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We don't want medicare for all. We don't want socialized medicine or a single payer system. Look at the VA - thats what you get with that model of health care delivery. An unresponsive government bureacracy that wastes enormous amounts of taxpayer money, is bloated and inefficient and in the end may kill you from neglect. No thanks! And no thanks to Obamacare. ...(full comment)

Fran Volkmann: Berwick would help state shape ‘Medicare for All’

Maine is likely to keep its GOP governor. Connecticut is painted red by most political websites. Gov. Malloy is going to lose there to a Republican according to most polls (thats why the TV ads by Malloy we see on CT TV stations are getting so nasty - he's going down big time). It would be great if we can make MA a red state too. Baker is only a few points behind Coakley in the recent polls (about 7 points). She is not unbeatable - even though the government labor unions who depend on her for freely spending tax dollars and the radical environmentalists will start spending soon big time to push for her. ...(full comment)

GOP’s Baker stockpiling money in race for governor

Very nice editorial about the new library in South Hadley---but you got the addresses wrong. The old library was on Bardwell Street. The new one is at 2 Canal Street. ...(full comment)

Editorial: South Hadley invests big in knowledge, community

Please, Bush spent his entire presidency on the ranch and golf course. Funny how the conservatives weren't complaining about that. Obama takes a short summer vacation and suddenly they are all foaming at the mouth over it. ...(full comment)

Executed journalist James Foley remembered by former UMass colleagues for warmth. compassion

It would have been a nice spot for a local business, but try to keep in mind: 1. Prior tenant was a local business that couldn't make it there. 2. Franchisee wasn't given exclusive first dibs on leasing the property--a potential local business had an equal opportunity to set up shop 3. Though Subway itself is an international franchise, it is owned and operated by local franchisees. I wish this guy the best of luck, but have a hard time believing it won't take away from the operators of the Subway on King Street. ...(full comment)

Florence Subway franchise owner Matthew Baca to open new restaurant in downtown Northampton

test reply ...(full comment)

lannetta’s double in 9th lifts Angels over Bosox

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lannetta’s double in 9th lifts Angels over Bosox

I applaud Rosa for her courage. Rather than pontificate from a keyboard, she went into the thick of it to see for herself and I have no doubt that her experience was as frightening as she describes. I was serving in the military in 1968 at the time of the Chicago demonstrations and later was in college during the Kent State killings. I remember these and other events very well, so I would just point out that the police brutality Rosa describes was by no means unprecedented, as the article suggests. But as for the Amherst issue, I don't feel qualified to express an informed opinion. As a white male who does not reside in Amherst, it would be pretty stupid of me to comment. ...(full comment)

‘Stop moving or we’ll shoot’ Rosa Clemente of Amherst describes her first night in Ferguson, Missouri

Gag me a spoon. Ferguson in Amherst. LMAO. Shhhh, hear that flapping, that's your credibility flying out the window. ...(full comment)

‘Stop moving or we’ll shoot’ Rosa Clemente of Amherst describes her first night in Ferguson, Missouri

So in other words Obama wants to give high tech companies the ability to bring in hundreds of thousands of lower paid technology workers from the 3rd world who will work for less money so they can displace American workers making more money. Talk about a war on workers and the 1%. Thank you Mr. President. ...(full comment)

Obama weighs broader move on legal immigration

Nice article, Ken. Hope I can get to the show next week. ...(full comment)

Ken Maiuri’s Clubland: Who knew? Johnny Memphis has a band

I would have gone with the possessive form of the plural noun: "Amherst Schools' Leaders" rather than "Amherst schools leaders". But that's just me. ...(full comment)

Amherst schools leaders say they are determined to ease racial tensions this school year

There has been no work done on this project since the DOT set up their giant jenga game almost 3 MONTHS AGO. If the problem is this severe, why is the road open at all? The ramp does not need any repairs so the damage must be to the bridge. Why is it safe for vehicles to drive over this section? ...(full comment)

I-91 repair needs another two months Additional deterioration found on bridge over Route 5