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What would be really great would be for the city of Nton to give the Round House to the LGBT community for a gay/sexual minorities museum/education center. We don't need any more skating rinks, canoe ramps, organic playgrounds or bike paths. Lets honor the gay history of Nton. Stand up Mayor Nark and be counted on the right side of this issue. ...(full comment)

More than 1,000 support gay community at UMass rally, countering five from Westboro Baptist Church

Thank you for an actual intelligent response .Very unlike some of the guilt trips letters people have been writing, saying I wrote things I never did. Thanks for actually reading what I wrote and the best to you and your parents. ...(full comment)

Stephanie Pick: Aging parents letter shows lack of understanding

Now we aren't being quite truthful are we. The Anti-klan rally was really a march by the Communist Workers Party and the group was looking for trouble. I in no way support or condone the tragedy but lets not sugar coat it. You can learn more by reading the report from the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission. ...(full comment)

Local doctor says man accused of gunning down three in Kansas Sunday conspired in death of her husband in 1979 “Greensboro Massacre”

Scott Merzbach, who usually does such a good job of covering Town of Amherst meetings, missed a very important proposed change: the discontinuance of bus service to the southern mile and a half of East Pleasant Street: service currently provided by the #37 bus which in the proposed plan will be discontinued. There are two low income, elderly and handicapped apartment complexes on the portion of East Pleasant Street which is slated for discontinued bus service. These are Chestnut Court and Village Park. The possible loss of this service deserves discussion and public awareness. I spoke about this last night, perhaps I didn't speak loudly enough. I had maps which I made myself to show the service which will be missed. I wish Mr. Merzbach had asked for clarification if he needed it. ...(full comment)

Residents urge bus link to Amherst Survival Center

One of the other things to be aware of is financial advisor fees. I just read a good post about this on the site Retirement And Good Living, which provides information on many retirement topics. How the financial advisor is compensated can affect your bottom line. ...(full comment)

Retirement advice for the non-millionaire

I disagree Mr. Steve Herrell, I think this issue will fade away if you stop bringing it up again and again... ...(full comment)

Steve Herrell: School start-time issue in Northampton will not just fade away

It is sad that this is a reality for so many people, but there are those who are trying to help. Hospice and Palliative Care practitioners at all levels of training believe that there can be dignity as life nears its end, and that a person's wishes for care should by the highest priority. Although it is true that none of us can know exactly when death will come, I disagree about the inability to choose a place of death. People CAN die at home, if that is what they want, but they must know how to make this wish known, and they must understand that with choices come consequences. ...(full comment)

The Dignity Project 2014: Dying not necessarily the biggest fear, loss of autonomy may be worse

With all due respect to the organizers, the most effective response to the Westboro Baptist Church is to ignore them. I was vacationing in Provincetown one summer, when they decided to visit. Community leaders suggested ignoring them. The showed up, stayed about 20 minutes, and left as soon as it was apparent there was not going to be a media event. The one TV news truck that showed up left without filming, and WBC got nothing for their efforts. ...(full comment)

Counter protest planned for anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church’s expected picket in Amherst Wednesday

I'm a little confused. You drove from your home in Southampton to the Big Y in Northampton to save a few bucks? You might want to clarify a little because in my mind I'm thinking you spent those extra $$ in gas....? ...(full comment)

Dick Benoit: It pays to check prices at various supermarkets

I'd like to thank the Gazette for setting this up for a dialog to take place on the communities submissions. I find it unfortuante that there are very few places where real dialog actually takes place without having attacks or put downs, In Stephanie Pick response "shows lack of understanding" I am a little confused for on reading your response - I thought that Peter Smolenski said many things that you state, that there are many different circumstances that require many different actions in the hopes to meet the needs of the situation. What I liked about Peter's statement was that he was doing the best he could to honor his mothers request to stay home. He never said that he wouldn't at some point have to make a decision to seek some other ways to support and take care of his mother. But I think he was pointing out that our present society too quickly pushes the elederly off instead of taking in which some see as a "sacrifice" that many do willingly and yes sadly fewer are making this "sacrifice". I don't say this lightly for one does sacrifice ones own interests to take care of someone else. I am facing the same decisions with my parents and it is a balancing act to honor thier wishes and their safety and comfort. It's not easy but I honor anyone who takes care of their family members. ...(full comment)

Stephanie Pick: Aging parents letter shows lack of understanding

Enough with the 'Fire Chief Walter "Tim" Nelson' in your style guide. How about just Fire Chief Tim Nelson, as it his well-known common name? Same reason that George Herman "Babe" Ruth is not used. ...(full comment)

Three men arrested after Amherst assault in which victim hospitalized with facial injuries

I would like to see a study done that measures the effects of ongoing pressure to change the school start time on the mental health of those in charge of trying to balance school budget, plan transportation, and decide school start times. I know it stresses me out just reading about it time, and time again. It is like listening to a child who won't take no for an answer. I used to feel pretty strongly about changing the school start time. Now, I'm so sick and tired of hearing about it, that I just don't care anymore. I do believe we have reached the point of beating the dead horse. ...(full comment)

Steve Herrell: School start-time issue in Northampton will not just fade away

Purport is an interesting choice of word. Go back and read what I wrote. I NEVER Wrote "the only good option for elder care is for adult children to keep their parents at home rather than utilize a nursing facility." Show me where it says that? ...(full comment)

Stephanie Pick: Aging parents letter shows lack of understanding