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Northampton can do more with holiday lights

To the editor:

As a resident of Northampton for the past eight years, I’m surprised, even dismayed, at the seeming lack of attention and detail given by the city every year to making downtown Northampton a festive and attractive place during the holiday season.

Many neighborhoods such as Newbury Street in Boston and downtown Florence do a better job. What I see in downtown Northampton are simply lights draped around trees, some lining the facade of buildings, and uninspired hanging banners that cannot be seen at night.

I do love the lights that the city puts up around the pine tree at Pulaski Park, but as a city that prides itself as the “Paradise City,” or the arts center of the Valley, I think we can do a better job in making downtown Northampton more appealing during the holiday season.

Richard T. Chu


Legacy Comments2

Ever hear the expression "less is more"? Yes, that can even apply to holiday decorations (yes, holiday, we are not all christian in the valley, get over it). I've always thought the drizzle of single string white lights on main street trees rather classy. After several residing in Northampton several decades, this seems a signature style of the town. Elegant, graceful and not over-stated. Also, I have seen wreathes adorning many storefronts in town. Again, classy...not sure what the commenter thinks local businesses should add to the display, blow-up snowmen? There is no need to make Northampton look like Santa puked a billion kilowatt hours of multi colored merriment all over town to affirm our faith. Move to Vegas if you want a light show, or Forest Park. Just don't gaudy up Northampton, many of us like it the way it is.

The lights are beautiful, but I do agree they need a little color to brighten up the city.. Garland around the lamp post, lite up, add some bright red bows, and if more stores would get involved in the decorating like Thornes, which is beautiful, it would look so festive, maybe a few wreaths here and there. People need to get involved and voice their opinions/ideas... Merry Christmas To All!!

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