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When South African apartheid ended, they had a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Calling for love without truth is nonsense. The truth is there were virtually no Jews in Palestine for almost 2000 years. The Jewish migration from Palestine to the trading centers of Europe began before the time of Christ. Browse through the New Testament, read about the travels of Paul of Tarsus and look at where his letters are addressed. Read a history book, by 135 AD, there were virtually no Jews in Palestine and that absence continued for 1810 years. Even after Jews were invited into the Turkish empire after the expulsion from Spain, they settled in other centers of the Turkish empire and prospered there, but few settled in Palestine. By 1900, there were still almost no Jews in Palestine. What happened to the Palestinians in 1947 and 48 was not a partition; it was an invasion. Golda Meir was a war criminal. Jews have to face up to this fact. If they cannot or will not face up to this fact; there will never be peace. The rest of the world knows this. Thanks to the internet, the Lobby is even losing its grip on the American people. In the long run, Jews, must offer an apology and compensation to the Palestinians if they want to hang on to any portion of the land of Palestine. The Jews have demanded and are still receiving compensation from the Germans, but they have never given a nickel of compensation to the Palestinians. It is as if money means more to Israel and its supporters than peace does. The settlements mean more to Israel and to its supporters than peace does. And the ethnic cleansing of Palestine is Israel's ultimate goal. Your talk of "love" while land grabs are still going on ridiculous. It is the ultimate hypocrisy. In the short run, controlling the narrative has been very advantageous to the Israel. In the long run, it is not an eye for an eye; by focusing only on their own propaganda, Israel and its supporters are blinding themselves. ...(full comment)

Sara Weinberger:

Another question to ask... why didn't the representative of MassDOT say anything about the "camp train" when he made his presentation to the Northampton Passenger Rail Advisory Committee on June 18th? Don't be surprised if the camp train is still there next week. The Norfolk Southern crews as of today have "only" made it as far as Hatfield as of today. (they started working south from Greenfield on July 7th). They need to get to Springfield before their part of the project is done. The next surprise... the limited amount of available parking for rail passengers at the location where the Northampton station platform will be built to the south of Union Station. ...(full comment)

Wishing that train would leave the station

"Should our society continue to view death as a failure and, thus, distinctly un-American?" I would like to know in which "society" President Pasquerella lives. This is the first I have heard of death being considered "un-American." I reject this characterization of my fellow citizens, especially those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, and resent the implicit slur against Americans who take pride in their citizenship. ...(full comment)

The Dignity Project: Mount Holyoke President, medical ethicist, Lynn Pasquerella: A challenge to idea that death is un-American

While I no longer live in Northampton and haven't for many years, grew up there and spent many many hours at Forbes, it is a beautiful building situation makes me so sad, thankful it wasn't much worse. Best wishes with the cleanup and restoration. Barbara Bak ...(full comment)

Latest damage estimate from Forbes Library arson between $100K-$150K; restoration work expected to take about three weeks

With apologies to Garry Brown of "The Republican" : Just sitting and wondering if Undersecretary Sylvia will be invited to speak at the Solarize Amherst celebration on the 29th. More than a few of the 174 residents might be interested in his explaining support for H4185 that caves in to the utility lobbyists and effectively torpedoes the financial assumptions of their recent significant and long term investments in the program. ...(full comment)

New law casts shadow on small-scale solar

Republicans already lost the hispanic vote for 2016. We know conservatives parties are preventing the President from any reform. ...(full comment)

Carl P. Leubsdorf: GOP’s trouble with Hispanic vote in 2016

For the past year, there have been numerous articles about the saturation of casinos in the northeast, including the New England states. The two casinos in Ct are reportedly "struggling" this year as business has declined. How is MA going to support their casinos? ...(full comment)

Trump casino closing in NJ

I used to be on the celebrations committee in a town in eastern MA for several years - we had events going July 4 from 7 am to the fireworks and Atlas always did them. They always did a wonderful job back then, it's really a shame if someone in the company is now shorting the very customers that keep them in business and are taking advantage of other companies that are bidding correct counts. After hearing this, I don't think I could trust them again. ...(full comment)

Greenfield presses probe of fireworks company

Did anyone say there would be no co pay for birth control? I don't recall that...Some insurances don't cover pregnancy either. Is that OK with you, too? ...(full comment)

Charles LaPiene: Liberal reaction to Hobby Lobby 'hysterical' 'Why place the burden on me for their choice?

To be clear, the Northampton Family Fourth Committee has had no issue with Atlas Pyrotechnics in the 4 years we have used them. The finding of stray shells is not uncommon and is not a reflection of the professionalism of the company. When stray shells were found, Atlas was extremely helpful in creating a plan moving forward to ensure more timely recovery of any shells on the ground. We also have not withheld final payment for our fireworks; it just makes sense to get the final report back from our contact at the NFD prior to sending that payment. I hope all parties are able to resolve the issues to their satisfaction; it seems that Atlas is doing what they can to own their mistakes and make them right. ...(full comment)

Not enough bang for the buck: Fireworks firm reimburses South Hadley, Greenfield for shorter displays

Opposition to fracking may cause the democrats to lose the Senate this fall. Yesterday Sen. Udall in Colorado, who is in a tight race for reelection, came out against a vote to ban fracking in his state. Also the Gov of Colorado came out against it. Both are in very tight races. Actually the last poll to come out yesterday by Marist (a liberal polling group) has Udall behind Corey Gardiner, the republican. The democratic governor is also behind in many polls. I predit the Senate goes to the republicans. We are about 100 days out now from the Nov election. They will pick up 7-12 Senate seats, Colorado being one of them. Also it looks like Rand Paul could beat Hillary. Can you see it - 2016 - President Rand Paul, the largest republican majority in the house ever and a republican Senate. Maybe then we can fix the mess the progressive socialists got us into. http://washingtonexaminer.com/how-fracking-is-making-colorado-democrats-quiver/article/2550922 ...(full comment)

Gubernatorial candidate Berwick says no to Tennessee Gas Pipeline project

Yet another "head in the sand" tactic by the VA. Please join us by writing to your legislators now. ...(full comment)

Leave no man behind: Belchertown veteran fights VA for crewmates after peacetime Agent Orange exposure at Westover, other bases

No matter what the bail is eventually he will serve a sentence and then be back out on the street. He needs to go to a hospital that can give him the treatment that he needs. ...(full comment)

Update: Man accused of Northampton library arson, Hadley cayenne pepper attack, lost his Easthampton home to fire earlier this month