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Right to own gun is outdated, dangerous

To the editor:

In light of the horrific tragedy in Connecticut, our course of action is clear. The Second Amendment must be repealed. There is no constitutional right to own a car, or a dishwasher, or a cat, so why do we need the right to own a gun?

As long as the National Rifle Association pays lobbyists to clamor for the right to own a firearm — any firearm — all efforts to curb this kind of bloodshed will be stymied.

It is time the Second Amendment went the way of the dinosaurs. How many innocent men, women and children need to die before we realize that the right to own a gun is outdated, outmoded and dangerous?

Erica Verrillo


Legacy Comments2

This arrival is a absurd and moronic as the individual who wrote it. That's a great idea, let's repeal the second amendment. I would love to see someone go door to door in places like Texas, Vermont, Colorado, Massachusetts and everyother state in the country and ask for their guns because they would get them just not the way people like you would want. You would have a civil war on your hands. Not to mention that you would have a hard time finding anyone to go collect them because most of the police and military wouldn't. While were taking white out to the constitution why stop there. Let's repeal the first amendment as well. Let's just tear it up and and go back to a monarchy with king Obama to rule us. I was a loyal and faithful reader of this newspaper but now I will no longer read anything that is printed in it andurge people to do the same.

Oh well, gee, *that* makes sense. Our government can't even manage to ban semi-automatic assault weapons, so, sure, an all-out ban on guns is gonna fly alright. Have you noticed the marked increase in home invasions in our area? I don't currently own any firearms, but I may go gun shopping soon. We can ban guns as you suggest, but the bad guys will still be able to get them; and the good guys, our police force, cannot be everywhere at once. You want to be a sitting duck when evil kicks in your door? Not me.

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