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The Gazette is doing a disservice to the community by constantly referring to this as high-speed rail service, resulting in the kind of concern expressed by FarmerLazarus and others. This will be no different than the Amtrak service between New Haven and Springfield which has been operating safely for decades and is NOT high-speed. The only high-speed rail in the northeast corridor is the Acela Express between Boston and Washington. ...(full comment)

CORRECTED Damon Road in Northampton will be closed to through traffic for much of Aug. 9-10

I am confused, is Damon Rd. going to have a railroad crossing for the proposed high speed trains? If so, isn't this a recipe for disaster having a 80 mph train travel across this roadway. Hasn't anyone suggested a tunnel or overpass to avoid a collision. The records are replete with incidents of trains crossing roadways even if there are barriers and flashing lights. These safety warnings are not fail safe. John Spineti Agawam ...(full comment)

CORRECTED Damon Road in Northampton will be closed to through traffic for much of Aug. 9-10

What if Israel decided its had enough living in that tough neighborhood. If they somehow could buy a new homeland and they moved the whole population to say Australia if Australia would be willing to sell them a large chunk of land. Do you think the problems in the Middle East would disappear all of a sudden? I don't think so - just look at whats happening in the other countries in the Middle East. Endless civil war between different sects thats been going on for thousands of years. That would still keep going on. Its something to think about when putting all the blame on Israel. They have lots of problems but they are the best ally we have in the area and are the closest thing to a democracy and a free market based economy in the region. They need our support more than ever now. ...(full comment)

Carrie Hemenway: Abhors violence on both sides but Israel must defend itself

I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet pup. Our small dog was grabbed by a coyote a few years back, but we were lucky enough to stop the attack and she only had puncture wounds on both hips. We then lost both of our 11 year old cats within months of each other. Hubby put up a hunters camera and indeed proved we have coyotes! I too have been trying to spread the word of the dangers of the coyote population getting out of control!! ...(full comment)

After loss of dog to coyote, Hadley couple spreads word on dangers

but you keep coming back..... ;-) ...(full comment)

Cambodian lawmaker released following arrest, protests

Snicker snicker indeed. I didn't even have to open the link, genius. The URL ends with Who_cares.jpg. Hard to be witty when you don't have a pair of brain cells to rub together, isn't it. ...(full comment)

Cambodian lawmaker released following arrest, protests

snicker snicker.... gotcha ;-) ...(full comment)

Cambodian lawmaker released following arrest, protests

"at near" Pulaski park? C'mon editors! ...(full comment)

Silas Kopf: Why are barrels still only solution at near Pulaski Park

If you REALLY didn't care, you probably wouldn't have posted anything, you silly little self-made victim. ...(full comment)

Cambodian lawmaker released following arrest, protests

Has Amherst stepped up to the plate and asked to take in a few thousand of these kids? I haven't heard of any town groups demanding a special town meeting yet. I guess they are too busy organizing the pipeline ban and jacking up the minimum wage. I guess thats why we think Amherst is a racist town since they ignore the problems of these minority kids. Anyway - it looks like a few thousand will go to Chicopee after all thanks to the gov. And thats just over the mountain from South Amherst. Maybe they and their families will be settled somewhere near Atkins in the end. Lots of agricultural land for them to work on in that area. I just wish Amherst or Northampton would do the progressive thing and ask for a plane load or two. ...(full comment)

Democrats float $2.7B bill on child migrants

http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140302214907/cookieclicker/images/0/01/Who_cares.jpg ...(full comment)

Cambodian lawmaker released following arrest, protests

When South African apartheid ended, they had a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Calling for love without truth is nonsense. The truth is there were virtually no Jews in Palestine for almost 2000 years. The Jewish migration from Palestine to the trading centers of Europe began before the time of Christ. Browse through the New Testament, read about the travels of Paul of Tarsus and look at where his letters are addressed. Read a history book, by 135 AD, there were virtually no Jews in Palestine and that absence continued for 1810 years. Even after Jews were invited into the Turkish empire after the expulsion from Spain, they settled in other centers of the Turkish empire and prospered there, but few settled in Palestine. By 1900, there were still almost no Jews in Palestine. What happened to the Palestinians in 1947 and 48 was not a partition; it was an invasion. Golda Meir was a war criminal. Jews have to face up to this fact. If they cannot or will not face up to this fact; there will never be peace. The rest of the world knows this. Thanks to the internet, the Lobby is even losing its grip on the American people. In the long run, Jews, must offer an apology and compensation to the Palestinians if they want to hang on to any portion of the land of Palestine. The Jews have demanded and are still receiving compensation from the Germans, but they have never given a nickel of compensation to the Palestinians. It is as if money means more to Israel and its supporters than peace does. The settlements mean more to Israel and to its supporters than peace does. And the ethnic cleansing of Palestine is Israel's ultimate goal. Your talk of "love" while land grabs are still going on ridiculous. It is the ultimate hypocrisy. In the short run, controlling the narrative has been very advantageous to the Israel. In the long run, it is not an eye for an eye; by focusing only on their own propaganda, Israel and its supporters are blinding themselves. ...(full comment)

Sara Weinberger: Loving our way out of Mideast war

Another question to ask... why didn't the representative of MassDOT say anything about the "camp train" when he made his presentation to the Northampton Passenger Rail Advisory Committee on June 18th? Don't be surprised if the camp train is still there next week. The Norfolk Southern crews as of today have "only" made it as far as Hatfield as of today. (they started working south from Greenfield on July 7th). They need to get to Springfield before their part of the project is done. The next surprise... the limited amount of available parking for rail passengers at the location where the Northampton station platform will be built to the south of Union Station. ...(full comment)

Wishing that train would leave the station