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Great article Matty . . RIP Coach Koch! Tom M, UMass '72 ...(full comment)

Coach Sam Koch dedicated life to UMass men’s soccer program

I agreed that Gaza should be set free. Yes, it should be liberated from the Islamist Hamas regime that seeks to kill Israelis (including Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahai and non-believers) by launching rockets at Israeli cities and towns. When Israel left Gaza in 2005, the Palestinians had a free territory, and hundreds of millions of dollars from Europe and the United States, to build a strong economy and a civil society. Indeed, liberal Jewish foreign donors even spent 40 million dollars to buy very productive greenhouses from departing Israeli citizens to give them to the Palestinians. This would allow the Palestinians to have a very productive agricultural operation for export to Europe. In true fashion, as soon as the Israeli Jews left, the Palestinians destroyed the greenhouses. Then the Palestinians violently expelled Fatah and elected the anti-Semtic and anti-Progressive Hamas regime. Hamas used its massive foreign aid to build a terror fortress, instead of building schools, homes and hospitals. Now Hamas had adopted a cynical strategy of using Palestinians as human shields to protect their rocket launchers and arms depots built in neighborhoods. Unfortunately, for both the Palestinians and Israelis, Hamas and its supporters are a violent Islamist cult that spreads bloodshed. Yes, Gaza should be freed from Hamas. It is a pity that the pathetic self-styled radicals in Northhampton are too myopic to realize that they are supporting a reactionary, homophobic, and violent regime that they could not tolerate for five minutes. Meanwhile, Israel is the only progressive, multicultural and democratic nation in the Mideast. We all know that Israel is the only mideast country in which our progressive friends would ever want to live. ...(full comment)

Demonstration in Northampton against Israel’s Gaza campaign

How wrong you are; it is my business when you choose to partially to eliminate birth control choice of one gender over the other under the umbrella of religion. Just because the majority of men on the bench ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, doesn't make it right, just sadly pathetic. ...(full comment)

Charles LaPiene: Liberal reaction to Hobby Lobby 'hysterical' 'Why place the burden on me for their choice?

We at Collective Copies can hardly express what a pleasure it is to work next to these folks. Heck, they're like a worker coop no matter who actually owns the place. Somehow, daily, we feel more secure knowing that these folks anchor our block of stores. Congratulations good neighbors! ...(full comment)

Hastings marks century as family business

What campus? Who filmed the video? Who's distributing it? All of this is handy information, because, dontcha know, video can be cherry-picked and selectively edited. Hilary Clinton's not a perfect candidate by any means, but sound judgement is also important for seeing through disingenuously presented information. ...(full comment)

William Santy: Let’s think twice about who are next president should be

Isn't this a religous freedom case anyway? For example today Obama is going to sign an executive order mandating federal contractors cannot discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identify. There will be no religious exemption. The Senate was not willing to pass ENDA (Employment Non Discrimination Act) without a strong religious exemption clause and the gay rights oranizations said if it had a relgious exemption don't pass it. So Obama is going to do it administratively. The question is - should say an orthodox jewish school be forced to hire a transvestite to teach its kids. Now they will have to if they receive any federal money. Its an interesting question similar to the Hobby Lobby case and I am sure it will wind up in the courts. Sould the government be able to override a religions strongly held beliefs about the role of men and women in society? Do they have that power? ...(full comment)

Charles LaPiene: Liberal reaction to Hobby Lobby 'hysterical' 'Why place the burden on me for their choice?

It's not gender bias because they are still covering 14 types of birth control for women and just the one for men. As to how Catholic someone is and how rigidly the follow the rules, it is really none of your business or concern. HL drew their line at what they believed was abortive. The court agreed so suck on it. ...(full comment)

Charles LaPiene: Liberal reaction to Hobby Lobby 'hysterical' 'Why place the burden on me for their choice?

Birth control for men is available on the open market, not women. I would tell you to purchase your own condoms, but those are against catholic teachings as well. You miss the main point of what I said, so let me repeat it for you since you are perhaps a little slow on the up-take; Hobby Lobby who covers a man's Vasectomy is gender bias. A vasectomy is the medical procedure used for a male sterilization. In a vasectomy, a man’s ‘vas deferens’ is cut and cauterized to prevent sperm from being ejaculated during sexual intercourse. A vasectomy is a permanent method of birth control. The views of the Catholic Church on vasectomies and birth control in general are quite specific. In Catholic teachings; A vasectomy is a mortal sin. You need to not have intercourse unless it is for the purpose of producing a child. So you need to be married, have intercourse and have your babies, and man up and take care of them, love your wife and your children above yourself; or be celibate. Of course you too can pay for your own vasectomy. For some reason you won't address this; clearly I am correct. ...(full comment)

Charles LaPiene: Liberal reaction to Hobby Lobby 'hysterical' 'Why place the burden on me for their choice?

No Theresa you are wrong. Your access to birth control hasn’t been affected one iota. Firstly, you don’t work for Hobby Lobby. Secondly, the choices not provided are readily available on the open market. Plan B is in fact OTC which is curious because otc medications aren’t normally covered ever anywhere. My mistake on the banning, I got the Dalkon Shield problems confused with all IUD’s. ...(full comment)

Charles LaPiene: Liberal reaction to Hobby Lobby 'hysterical' 'Why place the burden on me for their choice?

You yawn because of your ignorance and the fact that you have no intelligent response because I am correct. No, IUDs were not banned for safety issues, Hobby Lobby banned them for birth control. You know that I am right, so man up ...(full comment)

Charles LaPiene: Liberal reaction to Hobby Lobby 'hysterical' 'Why place the burden on me for their choice?

Hiring an A.L.I.C.E. trained football coach with no Vocational experience. Jeff Peterson is changing the culture of Smith Vocational. Is enrollment growing? Are graduates working? ...(full comment)

Smith Voke vice principal chosen from a field of 60

Such horror amid such beauty-this is the world we live in. ...(full comment)

Credible probe sought in jet tragedy

Why not put them in Amherst? There must be an empty school that could house them for 3 months. Most of these kids will never be deported and will live in the communities permanently where they are initially relocated. If they go to Westover, thousands will settle in Southampton and Northampton. Most will sponsor 2 or 3 relatives and the immigration chain will start. Lets import tens of thousands of illiterate non skilled adults to help out the local economy and pay taxes. I like that - but where is the loud calls from the progressive community in Amherst and Northampton demanding our fair share of the illegal aliens? I only hear silence so far. Maybe they don't want them? Or could they all be out of town - having jetted off to distant parts of the world spewing untold amounts of CO2 from the jet engines. It is pretty quiet around here right now especially when you drive by Smith. I guess they have all jetted off to Provence for the summer. When they get back in the fall they will surely start the marches and protests to bring their fair share of the illegals to Amherst. ...(full comment)

Patrick: Westover or Edwards possible for temporary shelter