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But the point you miss about Gilead and Sovaldi is that it was invented in America by a for profit company. It was not invented in a country with socialized government run health care as most medical advances are not since there is little incentive to improve things in a government monopoly. Your world would have everybody die from hepatitis C and AIDS. Gilead also makes the most common retroviral drug that allows millions of HIV+ people to live. As long as somobody did not make a profit. Furthermore - the profit Gilead makes is shared with the millions of shareholders of Gilead - people like you and me though investments in our 401ks and as individual investors. Its called capitalism and it works better than socialism. To quote Dame Thather "You would rather have the poor, poorer, provided the rich were less rich" Here's the video of Margaret Thatcher on Labor party socialist policies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHA7YXsu110 ...(full comment)

Jonathan Klate: Left cold by ice bucket challenge

Thanks for this article. More ultimate stories and photos, please! Two weeks after the World Junior Ultimate Championships in Lecco, another Amherst native and ARHS grad went to Lecco and won a gold medal at the World Club Ultimate Championships. Emily Baecher played a key role on the Seattle team, Riot, that not only won the women's championship but also took home the top Spirit award. ...(full comment)

World Junior Championships an ultimate experience for Amherst pair

There are many justified concerns, that Gary has pointed out, and I also realize there are some very nice people that have come here illegally. In saying that, I have to disagree with the Mayor's choice on this. What one needs to realize is that there is a process in place to come over to our great country legally. In this process there are many measures that our government takes to ensure (not always 100% effective, but more so than not) those coming here are documented as well as looked into for intents of becoming an American citizen. There is also one very strong point that needs great attention, many of those that come over here illegally come from countries that do not inoculate against a variety of diseases as well as we are not inoculated against them. The CDC has many guidelines for prevention of diseases, and when one comes over here illegally they are not tested for or against diseases. It only takes one infected person to spread and cause a disease that is a silent killer. The Mayor has increased the chances of this happening by turning a blind eye on those who are here illegally. And just to be clear, I do not have an issue with anyone wanting to come to our country, but we do have processes in place, and they are in place for a reason. Do these process need to be reviewed and improved, yes. The mayor in lieu of disregarding the law, should spend his energy and time in helping to make our laws and processes more accessible for those to come over legally. ...(full comment)

Northampton Mayor Narkewicz will sign executive order prohibiting police from turning over illegal immigrants

According to Wikipedia, Easthampton is now tied with Milwaukee for number of active breweries. The Milwaukee breweries are Miller, Lakefront and the Milwaukee Brewpub. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_breweries_in_Wisconsin ...(full comment)

MAP Fort Hill Brewery in Easthampton releases first beer as a third brewery takes shape on Pleasant Street

Probably the same probability that someone would bomb the Boston Marathon or fly planes into the WTC. Since there are about 6 billion impoverished people in the world lets have open borders and let all and any who can fly or walk to this country in. Haven't you ever heard of legal immigration? Stop making it comfortable for those people to come here illegally. Its wrong that the mayor is making N'ton a sanctuary city. You certainly cannot deny that drug gangs are coming in over the border and crimanl elements. Just look at whats going on in Mexico. The coutnry is a basket case. ...(full comment)

Northampton Mayor Narkewicz will sign executive order prohibiting police from turning over illegal immigrants

gary, that's highly unlikely. I've tutored immigrants who take English courses in Northampton, and they're wonderful people who happen to have had the misfortune of being born in impoverished countries, the luck and fortitude to come to the US to find work and help their families, and the great good fortune to work with caring people in our community who welcome them, teach them English, take care of their medical problems, etc. The great "terrorist threat" is something that corporate-owned media uses to divide groups of people and keep us all living in fear. As the business of corporations is to exploit resources all over the world, it's in their interest to keep people from seeing each other as human beings. ...(full comment)

Northampton Mayor Narkewicz will sign executive order prohibiting police from turning over illegal immigrants

Very proud of our community and of Mayor Narkewicz for taking this stand. Immigrants are far more likely to be the victims of crime than the perpetrators of crime, and everyone should be able to feel safe coming to the police. Thank you to Just Communities, Iglesia Quechua Bautista Nueva Vida, and First Churches! ...(full comment)

Northampton Mayor Narkewicz will sign executive order prohibiting police from turning over illegal immigrants

I am frustrated as well... that we are, once again, resorting to outnumbering one another rather than listening to each sides' concerns and working together to solve problems. Polarization is easy; true democracy (forging equitable partnerships) is hard. Which do we want for our children? ...(full comment)

Editorial: Casino vote challenge: sticking to the facts

Quit whining folks. Do you want the bridge fixed properly or not? If the damage is more extensive than originally thought, that's just how repairs often are, especially when maintenance has been deferred. ...(full comment)

I-91 repair needs another two months Additional deterioration found on bridge over Route 5

I am so frustrated that my tax dollars are paying for this to be on the ballot again that I will certainly be voting in favor of the casinos. I already thought about it and evaluated it last time around, and now I'm sick of hearing about it. Our state needs jobs and revenue! ...(full comment)

Editorial: Casino vote challenge: sticking to the facts

Great story. ...(full comment)

First Person: Groundhog Day

I have been unable to print a copy of this for my file - most of it is printed over something entirely different. A Grandmother ...(full comment)

Art People: Chloe Feldman Emison | pen-and-ink artist