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Alarmed by people’s ignorance of Second Amendment

To the editor:

The comments in a recent letter, “Trying to grasp reasons behind gun ownership,” were almost hard for me to read. The ignorance of the intent, principles and importance of the Second Amendment, today more than ever, is amazing. If the person who wrote this letter understood the real intent of the Second Amendment, then she would understand why, if the founders were drafting the Constitution today, they would have referred to an AR-15 as the weapon of choice. “Assault weapons” have everything to do with keeping a tyrannical government from getting too much power.

I guess the letter writer wouldn’t mind living under a socialist government where she has no freedom.

I suggest she reads up some more on the Constitution as well as watching the video “Gun Control in History” and see how all the dictators in the past 100 years had one thing in common before they tortured, suppressed and murdered millions.

They confiscated arms from the people. It’s only common sense and logical: If people are as well-armed as government, then government will not suppress the people. Also, if she had to choose between a knife and a gun to stop home invaders from raping and murdering her, I hope she would admit that a firearm is a much better deterrent.

The utter lack of understanding on the Second Amendment and firearms in general truly amazes me, and it saddens me that the Constitution, which has made America the beacon of hope and freedom, is being called an outdated document. I am ashamed to live in this state, the very same state that planted the seed of freedom on April 19, 1775, using firearms.

William Belisle


Legacy Comments4

The letter writer understands nothing of the intent and purpose of the Second Amendment. Furthermore, if Mr. Belisle really believes that the possession and use of any amount of legal guns, including assault rifles, will protect citizens from keeping a tyrannical government at bay, he is delusional. The best defense against the potential for government tyranny is to get involved in the government, making it truly a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Problem is, when getting involved with government does not work anymore. I think the writer understands it better than you do. You are saying the best defense against the potential government tyranny....what do you do when the tyranny is present now and your invovlement in government is too late and uneffective???? I think we are at that point now. Look at the mountains of legislation on the shelve right now that if implemented will remove our freedoms little by little until gone. Since you seem an expert on the 2nd Amendment, please share with us the actual intent and purpose...

The writer does not understand that socialism is an economic system and not totalinarianism. It saddens me when I hear (or read) people that act like everyone else is stupid and don't understand how the world works.

Socialism IS an econiomic system. Whats your point? Do you think a socialist view of the government taking care of your every need is a good idea? I did not get the impression that William was implying everyone is stupid. have you ever lived in a nation that is socialist??? If you have not, then my advice is to stop commenting on things you nothing about. If you have livied in a scoialist nation, was the quality of life (freedom) as good or better than the USA??? I know many immigrants who came from socialistic nations and they are continually perplexed at the current direction this nation is going, and are dumbfounded that Americans would be wanting more government intervention and socialistic programs,....because these immigrants I know, say that the Americans who want a socialist system, have no idea what they are asking for.

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