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You sound like Pol Pot. ...(full comment)

Marty Nathan: We must all answer climate change call

Bravo, Kate Collins! If oligarchy is to be our lot, at least it's nice to inject a little well-deserved wit! adam fisher ...(full comment)

Kate Collins: How come nobody will take my speech as payment?

So by your logic the 1st Amendment would not protect internet publications because that is new technology. And there is something very creepy about your rush to call the NRA a terrorist organization for merely advocating a political viewpoint. I guess you would like everyone with whom you disagree thrown in jail. That used to happen in the former Soviet Union. Do you really want to go down that road? ...(full comment)

Albert ten Cate: Why isn’t NRA declared a terrorist organization?

We have discarded many things from the middle ages. We no longer travel in wagons pulled by oxen. We have nearly universal literacy. So why do "landlords" still think that they are lords? Why do they consider it their prerogative to rule over and humiliate their tenants. Power corrupts. They actually treat their tenants like they are subhuman. If you think state housing authorities are bad, try corporate landlords. I actually called my local fire department to ask if they had any objection to tenants having a potted plant in the front yard. They said, "No, as long as it is not blocking access to the building". When I confronted our maintenance men with this information, they said, "When you have a house of your own, you can have a potted plant". Then they threw all my flower pots (three) into the dumpster. We need a state that recognizes all its citizens as human beings. We need a state that is willing to help redress the unbalance of power between landlord and tenant. - When the middle class gets sick enough of the bankers, and they join forces with the working class, maybe we can elect another FDR. ...(full comment)

Home rules: Easthampton Housing Authority official, tenants at odds over American flags, flowers, barbecue grills

Apparently she only approves of speech she likes. ...(full comment)

Kate Collins: How come nobody will take my speech as payment?

Burning a flag is speech. Wearing an offensive tee-shirt is speech. Picketing is speech (it's also peaceful assembly). Copulating in front of a camera is speech. Taking out an ad in a newspaper is speech--so is purchasing time on television or radio. In the United States, "speech" takes many forms. So, yes, I would say that Chief Justice Roberts does understand something you apparently do not. Best you stick to reading Shakespeare rather than reciting him. You might learn something. ...(full comment)

Kate Collins: How come nobody will take my speech as payment?

More aborted babies being used to generate electicity at waste-to-energy facilities - this time in Oregon. This is disgusting - but something the democrats on the left will be OK with. http://www.lifesitenews.com/canadian-aborted-babies-incinerated-in-oregon-waste-to-energy-facility-to-p.html ...(full comment)

Two more clinics close under Texas abortion law

Smith College is telling trans youth to get and bring to Smith gender confirmation from the very sources that are likely not to provide it: employers, high school officials, clergy, family, etc. They need to better understand the realities of life as trans youth experience it. The majority of trans youth are NOT validated in their gender by these sources. Further, no youth is going to insist she is a woman unless she is one. Take her word for it! Trans women ARE women, and ALL women belong at Smith. I believe it is discriminatory to demand documentation of trans applicants that is not demanded of non-trans applicants. All of these moves by Smith are, in my opinion, ways to cover the real issue: that Smith College does not accept that trans women ARE women, and that they want to continue making it difficult, if not impossible, for them to attend Smith and receive an education equal to that of non-trans women. ...(full comment)

Smith College students plan rally advocating for change in admission policy on transgender applicants

shouldn't matter if someone is an 'outsider' or not. It's called being fair.....and being human. again I say to her, lighten up! You can get your work done AND get along with your tenants. ...(full comment)

Home rules: Easthampton Housing Authority official, tenants at odds over American flags, flowers, barbecue grills

Thank you for highlighting this wonderful day! As of today we have more than 40 projects registered, including projects in Holyoke (Dinosaur Footprints) and Amherst (East Street Common). It's going to be fantastic - thanks to all the talented volunteers. ...(full comment)

Childs Park in Northampton to get $25,000 worth of free tree work Friday in honor of Arbor Day

A sound, and at 6-2, a strong majority opinion. This is not discriminatory. A states residents have the right to determine how they run their public institutions. The Supreme Court has backed state laws that allow affirmative action, and those that bar affirmative action. It's up to the citizens to determine. That's the way the Constitution works. ...(full comment)

Supreme Court OKs Michigan ban on affirmative action

David, We know there is diversity when the liberals say there is diversity. We know when we are inclusive when the liberals say we are inclusive. We know when we are green when the liberals say we are green. We know we are united when the liberals say we are united. We know there is global warming/climate change when the liberals tell us there is climate change. We know there shouldn't be any guns when the liberals tell us there shouldn't be any guns. We know there should only be liberal professors in colleges and universities when they say it should be this way. They're always right, and we should all be like them. Silly for thinking any different. ...(full comment)

David Duseau: Why no conservative profs in ivory towers?

Isn't it enough for you that conservatives dominate the house of representatives, the supreme court and the republican party? Despite the fact that 'Liberal' professors have always been part of higher education, colleges and universities keep matriculating conservative graduates. I wouldn't lose too much sleep over this. ...(full comment)

David Duseau: Why no conservative profs in ivory towers?