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Try shop.gazettenet.com ...(full comment)

Daily Deals debuts Tuesday on GazetteNET

I don't know if it's me, my computer or what, but I usually have difficulty getting the gift certificate web page. I've been looking for it for a half hour tonite, and have the daily special, but still do not find the Gift Certificate Store. What's wrong? ...(full comment)

Daily Deals debuts Tuesday on GazetteNET

When will we lose a life because all of Amherst's Ambulances are busy chauffeuring drunks????? ...(full comment)

Man receives severe head injury in fall from bicycle near the University of Massachusetts in Amherst Saturday

She was also a huge Republican who couldn't stand the Obamas. Didn't she recenlty compare Michele to a transexual and she said Obama was gay? Maybe they put out a contract on her. http://blogs.wsj.com/peggynoonan/2014/09/05/joan-rivers-the-entertainer/ ...(full comment)

Comedian Joan Rivers dead at 81

good idea. He serves the honor!! ...(full comment)

Rich Szlosek: The Northampton ballplayer who went far: Stu Miller

I agree. He deserves the honor!! ...(full comment)

Rich Szlosek: The Northampton ballplayer who went far: Stu Miller

“I do not plan to comply with the rule on Friday,” said the recipient of the 'Parents Setting Good Examples For Their Children' Award. ...(full comment)

Unreasonable? Dogs banned from Amherst school grounds after students bitten; online petition seeks to overturn measure

Enjoyed the piece on Stu Miller. It would be great to name an athletic field after him. ...(full comment)

Rich Szlosek: The Northampton ballplayer who went far: Stu Miller

Thank you, Lee and your family, for sharing with us the raw honest facts and experiences of your transition. Many of us will stand on the shoulders of courageous and open individuals like you. ...(full comment)

On her terms: Lee Hawkins dies peacefully - as planned - in Northampton home at 90

Title IX makes that impossible. And for the record, this ground breaking social engineering plan has been the singularly most successful endeavor in US history (behind Emancipation of course). ...(full comment)

Robert N. Brooks: Support for UMass football raises several questions

As someone who attended the meeting last night, I think the debate is once again misrepresented and reduced in the above to a conflict between folks who want no disruption to their status quo and those who advocate for more affordable, smaller-footprint, energy-efficient housing for more people. But that is a divisive, outlying argument formed on the margins of the larger discussion. Most of us are more concerned with a synthesis of those two distinctions, and want to see it written concretely into the new zoning ordinances and not simply left up to the discretion of a planning board whose perspectives (and personnel) may change over time. Although the increased traffic and congestion that will surely follow in the wake of greater density may indeed be the most critical issue in forming these development standards—as its consequences will affect streets and roads and interchanges throughout ALL wards—the purpose of the meeting was to see if we could get some of our many unanswered questions addressed, and to figure out a more collaborative mechanism for public engagement in this process. For example, if there is evidence of the due diligence on citywide impact, why hasn’t that been effectively conveyed to the public? To that end, in addition to the discussions sponsors, Councilors O’Donnell and Sciarra, it was good to see Councilors Klein, LaBarge, Dwight, and Adams in attendance. All of Northampton is our back yard. ...(full comment)

Residents air concerns about increased traffic resulting from large residential developments near downtown Northampton