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my daughter just graduated from smith vocational and she has cmt disease in her hands and legs and has ADD learning disability and she graduated with a 3.0 from that school and is going on to college. so smith school is a great school. for those who want to learn ...(full comment)

Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School changes graduation requirements

Hi Lynne -- How did I miss this the first time around? (Thsi time via Chris.) My very bad -- would Miley say that? I don't really know her, but you're making me curious. Good to hear your original and humorous voice. Continuous happy spring. -- M. ...(full comment)

Lynne Bertrand: What spring can reveal if we remember to look, listen

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Amherst Select Board candidates debate The Retreat student housing project

Title IX makes that impossible. And for the record, this ground breaking social engineering plan has been the singularly most successful endeavor in US history (behind Emancipation of course). ...(full comment)

Robert N. Brooks: Support for UMass football raises several questions

As someone who attended the meeting last night, I think the debate is once again misrepresented and reduced in the above to a conflict between folks who want no disruption to their status quo and those who advocate for more affordable, smaller-footprint, energy-efficient housing for more people. But that is a divisive, outlying argument formed on the margins of the larger discussion. Most of us are more concerned with a synthesis of those two distinctions, and want to see it written concretely into the new zoning ordinances and not simply left up to the discretion of a planning board whose perspectives (and personnel) may change over time. Although the increased traffic and congestion that will surely follow in the wake of greater density may indeed be the most critical issue in forming these development standards—as its consequences will affect streets and roads and interchanges throughout ALL wards—the purpose of the meeting was to see if we could get some of our many unanswered questions addressed, and to figure out a more collaborative mechanism for public engagement in this process. For example, if there is evidence of the due diligence on citywide impact, why hasn’t that been effectively conveyed to the public? To that end, in addition to the discussions sponsors, Councilors O’Donnell and Sciarra, it was good to see Councilors Klein, LaBarge, Dwight, and Adams in attendance. All of Northampton is our back yard. ...(full comment)

Residents air concerns about increased traffic resulting from large residential developments near downtown Northampton

Ban the dogs, or leash amd muzzle them. Many dog owners live in a fantasy land and think their dogs are sweet and loving and will respond aggressively only to a hostile situation. From observation I conclude that most dogs are very social, love and want to please their owners, but are virtually untrained. They are operating on instinct and their owners have very little control over them, especially off leash. If their predatory/defensive instincts are triggered they will behave in an aggressive fashion as that part of their brain overrides any direction from an owner or handler. This is why dogs should be restricted around a school, a place where children are required to be. ...(full comment)

Unreasonable? Dogs banned from Amherst school grounds after students bitten; online petition seeks to overturn measure

The Sox lost in '86. If the kids terrorize the town, arrest them, fine them, send them home for mommy to finish raising. ...(full comment)

Editorial: As a new school year starts, UMass consultant still labors

woops - Amherst not Noho - often get them confused - both prefer nannies to adulthood... ...(full comment)

Unreasonable? Dogs banned from Amherst school grounds after students bitten; online petition seeks to overturn measure

Interesting. The only dog biite injury was caused by a dog that was not with or under control of its owner. There have not been other incidences of dogs with their owners biting or harming children. The dog in question has not been located, nor has it's owners. Northampton already has a leash law requiring dogs to be under the control of the owner. So.... follow my ttrain of thought here... the injury to hte children would have been prevented if there had been a ban on dogs on school property?? because of course, the owners would have kept their dog away?? This rule is like much of the post 9/11 crap, the gun control crap, etc - it only restricts those people that are willing to follow the law in the first place. Life has risks - one of the bigggest is that people don't follow all the laws. Hold them responsible for the laws that they violate, but don't restrict the behavior of the ones that do follow the law. This rule is another example of a nanny state gone wild... ...(full comment)

Unreasonable? Dogs banned from Amherst school grounds after students bitten; online petition seeks to overturn measure

All college sprots should be required to be self sufficient, independent of student tuition and fees. UMass football isn't even entertaining, they stink. The athletic department is under the ridiculous impression that they are relevant to the scholastic excellence of the school. Let's have the Isenburg School of Business do an analysis for them to show how little they contribute to an education,. and how much they add to the cost... ...(full comment)

Robert N. Brooks: Support for UMass football raises several questions

The world does not rotate around the children in school. Today's kids are overstimulated by electronics, and don't go to bed at night. Since parents are the ones paying for school (and affected by increased busing costs) and are the ones that would have to change their schedules to support a later start time - let's actually follow the parent's wishes. Unless you also want to have nanny government mandate later start times for workers so that they can helicopter their children to school and events. School start times were originally based upon agriculture. While agriculture is no longer the driving force to school schedules, parents work and finances are a main factor to keeping them as they are. Send the little brats to bed at night, shut them off facebook at 10, and they will get some rest... ...(full comment)

Robert M Abrams: State should mandate a later school start time

Actually, both the US Constitution, and the Massachusetts Constitution allow voters to seek redress of actions by the elected representatives by petition. The MA version is: http://www.mass.gov/ago/government-resources/initiatives-and-other-ballot-questions/initiative-petition-process.html and the US version is explained at: http://www.law.cornell.edu/anncon/html/amdt1efrag7_user.html I signed the petition so that the PUBLIC could vote on it. Elected representatives are as hard to replace as wealth is to equalize. I believe that this is a perfect example of what should be voted on by the people. ...(full comment)

A. E. Harazin: Doesn’t believe there should even be a vote on casinos