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Puzzled by size of police vehicle fleet

To the editor:

I read with interest the story on the phasing out of the Ford Crown Vic police car in Northampton.

What really stuck out is the number of vehicles in the Northampton Police Department. Thirty-six. If that figure is accurate, are all of those needed for a department of this size? Is there a way to reduce the fleet?

Thirty-six vehicles seems to me to be a high fleet count.

The mention of the potential gas savings by switching from eight-cylinder Crown Vics to the six-cylinder SUV will not be significant. It will be marginal at best. The rated miles per gallon for each motor is in a similar range. The main point, though, is that gas expenses are just one component of the cost of a vehicle.

For example, for one SUV, the purchase price alone is typically as much as $38,500.

What would save the city significant money is eliminating vehicles.

The city would save the purchase price, insurance and maintenance from each vehicle that is removed from its fleet. That would be significant savings for each vehicle that is removed.

In today’s economy, it’s important to take steps to save the city and its taxpayers money whenever possible.

Neil Jones


Legacy Comments1

The writer may have a very good point. I hope the Gazette will report the number of police officers who use these 36 vehicles as well as the department's justification for 36.

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