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Historic cold temperatures in Australia today. Next week a mini polar vortex is going to cool down the central part of the US to historical record low temperatures for July. The global warming models need to be adjusted since none of them can predict the actual measured temperatures. Instead now they make adjustments to the data so it fits their models. Its frightening how science has been hijacked by the environmental central planners and the 'climate scientists' whose research they fund. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/brisbane-hits-coldest-temperature-in-103-years/story-e6frg6n6-1226986116278?nk=9fe3cbf4f5bf37a6dc3f771dfd4654b8 ...(full comment)

Hilltown Voices

The article says "Shutesbury's town clerk took a different tact." The mot juste is tack. It's a sailing term. ...(full comment)

Amherst officials quash bid to discuss critical school memo, but session posted in partner towns

For you to say that nobody will take the train, is pathetic. It is not your business who and who does not take it. You don't like it, don't take it. AS for subsidies, you know nothing, and so what, at least I can see where my tax monies go if it is subsidized, because I will ride it! So thanks Gary for the ride, imagine me waving to you as I am riding it! ...(full comment)

100 new neighbors: Northampton residents irked by high-speed rail workers living in temporary camp cars on tracks behind homes

"Amherst wins state grant to student polluted brook" What does that mean? ...(full comment)

Amherst wins state grant to study brook polluted by street run-off

It's not necessary to have the hard copy it is not magical or Excalibur. The whole thing makes the city look stupid and provincial. ...(full comment)

Editorial: ‘It’s in the mail’ promise gains luster in Northampton

Kathleen Anderson was the woman who was repeatedly interrupting school officials with chants of "white power" and "white supremacists" as well as loud coughing and laughing. I don't know where my longer, more descriptive comment from before went either. These are completely true statements that are on video and they contribute some needed context for the Gazette's readers. ...(full comment)

Kathleen Anderson:

"Baptiste said Wednesday that...he has not spoken to (Shabazz)..." Yeah Right! Let's check the phone and email records. ...(full comment)

Amherst Regional School Committee to air differences over task force member’s comments, reprimand

mlhdep and I are responding to a comment made by Impala stating that Kathleen Anderson was repeatedly shouting and interrupting at a recent school committee meeting. I don't know what happened to that comment. It should not have been censored out. ...(full comment)

Kathleen Anderson:

Is it legal for the vice-chair to call a School Committee meeting on his own? Don't they continue to risk doing the very thing Shabazz was admonished for by seeking to continue discussing the matter in public? “When a person is elected to a School Board or any other public body they have a moral obligation to communicate thoughtfully, respectfully and carefully when carrying out her or his duties. The statement made at the Task Force meeting on June 18th indicated a lapse in respect and care..." I hope if they do meet on Monday, that those present will answer the allegations that Shabazz also made false and denigrating comments about the superintendent to about 15 members of the ETF while he was acting in his capacity as School Committee member and Task Force Chair. (It has been alleged that as well as referring to the very, young white victim of a serious assault as "the greatest student racist", he also made the comment "If I were to try to enter the high school, Superintendent Maria Geryk would have me arrested". It has also been alleged that he made a flip comment at the ETF accusing the superintendent of refusing to provide him with official documents he needs to do his work, despite the fact that he and all the school committee members had in fact received the documents in question from Superintendent Geryk. If those allegations are true they are incredibly divisive and demonstrate an unwillingness to cooperate with school officials in any sort of official capacity--if the latter accusations of lying about the superintendent are true, Shabazz needs to STEP DOWN NOW!) ...(full comment)

Amherst Regional School Committee to air differences over task force member’s comments, reprimand

The Gazette editorial staff really needs to educate itself on what constitutes high speed rail service. What is being developed here is not high speed rail service as your headlines misleadingly proclaim. It is standard speed passenger rail service to replace the current crawl speed service that passes through Amherst. The only high speed service that Amtrak provides in the northeast is the Acela Express. ...(full comment)

High-speed hopes: Rail crews install new tracks; planner hopeful for Dec. 29 service start

"Light rail" would have required the same track improvements. ...(full comment)

100 new neighbors: Northampton residents irked by high-speed rail workers living in temporary camp cars on tracks behind homes

Thank-you, Impala for your interesting and informative comment. The NAACP is usually associated with intelligent, rational and effective work, placing some pressure on the larger community and then working together to achieve their goals. Somehow, that process seems to be not too much in evidence this year in Amherst. ...(full comment)

Kathleen Anderson:

Remember a few years ago during the shutdown of the government over the 'sequester'? Didin't Nancy Pelosi say at the time that there wasn't a penny more that could be squeezed out of the budget? Anybody who was fiscally responsible said what about waste and fraud? Can't we look there (I'm sure the response was that we were racists)? Nancy was lying then and she is lying now. Anything coming out of that persons mouth is a lie. ...(full comment)

Improper payments by federal government top $100 billion a year