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Ben Hellerstein: Northampton praised for fossil fuel stance

To the editor:

Northampton’s resolution calling for divestment from fossil fuel companies is a good step forward in the fight against climate change (“Northampton eyes dropping fossil fuel investments to fight climate change,” in the Aug. 13 Gazette.

Here in Massachusetts, the stakes are high. Extreme snow and rain storms have become 81 percent more frequent in our state over the last 65 years. A storm that used to happen once a year now happens once every six and a half months. If we fail to reduce our carbon emissions now, extreme weather events, like Superstorm Sandy and Winter Storm Nemo, will become even more frequent.

In June, President Obama unveiled his ambitious climate action plan, including caps on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. Massachusetts has long been a leader on global warming, with some of the strongest renewable energy policies in the country. Now, as the Obama administration drafts climate regulations, the whole nation can look to Massachusetts and Northampton as a model for how to do it right.

Ben Hellerstein


Ben Hellerstien is a field associate for Environment Massachusetts.

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I'm still recommending Canadian Oil Sands (COS.TO - trades on the Toronto exchange). Its has over a 5% yield and I expect oil prices to skyrocket this winter because everybody is saying its going to be the worst winter in recent memory. Expect an early winter (snowing before X-giving), milder January and then extended cold in February to a late spring. Even NOAA has this as their forcast and of course the Farmers Almanac. Maybe snow in LA? Its not out of the question.

That's VERY GOOD Gary. So I take it you agree with Mr. Hellerstein's suggestion that climate change is making winter storms more extreme here? Or is it that you can only make sense of "climate change" as it geting "warmer?" I guess the simplest understanding would make it gary-factual. But either way, this is progress for you. Stick to silly little comments like this, and leave talking about voting and finance to the adults.

Lol, honey coming from you is so damn cute. Now who has a fat tummy!!! You do, that's right. you got a fat tummy. :-)

I DO have a fat tummy, from a steady diet of delusional right-wingers who think that the "facts" that only they are dumb enough to believe can be passed off as arguments outside of their little Fox News bunker. Intellectually speaking, snacking on you guys is just empty calories, but it's a guilty pleasure I can't resist. Like Cheeze Doodles and Black Cherry soda. Sadly, this is what happens when the rest of us decide to engage you on your own low level: public discourse goes down the same rout as our fast-food diet. Care to supersize me with something that you think passes for a snappy retort? Om nom nom ;-)

I love Polar Black Cherry soda. They have a version thats made with real cane sugar instead of HFCS. Its my favorite drink but its $1/12 oz bottle and I only find it at Price Chopper. Big Y used to have it but not anymore. Maybe with the thousands of dollars I'll be making with the Canadian oil fracking company I'll splurge and treat myself to a few 4 packs. It'll keep me nice and cool during the coming global warming days (what is it supposed to be - over 100 degrees every day in January by 2020 - isn't that the warmist predictions and of course Long Island Sound will start somewhere near Springfield). Can't stand these horrible winters around here anyway. Palm trees in Vermont. I can't wait. Hopefully it will be here by 2020 as originally predicted by the climate scientists. In a serious note - what we do need to sell is companies that are Russian based. We need to ask our govt to boycott the Sochi Olympics. Could the city council pass a resolution asking that we not participate in this winters olympics? That would be something I would respect them for. Forget about this fossil fuel nonsense. Don't they realize the police cruisers have fossil fuels in them? Town hall is heated by fossil fuels? The schools are heated by fossil fuels? Employees drive to work in cars that use fossil fuels? What idiots or so called leaders are.

Mr. Hellersein's point would be better made if he left out the likely bogus statistic. In an attempt to persuade and be compelling, the inclusion of such simplistic number manipulation has the opposite effect by diminishing his credibility.

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