S. tells Israel that we will not continue to pay for their settlement building on the occupied land of Palestine; nor will we continue to foot the bill for their blockade to Gaza. Somehow we have to get control of our government back from the lobby. Until we stop supporting the occupation and siege, of course, the occupied people will periodically rebel; of course the people under siege will try to lift the siege. ...(full comment)

Israel invades Gaza

The senate is lost. Its almost a sure bet it will go red this fall. I'm heading to the Holyoke Mall right now actually to pick up an AT&T wifi hotspot. I'm so tired of my DSL from Verizon. So many problems with Verizon. Definately will be heading to Hobby Lobby while at the mall to spend some money there if I can find something worth buying. I would assume by now only men work their since most women would feel like an indentured servant working for such a horrible company that denies them their basic human rights. Thats fine with me because I will flirt with any male cashier I can. ...(full comment)

George Goodwin, Rhoda Honigberg: Huge stakes in upcoming election

actually, there is no copay for birth control under Obamacare... ...(full comment)

Charles LaPiene: Liberal reaction to Hobby Lobby 'hysterical' 'Why place the burden on me for their choice?

Hobby Lobby is in the Holyoke Mall- please boycott them on Sundays - they are closed to let the employees have a day of rest in accordance with the owners standards. Horrible company - not open on Sunday when people are out shopping... ;-) ...(full comment)

George Goodwin, Rhoda Honigberg: Huge stakes in upcoming election

Another whiney lib wanting to suppress the rights of others because of their discomfort. Legal use of property - deal with it... ...(full comment)

Legal gunfire rankles Williamsburg neighbors

So if the memo had merit would you have supported sending it? Even if it may have :damaged" Mr. Shabazz's reputation? Secondly, you seem concerned that the memo drew "even more attention to the student". So your solution to the comment by Mr. Shabazz would be to sweep it under the rug to protect the student? ...(full comment)

Amherst officials fight bid to discuss, possibly 'disavow' Shabazz memo; Regional School Committee to take up issue today in Pelham anyway

Has anybody stepped up in Amherst and said they will take in the illegal children whose parents are sending them to invade our country so the parents can ultimately get in downt he road? Amherst should proudly state they want at least 1000 of these illegal soutern border invaders relocated there. Has a letter been sent yet to the Governor by town administrator Musante? Anything less would be racist. Maybe kick it up to 2000 to make up for the other racist things happening in town lately. ...(full comment)

Amherst school panel reverses reprimand of Amilcar Shabazz over use of ‘racist’ term for student

While I no longer live in Northampton and haven't for many years, grew up there and spent many many hours at Forbes, it is a beautiful building situation makes me so sad, thankful it wasn't much worse. Best wishes with the cleanup and restoration. Barbara Bak ...(full comment)

Latest damage estimate from Forbes Library arson between $100K-$150K; restoration work expected to take about three weeks

With apologies to Garry Brown of "The Republican" : Just sitting and wondering if Undersecretary Sylvia will be invited to speak at the Solarize Amherst celebration on the 29th. More than a few of the 174 residents might be interested in his explaining support for H4185 that caves in to the utility lobbyists and effectively torpedoes the financial assumptions of their recent significant and long term investments in the program. ...(full comment)

New law casts shadow on small-scale solar