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Send the little spoiled brats to bed without their iphones, laptops, tablets and social media frenzy, and maybe they'll get up in time for school. Giving students a later start time will only let them stay up later. Learning to maintain a schedule, and be on time, well rested and prepared for school, will help them when it comes time to get a job that does not involve "do you want fries with that" ...(full comment)

Carl Delta: Later start time? Why not earlier sleep time?

The town recently gave a RETROACTIVE cost of living raise to some municipal employees in contract negotiations. School and municipal employees still have better insurance, at less cost than most taxpayers. School employees will negotiate for a raise, even if it means layoffs for their fellow members - because it'll be seniority based. The town, and all its departments need to look at their budgets, and stay within the limits of what the taxpayers will fund. An override will not get passed this year. I'm a parent, and a taxpayer. I do not expect my neighbors, especially those on fixed incomes, to come up with extra money, when the municipal and school employees are having an increase in pay and benefits. Many, if not most taxpayers are struggling, and not getting raises. Many are underemployed. ...(full comment)

Megan Frazier: It’s time to invest in Easthampton schools

This is absolutely ridiculous. It calls into question the whole legitimacy of town meeting as a serious public forum too. ...(full comment)

Town Meetings in Amherst, Leverett to vote on resolutions restricting drones

The problem with (writer)of this letter to the paper "purports" things I never wrote. Learn how to read and comprehend what is written before you put words I never wrote in print. ...(full comment)

Stephanie Pick: Aging parents letter shows lack of understanding

In my experience, the zoning board trips over itself to agree with whatever a property owner wants, regardless of the impact to other people in the neighborhood. I think this should change. ...(full comment)

Robin Morris: ‘Mountaintop removal’ underway beside Puffer’s Pond in Amherst

Clare Higgins, as mayor of Northampton, saw up-close the affect of charter funding on the local districts. And it did, indeed, pit families against each other here. Please don't blame the parents in the district schools for that divide -- that's passing the buck in a huge way. The reason it has caused a divide is two-fold, in my opinion. One is that the funding mechanism meant that public schools were losing money. Two, locally the charter schools were NOT in fact educating equal numbers of special education students, students of color, or ELL students. Your statement -- "State government data shows that charters enroll far higher percentages of minorities, low-income and at-risk children than districts." -- is absolutely not true locally. In fact, local charter schools have fewer students (per capita) in every one of those categories. So the district schools were left with students who may cost more to educate, and yet they were given less money to do it. It created a 2-tier system. One of privilege and one for everyone else. If the funding can be equalized, and if the charters can find a way to attract a more diverse pool of students I think that will be a huge step forward for the two systems to work together. Personally I think the charter schools have a lot to offer -- we just have to find a way for them to be offered to everyone who wants to go, and we have to find a way that they can exist while the district schools also thrive. ...(full comment)

Marc Kenen: Time for bitterness toward charter schools to end

Where is the recovery? That is the real problem. We want to see the economy grow for everybody. ...(full comment)

Student volunteers focus attention on wage inequality issues for women during Arts Night Out in Northampton

What an amazing story. What a strong and loving heart Marty Nathan must have. She remained focused on the light even through an experience of extreme adversity. It is unfortunate that some people, possibly like the previous commenter, seem to have to struggle all their lives against the dark and angry demons that they were brought up with. ...(full comment)

Local doctor says man accused of gunning down three in Kansas Sunday conspired in death of her husband in 1979 'Greensboro Massacre'

WE NEED YOU to come to Hadley Town Meeting @7:00pm May 1 to vote yes! If we don’t get the support we need then it’s all over for North Hadley Pond. Your vote makes the difference. Only your vote can save Lake Warner. ...(full comment)

Editorial: North Hadley dam repair plan best bet for community

I agree. Attend the meeting, or live with the consequences. Can you prove the weather was bad enough to cancel the meeting? If so, do it. ...(full comment)

Robin Morris: ‘Mountaintop removal’ underway beside Puffer’s Pond in Amherst

Sorry, Robin, but you and your upset neighbors should have read the legal notice and gone to the meeting. That's why the applicant had to spend money and send you all letters. ...(full comment)

Robin Morris: ‘Mountaintop removal’ underway beside Puffer’s Pond in Amherst

Pathfinder, you're right. For so many years that word was a standard term for something positive in reference to this issue and I think I wrote it with that in mind. But the bar has been raised. Society, and especially people at that rally are embracing and celebrating diversity. I should have picked a better word. ...(full comment)

More than 1,000 support gay community at UMass rally, countering five from Westboro Baptist Church

What would be really great would be for the city of Nton to give the Round House to the LGBT community for a gay/sexual minorities museum/education center. We don't need any more skating rinks, canoe ramps, organic playgrounds or bike paths. Lets honor the gay history of Nton. Stand up Mayor Nark and be counted on the right side of this issue. ...(full comment)

More than 1,000 support gay community at UMass rally, countering five from Westboro Baptist Church