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Reread the article. All your questions are answered. ...(full comment)

Double fatality victims identified as Edward D. and Brittany D. McGrath; possible crash cause cited in court records

According to the today's Boston Globe - Baker now leads Coakley. Maybe a tidal wave against progressive democrats is really building. A triple play in New England - Maine, Connecticut and Mass will have governors who are on the people's side in 2015. And Scott Brown - only 2 points behind that lap dog 99% votes for whatever Obama wants and a BIG supporter of Amnesty for Illegals - Senator Sheehan in NH. http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2014/08/28/baker-catches-coakley-new-poll-shows/E9TjCDPnGt0S4KrupRED7N/story.html ...(full comment)

GOP’s Baker stockpiling money in race for governor

Gazette, Please let us know if the SUV driver was texting, drinking, or drugging. Every day we all encounter these super-human morons who think they could text at highway speeds. Please, State Police, attack this with fury beyond the drinking checkpoints--- distracted drivers are killing innocents daily. ...(full comment)

Double fatality victims identified as Edward D. and Brittany D. McGrath; possible crash cause cited in court records

Even if I don't agree with this, I have to remember that I live in a town that does. ...(full comment)

Northampton Mayor Narkewicz will sign executive order prohibiting police from turning over illegal immigrants

I do not know Mr Tucker but at the recent meeting of the planning board on July 30th, which I attended, I noticed comments that seem to raise similar concerns to those alluded to above. When the board seemed to be moving to a discussion of the illegality of the zoning for the Retreat he forcefully intervened in the discussion to divert the issue. He did so by raising the the legal argument,at the time, out of the blue, that Attorney Bard was defending the Town's position against Save Historic Cushman in land court and suggesting to the board that they would be remiss if they continued the discussion when town counsel was publicly taking the position that the retreat was legal. It seemed to me, at the time, that he clearly had his own agenda and, at least in this case, was using his position, to foster it. I felt he was stepping over the line and inappropriately interfering with the boards authority and mandate and flow of the discussion. Perhaps I am mistaken but it seems to me that Mr. Tucker's job is to run his department and to present , as clearly as possible legitimate facts relating to any project under discussion; all the facts, not selective ones which might favor a position that he holds. Neither Mr. Tucker, nor Attorney Bard have any authority in this decision. Attorney Bard has a conflict of interest in this matter and should not be commenting on the planning boards process. Mr. Tucker, has a privileged position as the head of town planning and a responsibility to be professional and accurate and complete in his presentations and to respond with his opinions only if directly asked to do so. I would add this observation to the above concerns and suggest that these concerns be pursued rather than dismissed by the town manager. ...(full comment)

Amherst Town Meeting member John Fox raises questions about ‘misrepresentations’ by Planning Director Jonathan Tucker

Its been 14 years since I moved to McDonald House after becoming disabled with Multiple Sclerosis . In that time , I have come to respect John for his tireless dedication to those in need of a safe home . Your retirement is well deserved !! ...(full comment)

Northampton Housing Authority Executive Director Jon Hite to retire in February

Hysterical! ...(full comment)

First Person: Groundhog Day

I've walked by that bookstore many many times. I thought it was only for children's books but this article doesn't say anything about that. Maybe they should have marketed it as a bookstore in general rather than a children's book store? ...(full comment)

World Eye Bookshop closing store in Florence on Saturday

Thank god for the development of the 24 hour live television so as to watch the police not practice brutality during an actual unnecessary riot. ...(full comment)

‘Stop moving or we’ll shoot’ Rosa Clemente of Amherst describes her first night in Ferguson, Missouri

Please, Bush spent his entire presidency on the ranch and golf course. Funny how the conservatives weren't complaining about that. Obama takes a short summer vacation and suddenly they are all foaming at the mouth over it. ...(full comment)

Executed journalist James Foley remembered by former UMass colleagues for warmth. compassion

It would have been a nice spot for a local business, but try to keep in mind: 1. Prior tenant was a local business that couldn't make it there. 2. Franchisee wasn't given exclusive first dibs on leasing the property--a potential local business had an equal opportunity to set up shop 3. Though Subway itself is an international franchise, it is owned and operated by local franchisees. I wish this guy the best of luck, but have a hard time believing it won't take away from the operators of the Subway on King Street. ...(full comment)

Florence Subway franchise owner Matthew Baca to open new restaurant in downtown Northampton

test reply ...(full comment)

lannetta’s double in 9th lifts Angels over Bosox