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Don't like being pummeled, don't elect terrorists as your leaders and definitely don't shoot rocket artillery at a more powerful neighbor. ...(full comment)

Vijay Prashad: Impunity for Israel’s bombardment of Gaza

"We have a moral obligation to assist Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala in taking back their nations from drug gangs." Really? So you are sugesting that we abandon the war on drugs within our own borders but spend resoures to help other contries fight that same battle? We spend more money trying to be the world's police that we do on our own police. Why is it the job of the United States to fix these other countries while we continue to fail to fix our own? I understand the moral argument, but there is a hypocrisy here that "we know best" when in fact we do not. Lets keep dropping billions of dollars on these other countries while major cities like Detroit implode and our own Springfield continually appears in the annual Most Unsafe Cities list. It is wonerdful that a Honduras Drug lord was put out of business, but I still cannot not walk safely around downtown Springfield after 6pm.... ...(full comment)

Clare Higgins: Nation must abandon ‘War on Drugs’

Sorry mis spoke, what was meant was the events ...(full comment)

Easthampton’s Popcorn Noir becomes The Platinum Pony with new mission but same spunky attitude

Don't get your hopes up it will be done anytime soon! Look at the bridge on 91 headed to Greenfield. It has taken them around 3 years to get the new lane constructed in the median so they could even start fixing the bridge up there!! ...(full comment)

Editorial: No exit from I-91 project delays

One-sided rants like this are a big part of the problem. There is a lot of propaganda around that attempts to sway people to support Israel or to condemn Israel mostly through the selective use of facts and a lot of outrage. It doesn't help in painting a way to resolve a shifting, complex issue. The original letter writer's comments, which I found to be interesting and insightful, are too nuanced for this type of black-or-white response. ...(full comment)

Sara Weinberger: Loving our way out of Mideast war

How can any ethnic group embark on a 67 year campaign of ethnic cleansing of other peoples' land and still expect the world to see them as victims. Israel should stop "defending itself" by forcing defenseless Palestinians off their land and building settlements on the stolen land. Israel should stop "defending itself" by imposing a brutal occupation on the Palestinians with armed thugs breaking into people's homes in the middle of night and dragging away people not charged with any crime, in a program they call "administrative detention": a detention that can last for years. The homemade rockets being launched harmlessly on southern Israel, began in response to the hundreds of administrative detentions that Israel imposed on the Palestinians. They are a whimper from an occupied people. In short, if Israelis want sympathy, they should stop being war criminals. Israelis should stop viewing themselves as "God's Chosen People" and start viewing themselves and others as just people. They should stop doing to other people what they would not like being done to themselves. Here's an idea: if Israelis don't like homemade rockets falling harmlessly on their land, they should end the brutal blockade on Gaza and allow the people to buy food and medicine, building supplies and fuel. They should stop holding the Gazans prisoner in their own land. And if Israelis really want the rest of the world to like them, they should stop bombing homes, schools, and hospitals. Try this for an exercise: next time you see a Palestinian woman crying over her dead baby, imagine that the woman is an Israeli. Imagine the compassion you would feel. Then try to train yourself to view the Palestinians with the same humanity that you would extend to an Israeli. Once this is done, perhaps you will stop expecting the world to see a moral equivalence between the inconvenience experienced by some southern Israelis when they have to go to a shelter, and the and the murder and destruction experienced by the Palestinians. ...(full comment)

Carrie Hemenway: Abhors violence on both sides but Israel must defend itself

Tim Pruner drove in two runs with a single, not one as the story states. He also pitched, coming in with the bases loaded in the 4th and none out. A grounder back to him started a home to first double play and he struck out the next batter. In the 5th, he walked two and struck out two, given up an 2 unearned runs. Your story has Zack Kelly pitching the last three innings. Kelly pitched the last inning only. ...(full comment)

Amherst Legion falls to Greenfield, sets up must-win game Saturday

I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet pup. Our small dog was grabbed by a coyote a few years back, but we were lucky enough to stop the attack and she only had puncture wounds on both hips. We then lost both of our 11 year old cats within months of each other. Hubby put up a hunters camera and indeed proved we have coyotes! I too have been trying to spread the word of the dangers of the coyote population getting out of control!! ...(full comment)

After loss of dog to coyote, Hadley couple spreads word on dangers

but you keep coming back..... ;-) ...(full comment)

Cambodian lawmaker released following arrest, protests

Snicker snicker indeed. I didn't even have to open the link, genius. The URL ends with Who_cares.jpg. Hard to be witty when you don't have a pair of brain cells to rub together, isn't it. ...(full comment)

Cambodian lawmaker released following arrest, protests

snicker snicker.... gotcha ;-) ...(full comment)

Cambodian lawmaker released following arrest, protests

"at near" Pulaski park? C'mon editors! ...(full comment)

Silas Kopf: Why are barrels still only solution at near Pulaski Park

If you REALLY didn't care, you probably wouldn't have posted anything, you silly little self-made victim. ...(full comment)

Cambodian lawmaker released following arrest, protests