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The Gazette is doing a disservice to the community by constantly referring to this as high-speed rail service, resulting in the kind of concern expressed by FarmerLazarus and others. This will be no different than the Amtrak service between New Haven and Springfield which has been operating safely for decades and is NOT high-speed. The only high-speed rail in the northeast corridor is the Acela Express between Boston and Washington. ...(full comment)

CORRECTED Damon Road in Northampton will be closed to through traffic for much of Aug. 9-10

I am confused, is Damon Rd. going to have a railroad crossing for the proposed high speed trains? If so, isn't this a recipe for disaster having a 80 mph train travel across this roadway. Hasn't anyone suggested a tunnel or overpass to avoid a collision. The records are replete with incidents of trains crossing roadways even if there are barriers and flashing lights. These safety warnings are not fail safe. John Spineti Agawam ...(full comment)

CORRECTED Damon Road in Northampton will be closed to through traffic for much of Aug. 9-10

What if Israel decided its had enough living in that tough neighborhood. If they somehow could buy a new homeland and they moved the whole population to say Australia if Australia would be willing to sell them a large chunk of land. Do you think the problems in the Middle East would disappear all of a sudden? I don't think so - just look at whats happening in the other countries in the Middle East. Endless civil war between different sects thats been going on for thousands of years. That would still keep going on. Its something to think about when putting all the blame on Israel. They have lots of problems but they are the best ally we have in the area and are the closest thing to a democracy and a free market based economy in the region. They need our support more than ever now. ...(full comment)

Carrie Hemenway: Abhors violence on both sides but Israel must defend itself

"Should our society continue to view death as a failure and, thus, distinctly un-American?" I would like to know in which "society" President Pasquerella lives. This is the first I have heard of death being considered "un-American." I reject this characterization of my fellow citizens, especially those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, and resent the implicit slur against Americans who take pride in their citizenship. ...(full comment)

The Dignity Project: Mount Holyoke President, medical ethicist, Lynn Pasquerella: A challenge to idea that death is un-American

Anybody that doesn't believe in gun ownership, feel free to put a sign up in front of their home stating that. I'm sure that will solve all their problems... ...(full comment)

What the Second Amendment intended

There will only be peace when the Palestinians recognize Israel's right to exist. Hamas is an integral part of the Palestinian Govt, and is focused on the extinction of Israel. Israel has the right to defend itself, and it looks like it's doing a darned fine job... ...(full comment)

Israel invades Gaza

Waste of energy - election cycle posing. Not gonna pass Congress. Not our circus, not our monkees.... ...(full comment)

Tibetan community grateful for U.S. Rep. McGovern’s bill for a more accessible Tibet

So only the rich will be able to get the vital medical care that prolongs their lives. I guess the rest of us just should go off and die quietly. Nice world these progressives are bringing to us isn't it. This is the future with Obamacare. You die - and the rich and cultural elites get to live. ...(full comment)

The Dignity Project: Mount Holyoke President, medical ethicist, Lynn Pasquerella: A challenge to idea that death is un-American

Great article Matty . . RIP Coach Koch! Tom M, UMass '72 ...(full comment)

Matt Vautour: Coach Sam Koch dedicated life to UMass men’s soccer program

I agreed that Gaza should be set free. Yes, it should be liberated from the Islamist Hamas regime that seeks to kill Israelis (including Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahai and non-believers) by launching rockets at Israeli cities and towns. When Israel left Gaza in 2005, the Palestinians had a free territory, and hundreds of millions of dollars from Europe and the United States, to build a strong economy and a civil society. Indeed, liberal Jewish foreign donors even spent 40 million dollars to buy very productive greenhouses from departing Israeli citizens to give them to the Palestinians. This would allow the Palestinians to have a very productive agricultural operation for export to Europe. In true fashion, as soon as the Israeli Jews left, the Palestinians destroyed the greenhouses. Then the Palestinians violently expelled Fatah and elected the anti-Semtic and anti-Progressive Hamas regime. Hamas used its massive foreign aid to build a terror fortress, instead of building schools, homes and hospitals. Now Hamas had adopted a cynical strategy of using Palestinians as human shields to protect their rocket launchers and arms depots built in neighborhoods. Unfortunately, for both the Palestinians and Israelis, Hamas and its supporters are a violent Islamist cult that spreads bloodshed. Yes, Gaza should be freed from Hamas. It is a pity that the pathetic self-styled radicals in Northhampton are too myopic to realize that they are supporting a reactionary, homophobic, and violent regime that they could not tolerate for five minutes. Meanwhile, Israel is the only progressive, multicultural and democratic nation in the Mideast. We all know that Israel is the only mideast country in which our progressive friends would ever want to live. ...(full comment)

Demonstration in Northampton against Israel’s Gaza campaign

How wrong you are; it is my business when you choose to partially to eliminate birth control choice of one gender over the other under the umbrella of religion. Just because the majority of men on the bench ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, doesn't make it right, just sadly pathetic. ...(full comment)

Charles LaPiene: Liberal reaction to Hobby Lobby 'hysterical' 'Why place the burden on me for their choice?

We at Collective Copies can hardly express what a pleasure it is to work next to these folks. Heck, they're like a worker coop no matter who actually owns the place. Somehow, daily, we feel more secure knowing that these folks anchor our block of stores. Congratulations good neighbors! ...(full comment)

Hastings marks century as family business

What campus? Who filmed the video? Who's distributing it? All of this is handy information, because, dontcha know, video can be cherry-picked and selectively edited. Hilary Clinton's not a perfect candidate by any means, but sound judgement is also important for seeing through disingenuously presented information. ...(full comment)

William Santy: Let’s think twice about who are next president should be