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We don't want medicare for all. We don't want socialized medicine or a single payer system. Look at the VA - thats what you get with that model of health care delivery. An unresponsive government bureacracy that wastes enormous amounts of taxpayer money, is bloated and inefficient and in the end may kill you from neglect. No thanks! And no thanks to Obamacare. ...(full comment)

Fran Volkmann: Berwick would help state shape ‘Medicare for All’

Maine is likely to keep its GOP governor. Connecticut is painted red by most political websites. Gov. Malloy is going to lose there to a Republican according to most polls (thats why the TV ads by Malloy we see on CT TV stations are getting so nasty - he's going down big time). It would be great if we can make MA a red state too. Baker is only a few points behind Coakley in the recent polls (about 7 points). She is not unbeatable - even though the government labor unions who depend on her for freely spending tax dollars and the radical environmentalists will start spending soon big time to push for her. ...(full comment)

GOP’s Baker stockpiling money in race for governor

Very nice editorial about the new library in South Hadley---but you got the addresses wrong. The old library was on Bardwell Street. The new one is at 2 Canal Street. ...(full comment)

Editorial: South Hadley invests big in knowledge, community

I have lots of respect for Carol Ross, and believe she did the right thing. Bob Flaherty tends to sensationalize his broadcasts, which is all too common in the media to attract listeners. Race relations in Amherst needs a meaningful dialog to build trust. This can't be done during a radio broadcast in my opinion. ...(full comment)

Letter by Carol Ross saying she feared ‘race-baiting’ at forum in Amherst angers WHMP officials

Mr. Hodges, I intend no disrespect to veterans, but I would be horrified to have military insignias displayed on public streets. I don't want to live in a military society, or one that identifies itself with its armed forces. I'm a pacifist. I believe violence begets violence, and suffering. ...(full comment)

Ronald Hodges: Crosswalks could bear official seals of military branches

I do agree that real anti-Semitism is terrible. But I think that the way to prevent it or prevent it from gaining adherents is to pay attention to legitimate criticism. Don't forget, support for Israel by American Christians was motivated in most cases by the fact that Christian church services still read from the Old Testament in their church services. Americans supported Israel with religious fervor. When Americans read about the occupation of Palestine, the administrative detentions, the home demolitions, the land confiscations, and the settlement building, they change sides and support the Palestinians with the same religious fervor that they previously gave to the Israelis. You see, the occupation of Palestine breaks a few of the Ten Commandments. ...(full comment)

Sara Weinberger: A visit to family home the Holocaust took away

I think the cry of anti-Semitism is a crutch that you carry around with you. It absolves you from ever taking responsibility for your own actions. The UN did not create the state of Israel. UN Resolution 181 was passed by the General Assembly where the US threatened to withhold aid for recovery from WWII to any nation that voted against it. It was never passed by the Security Council. But if you rely on 181, then you should live within all of its articles, not just the ones favorable to you. By military means and ethnic cleansing, Israel has expanded the territory it controls far beyond the 181 borders. Also, 181 called for Israel to pay reparations to the Palestinians whose land was being taken away and given to the Jews. Israel has never paid reparations to the Palestinians, even though Israelis has received huge reparations from Germany. You can't rely on parts of a resolution that you like and ignore the parts that you don't like. Oh, maybe you can actually apply your "rely on / ignore" formula. When people call attention to your hypocrisy, you can call them anti-Semites. ...(full comment)

Sara Weinberger: A visit to family home the Holocaust took away

If the Palestinians stop firing rockets into Israel, the bombardment will stop. If Hamas disarms, the embargo might be lifted. It's pretty straight-forward! As for anti-Semitism, that has existed for centuries. It is the reason the UN created the State of Israel in an effort to counteract the effects. While holding the Palestinians in what is effectively an open-air prison isn't helping Israel's image, the reality is that most anti-Semites couldn't care less for Gaza or it's inhabitants. The paranoid anti-Semites in this country think that Jews control the United States via the banking system, and that popular French comedian who makes jokes about bringing back concentration camps preaches that the common people in France are being subjugated by the (Jewish) ruling class. ...(full comment)

Sara Weinberger: A visit to family home the Holocaust took away

When the media focuses on one side, we tend to align ourselves with that side, without really ever caring to wait for the facts; what little we know is what occurred was a physical confrontation" during which Brown "physically assaulted the police officer; when the police officer attempted to exit his vehicle he was pushed back into the car by Brown, who then assaulted him inside. Brown then allegedly attempted to seize Wilson's gun, which was fired at least once during the struggle. There is evidence from the officer's injuries to his face. Brown ran away. At some point it was noted that Brown had been part a robbery. Now I am not saying what was justified and what was not, but a 6'4" tall man who weighed 292 lbs that physically attacks someone after just committing a strong-arm robbery minutes before his death can be considered with an intent to cause harm and is in fact dangerous. Michael Brown set this in motion by his actions. Consider this; 3 days ago Police Chief Michael Pimentel was shot and killed when making a traffic stop; while trying to arrest a suspect, an altercation broke out, three shots were fired and the Police Chief was shot in the middle of the street ; the killer had an active misdemeanor warrant for graffiti. Where is the silent vigil for this officer? The point is, it is too easy to paint an officer as the bad guy, for a judgment call that could have easily been a bystander that was killed or the officer himself, had he not acted; then they would have persecuted the officer for not protecting; this was a no win situation. It doesn't only take a gun to kill. And as for John Kydd, perhaps the gazette should have reviewed the July 2012 arrest of a John Kydd, at the time 43-years-old for breaking into a house in South Amherst; he was charged with possession of heroin and breaking and entering in the daytime. In addition to the charges, a records check showed an outstanding warrant had been issued against him by Holyoke police. Two senseless deaths, all of which could have been prevented if people were law abiding citizens. ...(full comment)

Silent vigil in Northampton remembers shooting victim Michael Brown

Again, I am not impressed with anyone's intelligence or humanity , or their ability to read, if they keep speaking of their own victimization while they are touring Europe and supporting the murder of imprisoned men women and children as it is taking place in Gaza. My mention of a travel agent was rhetorical. I am sorry if it interfered with your ability to understand my main idea. Her mention of an apartment was unclear. It may have belonged to a family member years ago. In any case, should I be impressed with Sara Weinberger's humanity and compassion if she stayed in an apartment during her European vacation? Perhaps instead of trying to suppress criticism of Israel when it is murdering occupied people, American Jews should stop supporting the occupation and murder. Then, the rest of the world would not seem so anti-Semitic to you. Or if you are unable to see beyond the narrow interest of your own ethnic group, at least keep quiet about your victimization while you are supporting an ongoing massacre. ...(full comment)

Sara Weinberger: A visit to family home the Holocaust took away

82% of Gazettenet readers who responded to the poll on this issue are opposed to making Nton a Sanctuary city. How out of touch the community leaders are. Only 69 days left and real Americans will take back the country. A tidal wave is building that will sweep progressives away. Connecticut to our south is going to elect a republican governor, Scott Brown is tied in New Hampshire and Martha Coakley is going to lose in Mass. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Northampton mayor shows compassion for those in immigration limbo

"gentle soul"? video shows this "gentle soul" in a convenience store, grabbing a clerk by the shirt and forcefully pushing him into a display rack and stealing cigars. Is it not remotely possible he did attack the police officer, beat him and attempt to steal his gun? and as for "hands up".....is it not conceivable he was raising them as he said "what you gonna do? huh? shoot me? " as he ran towards the officer to attack again? You want to talk about "senseless killing"? Far more young black men are killed at the hands of other young black men than by police officers, yet every time this happens, it's all about "race". Where is the outrage the other 99% of the time when a young black man kills another? ...(full comment)

Brown’s family lays a ‘gentle soul’ to rest

Looking forward to shopping local with our new breweries. I have been a loyal customer of Abandoned Building since it opened - if Fort Hill and New City meet the taste and quality of ABB, life will be good!! ...(full comment)

MAP Fort Hill Brewery in Easthampton releases first beer as a third brewery takes shape on Pleasant Street